“The Implications of Past-Tense Syntax in the Book of Mormon”

London, 1550

  Another Friday.  Another article from Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture. The title may put you off. But don't be put off. The implications of this article, if it's valid, are extraordinarily important.  Profound.  And a serious challenge to skeptics. Read the abstract, and I think you'll see what I me … [Read more...]

“Oldtown Funk,” in Provo

Brother Alex Boyé, from his website

  Here's some fun, if you have four minutes. Alex Boyé, of (among other things) the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, has released a remake of the massive Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars hit Uptown Funk, with a twist.  And the twist isn't merely that it was produced in Provo, Utah.  Look at his dancers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjRlJvOxIY0 And here's an interview with Brother Boyé and one of the dancers on the Fox News netw … [Read more...]

“How the Cross Taunts ISIS”

Rabbula Crucifixion

  A powerful little article by a Roman Catholic priest that manages to link the horrific headlines from today's Middle East with the triumphant message of Easter: http://www.realclearreligion.org/articles/2015/02/27/how_the_cross_taunts_isis.html   … [Read more...]

New Testament 90

The "Jesus Boat"

  Matthew 8:23-27Mark 4:35-41Luke 8:22-25Compare Matthew 8:18 1. The image of Jesus asleep in the back of the boat, and so soundly asleep that even a turbulent storm doesn't wake him, is significant.  It highlights his humanness.  He was physically exhausted.  The constant press of crowds, the long and strenuous walks all over Palestine (including substantial changes in elevation), the preaching -- all of these took their toll on him.  A … [Read more...]

“Gladys Wilson and Naomi Feil”

Aussicht von München

  I hope you can muster roughly five minutes to watch this video, because it's truly remarkable.  It will be especially poignant to those who've had experience with sufferers from Alzheimer's Disease, but it's a moving and revelatory account of the human spirit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrZXz10FcVM It's worth noting, I think, that Naomi Feil is Jewish. Thanks to Charles Steinman for bringing the video to my n … [Read more...]

A solution to the puzzle of the origin of matter in the universe?


  http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/ucla-physicists-offer-a-solution-to-the-puzzle-of-the-origin-of-matter-in-the-universe If these scientists are correct, the existence of matter in the universe -- the fact that there is a universe at all -- is due to the fact that, at the very moment of the Big Bang, there was a slight asymmetry between the matter and anti-matter that it produced. And by slight, I mean extraordinarily slight.  There was one more … [Read more...]

“The Genesis of Jewish Genius”

Albert Einstein photo

  Intriguing thoughts from Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: http://www.slate.com/bigideas/what-is-genius/essays-and-opinions/rabbi-lord-jonathan-sacks-opinion   … [Read more...]

On hidden truths

The Dolomites

  “Many hidden truths are often unobserved, not invisible.”  (Matthew Petti)   … [Read more...]