“On the Dating of Moroni 8-9”

    Joseph M. Spencer is the author of the newest article published in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.  We invite you to enjoy it!   On the Dating of Moroni 8-9     [Read more…]

Is 3 Nephi’s account of massive destruction even remotely plausible?

    “What Caused the Darkness and Destruction in the 34th Year?”     [Read more…]

“Trump: The Game”

    Wow.  So much can already be seen in this ad, from way back in 1988:     The frenetic hype.   The failed business launch.  The underperformance.  (Within a few months, “Trump: The Game” could best be found in dumpsters and thrift stores.)   The self-aggrandizing emphasis on his own name and brand.  (Count, [Read More…]

On asking forgiveness

    “I seek forgiveness from God for my lack of sincerity when I seek the forgiveness of God.” Rabi‘a al-‘Adawiyya       [Read more…]

Two worlds

    Act for this life as if you live forever; act for the afterlife as if you die tomorrow. ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (d. AD 661)         [Read more…]

“What is scientism?”

    I’m grateful to Kevin Taylor for alerting me to this concise and very lucid essay:   https://www.aaas.org/page/what-scientism     [Read more…]

Los Angeles Times: “Donald Trump has a Mormon problem”

    “The Most Despicable Accusation Yet against ‘Never Trump’” “The Art of the Deal with Conservatives, In Four Steps”   Phoenix 12News:  “Former CIA agent picking up Arizona Mormon votes for president”   Los Angeles Times:  “It’s not just women and minorities. Donald Trump has a Mormon problem — and here’s how it could [Read More…]

“Why the Other Accounts of the First Vision Shouldn’t Challenge Your Faith”

    A nice article in Meridian Magazine:   http://ldsmag.com/why-the-other-accounts-of-the-first-vision-shouldnt-challenge-your-faith/     [Read more…]

Provisional, almost complete program for 5 November temple conference at BYU

    Third Temple on Mount Zion Conference in memory of Matthew B. Brown Saturday, 5 November 2016 251 Tanner Bldg, BYU   9:15           Stephen Ricks                        Session chair Opening prayer 9:30           Jeffrey Bradshaw                   “By the Blood Ye Are Sanctified”: Temple Themes in Joseph Smith’s Translation of Moses 6:59–63 and Genesis 17:4–7 10:15         David [Read More…]

“Utah is the Political Conscience of the Nation”

    Compare and contrast:   “How Trump Changed Evangelicals”   “Utah Is the Political Conscience of the Nation”   (Thanks to Jiminy Brunswick for bringing the latter article to my notice.)     [Read more…]