Peter Kreeft on Faith

Peter Kreeft said it

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The Interpreter Library?

  I'm betting that at least a few of you are thinking about buying a gift or two this Christmas season.  And maybe you'll do some of your buying at May I suggest that you consider the "Amazon Smile" program?  You can read about it as item number three, here. It will cost you absolutely nothing.  But .5% -- half a cent out of every dollar -- of your expenditures on will go to your designated charity.  And The Interpreter Foun … [Read more...]

Mosiah 22


  A very quick and trivial comment about today's reading, Mosiah 22: Some Latter-day Saints like to claim that the wine mentioned in the scriptures was really just unfermented grape juice. But this chapter makes that view untenable.  The wine offered by Limhi and Gideon to their Lamanite guards made those guards drunk.  Welch's grape juice, however, can't be relied upon to have that effect -- at least, not in my experience. And it i … [Read more...]

“The Storm God’s Tale”

a temple frieze in Holmul, Guatemala

  Zach Zorich's article ("The Storm God's Tale") in the December 2014 issue of Scientific American is interesting in its own right.  It focuses on the discovery of a large sculpted Maya frieze -- roughly 26 feet long by 7 feet high -- buried within a larger and later pyramid and featuring, in its center, a king named Och Chan Yopaat, or "Storm God Enters the Sky." This king, archaeologists think, founded a dynasty that ruled the ancient Maya city of Holmul, in w … [Read more...]

Christmas Cheer 1

Meet Arthur, a faithful dog

  Earlier today, I announced one of my Christmas blog initiatives for this 2014 season, a daily posting of at least one piece of Christmas music that I especially like. And now, herewith, I announce a second Christmas initiative -- I hope that you'll enjoy them, but, at a minimum, they help me to get into the mood that I seek at this time of the year -- in which, every day, I'll try to post something (perhaps directly related to Christmas, perhaps not) that has … [Read more...]

“Nature, the Physicist”

A quantum graphic

  It's mostly been thought that quantum physics is irrelevant, practically speaking, to daily life, that its principles obtain only on levels far beneath our perception and in, so-to-speak, marginal circumstances. However, a new field is emerging called "quantum biology."  And it alleges that quantum analysis -- e.g.. of tunneling through seemingly insuperable barriers and "entanglement" -- can or will make sense of such vexing problems as how migratory birds … [Read more...]

“Cracking the Book of Mormon’s ‘Secret Combinations’?”

Rumor has it that he teaches at a university in Florida these days.

  Today is the 122nd consecutive Friday on which Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture has published at least one article.  (You thought, perhaps, that we take a break for holidays?  Bah!  Humbug!) Dr. Gregory Smith's article concerns a subject in which I've taken particular interest over the years:   … [Read more...]

“Gatorade praises LDS teen gymnast for remarkable comeback”

Great comeback

  Have you ever felt "down"?  Are you feeling discouraged right now?  Do you think that you've failed?  That you've fallen and can't get back up? Watch this:   … [Read more...]