Criminalizing scientific error

L'Aquila before the quake of 2009

  On 31 March 2009, a meeting was held in the Italian city of L'Aquila to discuss a series of seismic tremors that had disturbed the city for months but that had become sharply more severe over the previous 24-36 hours.  Seven scientists met with the citizens of Aquila to reassure them.  Early on the morning of 6 April, just a week later, a massive earthquake devastated L'Aquila. Angered by the deaths of twenty-nine people who, some … [Read more...]

Tapegate at BYU!

The spirit of Ernie still lingers?   … [Read more...]

Mosiah 11

al-malik Nuh

  In today's reading, Mosiah 11, we meet one of the most notorious villains in the Book of Mormon, King Noah. I've always thought that monarchy has the potential of being one of the very best forms of government:  If you knew for a certainty that a certain child would someday be king or queen, that child could be given all of the kinds of education and training that would equip him or her to assume that role competently and well. Unfortunately, m … [Read more...]

Aieeee! The End has come!

Chocolate in Switzerland

  Thanks to Greg Smith for bringing this impending horror to my attention: The LDS Church has long advised us to have at least a year's supply of food, etc., on hand.  Now you know why.  And what.   … [Read more...]

“What Kassig’s beheading tells us”

ISIS's map

  I've been told by a few who comment on my blog that I'm indifferent to the crimes being committed in the name of Islam, if I'm not altogether a supporter of them. Well, here's a brief piece on one of the latest of those repulsive crimes . . . er, glorious achievements that I found worthwhile:   … [Read more...]

“What you should know about that Mormon gender issues survey”

FLDS women, looking chic

  An interesting discussion, including the comments that follow the principal entry:   … [Read more...]

“Life after death: 6 insights into the spirit world”

Clouds suggestive of the life to come

  Since all of us are going to end up there, it might be nice to have some idea about the place in advance.  A trip brochure and itinerary, so to speak:   … [Read more...]

Yo! All you knuckle-dragging morons out there!

Philosopher King mug

  You needn't watch this video.  There's no point.  You couldn't understand it even if you wanted to: Just shut up, go back to work, and send more tax money to your betters.   … [Read more...]