Science and God’s plan

An image from the field of quantum chemistry

  "The significance and joy in my science comes in those occasional moments of discovering something new and saying to myself, 'So that's how God did it.' My goal is to understand a little corner of God's plan."  (Henry "Fritz" Schaefer, Graham Perdue Professor of Chemistry and director of the Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry at the University of Georgia)   … [Read more...]

Christmas Cheer 30

Leominster MA

  This is a truly remarkable thirteen-year-old girl:   … [Read more...]

Merry Smithmas!

Contemporary portrait of Joseph the Prophet

  Today is the 209th anniversary of the birth, in Sharon, Vermont, of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  I'm grateful for him, and for what he's meant in my life, which would be fundamentally different had he never lived:   … [Read more...]

“Making God in Our Own Image to Cast Aside His Prophets”

I THINK it's from Wikimedia Commons.

  An important comment from a young observer of the Mormon scene:   … [Read more...]

Music of Christmas 27

Cuba Libre!

  Responding to my request for a Cuban Christmas song, my Havana-born daughter-in-law suggests this one, Felicidades, by the Cuban-American singer Gloria Estefan: Cuba proper, under the rule of the Brothers Castro, hasn't been a very favorable place for Christmas meditations or celebrations, so it's fitting, I suppose, that we turn for a Christmas song to the Cuban exile … [Read more...]

“Advent refers to Christ’s second coming”

This wreath (not wraith) brought to you by Wikimedia Commons

  Here's a column that Bill Hamblin and I did for the Deseret News back in 2012: For Christmas 2012 and Christmas 2014, I actually did two series of "Advent" posts here on this blog.  But they were a lot of work, and they seemed to draw minimal interest, so I didn't bother with marking Advent on my blog this year. Nevertheless, I rather wish that … [Read more...]

The Qur’an on Mary and Jesus

From Surat al-Anbiya’

   "And [as for] her who guarded her chastity, We breathed of our Spirit into her and we made her and her son a sign to the worlds."  (Qur’an 21:91)   … [Read more...]

What kind of “poor”?

A mural of Oscar Romero

  Perhaps I should be clear about how I interpret the quotation from Archbishop Romero that I posted early this morning. I don't take him to mean that you can't have a true Christmas unless you're in debt, or unemployed, or working at a subsistence job, or living in a slum or a hovel. He's saying that you can't have a true Christmas unless you're "poor in spirit" (see Matthew 5:3). Unless you realize that, ultimately, you're not … [Read more...]