Against simplistic reasoning — in science, history, politics, religious disputes, and so forth

    “We must recognize,” argues this article, “that single events have multiple causes.”   An obvious point.  Or so one might imagine.   But, very often, people don’t seem to realize it.   And why not?   It’s the Jews’ fault.   Or the Mexicans’.   Or the Mormons’.   Or the big corporations’.   [Read More…]

Mormons, Evangelicals, and Current American Politics

    “Why Mormons and evangelicals may diverge on Trump and what that means”   “Mormons have prayed at four of the GOP’s past five national conventions”   “Religious Conservatives and Donald Trump — the Cheapest Date in Politics?” Posted from Newport Beach, California     [Read more…]

Why Utahns, Mormons, and others should probably NOT cast a protest vote for Gary Johnson

    Sigh.  As I’ve already said, while I harbor deep sympathies for libertarianism, I have a number of serious reservations about the full Libertarian Party platform — and very specific reservations about this year’s Libertarian Party presidential nominee, Gary Johnson, the former Republican governor of New Mexico.   Unfortunately, Mr. Johnson has just made [Read More…]

Joy mingled with occasional stabs of sadness

    “The death of a beloved is an amputation.”  (C. S. Lewis)   We had a pleasant afternoon and evening yesterday with my nephew and his wife and their very young son and infant daughter.  I couldn’t help but think, though, of my brother, and of the fact that these grandchildren never knew him.   [Read More…]

BOM Alma 56

    The tactic, described in Alma 56, of having a swift group of fighters — in this case, Helaman’s young “stripling warriors” — go out before an enemy army in order to tempt them into an ill-advised pursuit while another group of fighters, allied with the first, pursue that army from behind — was [Read More…]

“The Imperative for a Historical Book of Mormon”

    I think that it may be time to call attention again to this important statement:   The Imperative for a Historical Book of Mormon   Posted from Newport Beach, California     [Read more…]

“The Most Important Movie to See Before You Vote”?   We might as well enjoy this year’s presidential campaign horror show . . .   Another appropriate film, of course, would be Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.   Posted from Newport Beach, California     [Read more…]

“Does This New Bill Threaten California Religious Colleges’ Freedom?”

    The onslaught continues:   Posted from Newport Beach, California     [Read more…]

“What Really Caused the Voices in Joan of Arc’s Head?”

    Oddly, I’m perfectly open to considering the possibility that St. Joan’s voices were real.  Plainly, though, some folks aren’t.  Nobody in this article, for example, seems even to recognize it as an option:   I thoroughly enjoyed the docudrama on Joan of Arc that was produced a few years back by [Read More…]

“Perhaps Close Can Count in More Than Horseshoes”

    A group of us made the decision to establish the Interpreter Foundation over lunch at Provo’s Olive Garden restaurant back in July of 2012.  It has been approximately 204.5 weeks since that lunch meeting.  Today marks the 203rd consecutive Friday on which the Foundation’s principal publication, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, has published [Read More…]