“The Technology That Will Resurrect ISIS-Destroyed Antiquities”

    The self-proclaimed “Islamic State” has committed unusually gruesome mass murders wherever it’s been able to gain power, but it has also practiced the destruction of cultural monuments, historic buildings, and archaeological sites with industrial efficiency.   This article sets out the way in which cutting edge technology is being deployed in order to preserve information [Read More…]

“Former GOP senator endorses Clinton after Orlando shooting”

    I doubt that Larry Pressler’s endorsement will carry much weight with anybody — he was, after all, a moderate Republican, and he’s been out of the Senate for quite some time — and I don’t agree with the principal reason that he raises (according to this article).   Still, if you read the piece, [Read More…]

“Salt Lake City cop’s public, albeit brief, rant about Mormons won’t stop his promotion”

    http://www.sltrib.com/home/4001211-155/rolly-salt-lake-city-cops-public   What do you think?  Had Kevin Stayner gone off against Jews and/or Judaism in, say, New York City or Miami, would that have affected his career?  Had he publicly expressed his contempt for believing, orthodox Catholics in Boston or Los Angeles, would his department have taken notice?   Posted from Stockholm, [Read More…]

Books and Happiness

    For, so long as there are interesting books to read, it seems to me that neither I nor anyone else, for that matter, need be unhappy. Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940)   Posted from Stockholm, Sweden     [Read more…]

On Frankincense

    Continuing with my self-imposed writing assignment:   Frankincense is a fragrant gum resin consisting of small white chunks and beads that can easily be ground into a powder. When burned, this powder gives off a pleasant odor like that of balsam. The resin, milky white in color, was probably produced in the central [Read More…]

BOM Alma 28

    Today’s reading is Alma 28.   I’ll pick up on just one idea from it.   The chapter tells of a great war between the Nephites and the Lamanites about 75 years before the birth of Christ, and of the sorrow of those who lost loved ones during that war — sorrow not [Read More…]

“The group that wants to arm gay America”

    http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/06/the-gun-group-that-wants-to-arm-gay-america-213961   I’m inclined to think this a good idea, and to support it.   (Thanks to Cody Quirk for bringing this item to my notice.)   Posted from Stockholm, Sweden     [Read more…]

How ONE group of gay-hating bigots responded to the Orlando shooting

    As all bien-pensants know, Chick-fil-A is a company run by hateful bigots and religious zealots, the kind of “Christian” operation that has no place in a tolerant city such as New York.   So I’m grateful to Dan Stewart for calling my attention to this item about the vicious way in which these [Read More…]

I think I’ve never been more proud of my fellow Latter-day Saints

    New York Times:  “Donald Trump’s Mormon Problem”   Washington Post:  “This new Utah poll is amazingly bad for Donald Trump”   Based upon preliminary observations here, by the way, I’m reasonably confident that absolutely no Swedish Latter-day Saints will vote for Mr. Donald Trump.   Posted from Stockholm, Sweden     [Read more…]

Liberalism as mental and emotional deficiency?

    I tend to take such things cum grano salis, as the saying has it.   Still, after decades of complacent pseudoscientific efforts to portray my religious and political inclinations as the product of psychosocial defects and/or depravity, it’s amusing to see the shoe on the other foot for once:   “Liberals are Simple-Minded”   [Read More…]