“Alexander the Great wasn’t content to be merely human”

Alexander the Great

  This week's Saturday Hamblin/Peterson column in Salt Lake City's Deseret News: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865609382/Alexander-the-Great-wasnt-content-to-be-merely-human.html  Posted from Bountiful, Utah  … [Read more...]

Another significant day for the family

temple in Bountiful

  There are few things that compare with being in the temple, with family and friends, for an ordinance that carries eternal significance. Our niece was just married this morning in the Bountiful Utah Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. May they be happy and faithful -- to God, their covenants, and each other.  Posted from Bountiful, Utah    … [Read more...]

Tee time!

Obama focused like a laser

  As has been pointed out by at least two astute observers, I get all of my news and views from Sean Hannity and Fox News. Here's a sampling of Sean's comments about Mr. Obama's latest rounds of golf -- uttered and written under various pseudonyms at various Fox News outlets (like the New York Times): http://www.nationalreview.com/slideshows/386123   … [Read more...]

Friday, at the end of BYU Education Week

rain and BBQ

  Well, I've just finished Education Week for 2014, with the fourth lecture in my series on the resurrection of Jesus -- this one entitled "The Witness of the Restoration." It went reasonably well.  The whole series went fairly well, I would judge, although there are definitely areas where I should have done better.  I estimate that the audience was about 5oo or so on each of the four days; I had thought that attendance might drop off a bit today, but it did … [Read more...]

The ongoing crisis forces the president to return, briefly, from his vacation

Ramirez on Obama on pausing his vacation

  He came back for a day or two. Now he's apparently on vacation again.   … [Read more...]

“The Sibling Scandals of the Resurrection”

a stained glass of the Resurrection

  With today's publication, marking the one hundred and eighth (108th) consecutive week in which at least one article has appeared in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, Volume 11 of the journal is now complete: http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/the-sibling-scandals-of-the-resurrection/ Volume 12 will begin to appear next Friday. Count on it.   … [Read more...]

“How to Shrink Your Church in One Easy Step”

an old man in an otherwise empty church

  Every major American church that has taken steps towards liberalization on sexual issues has seen a sharp decline in membership: http://thefederalist.com/2014/08/21/how-to-shrink-your-church-in-one-easy-step/   … [Read more...]

“Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”

Gerrit DeJong's concert hall

  We saw a performance of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers tonight, which, although it took place in the DeJong Concert Hall at BYU, was a SCERA (community theater) production. They did an excellent job.  The singing was quite good.  The dancing was excellent. I haven't seen the play for many years, but vaguely remember having enjoyed it when I saw it before. Tonight, though, I couldn't help but be reminded of Warren Jeffs and Boko Har … [Read more...]