Heaven is for real, and God’s not dead. And date shakes are really good.


  On Monday, my wife and I took in two "Christian" films at a relatively nearby movie theater. First, we went to see Heaven is for Real.  I read the book of the same title when it first came out, but don't remember it particularly well.  So there were elements in the movie -- several dramatic incidents, for example, and Colton's pastor-father's crisis or malaise of faith -- that I really don't recall.  Perhaps they're authentic but didn't make it into print.  P … [Read more...]

“Humility is a quality all too lacking”


   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765567876/Humility-is-a-quality-all-too-lacking.html  Posted from Newport Beach, California    … [Read more...]

Fireside in Santa Clarita, California, this coming Sunday

This coming Sunday

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Utah and “The Cardiac Corridor”

A photograph of a small Utah cemetery -- proving beyond reasonable dispute that residents of the state (many of whom are Mormons) do actually die.

   There's an earnest discussion underway at a largely atheist and anti-Mormon message board about how Mormonism leads to unusually high rates of obesity and an exceptionally high incidence of heart attacks among Latter-day Saints. Mormon failure to drink red wine is one of the ways mentioned, and many sedentary hours spent sitting in church services represent another.  Large Mormon families, it's also being posited, account for the remarkably high … [Read more...]

In Westwood, adjacent to UCLA, this coming Thursday

I believe that I'll be out in Claremont earlier in the day, but have no public event scheduled there.

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“Wettstreit zu viert” (Competitive Foursome)

A Stradivarius

   As two of my sons have sometimes remarked about, say, Chinese acrobatics or Tuvan throat singing, "If I could do that, I'd do it so much better."  Or, as Jane Austen's Lady Catherine de Bourgh says of playing the piano, "If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient." If you have a few minutes, recruit three willing friends, have each of them learn to play one or more of these instruments, practice once or twice together, and you too … [Read more...]

“If heavenly reunions are true, then what else matters?”

On the edge of Corona Del Mar (Click to enlarge)

. Here is the Deseret News column that I wrote immediately after the death of my brother, slightly more than two years ago: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765563880/If-heavenly-reunions-are-true-then-what-else-matters.html Right now, we're only a few miles away from his very favorite restaurant -- Five Crowns, in (appropriately enough) Corona Del Mar -- and maybe we'll have the opportunity of going there for a dinner in his … [Read more...]

“Animals in the Book of Mormon: Challenges and Perspectives”

A Nilpferd or "Nile horse" (also known as a "river horse" or "hippopotamus")

  A lengthy piece by Wade Miller and Matthew Roper has just appeared on the blog of The Interpreter Foundation.  It is entitled "Animals in the Book of Mormon: Challenges and Perspectives": http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/animals-in-the-book-of-mormon-challenges-and-perspectives/  Posted from Newport Beach, California    … [Read more...]