Perhaps the last reminder that I’ll post for this . . .

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California college students object to Madeleine Albright as white war criminal

    She served on the National Security Council under Democratic President Jimmy Carter and, during the administration of Democratic President Bill Clinton, she became the nation’s first female Secretary of State.   But that isn’t enough, in some eyes, to qualify her to be a commencement speaker:     [Read more…]

A little girl’s horrible Easter and the evils of Mormonism

    I’ve received a number of (sometimes very foul) email, Facebook, and other challenges over the past few days — the Church’s semiannual general conference seems to enrage certain folks, judging from the fact that I’ve experienced similar spikes over past conference weekends, as well — calling me to account for the horrific evils that Mormonism [Read More…]

Start planning for May 2017

    I suppose it’s probably too late to get on this year’s tour, but, if you would like to go to the Holy Land someday, perhaps you should consider joining this group:   Holy Land Tour     [Read more…]

BBC: “Lasers could ‘cloak Earth from aliens'”

    If you lie awake nights worrying about extraterrestrial invaders, there’s hope!     [Read more…]

“The Chain that Veils: A Word Play in Moses 7:26?”

    An interesting suggestion from Jeff Lindsay:   It merits consideration.     [Read more…]

“Trump is No Pro-Lifer”

    Princeton’s Robbie George, one of the leading conservative thinkers in America (and, incidentally, a great friend of BYU — he was just here again, a few days ago — and of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) takes aim at Mr. Donald Trump’s newfound stance as an opponent of abortion:   [Read More…]

Of attitudes

     The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven. John Milton   The longer I live — and I’ve lived a very long time; North America has moved roughly three quarters (3/4) of a meter to the southwest since the fateful day that [Read More…]

“Professor Explains Why Mormons Don’t Like Trump (and My Thoughts on Dissent)”

    Appearances notwithstanding, this isn’t an anti-Trump article.  (Some may have noticed that I’m not exactly hesitant about posting such things, but this isn’t one of those.)   The consistently good Jeff Lindsay responds to Professor Benjamin Hertzberg’s jaundiced speculations about what really motivated Utah to reject Donald Trump so resoundingly in the recent Republican [Read More…]

“Beware of Biased Skepticism”

    A useful call to watch our biases:   Confirmation bias, false assumptions, blinders, and preconceptions don’t exist only among your adversaries.   “I’m with stupid” should sometimes more accurately read “I’m [with] stupid.”     [Read more…]