“Uncomfortable Truths about Family Breakdown”



This ancient Greek family wasn’t modeled on “Ozzie and Harriet”


Some marriages are unsustainable.  That’s obvious.


However, even in justifiable cases, a price is paid.  And the failure to marry at all, especially when young children are involved, often incurs serious costs:




This is a principal justification for government policy that solid favors marriage.  And it’s a principal reason why tinkering with the institution of marriage — an institution far older and far more basic than any modern law, including the Constitution of the United States — and even redefining it, ought to be approached with humility and extreme caution.


At the least, such matters deserve open and honest discussion.  Bumper-sticker slogans, caricatures, and straw men don’t help much.  Not really.


This ancient Egyptian family probably wasn’t based on the idealized American model of “Father Knows Best”



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