“Local Church Full of Brainwashed Idiots Feeds Town’s Poor Every Week”

    I’m grateful to Doug Ealy for calling this important piece of investigative journalism to my notice:   http://www.theonion.com/article/local-church-full-of-brainwashed-idiots-feeds-town-34860?utm_content=Main&utm_campaign=SF&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing     [Read more…]

On wearing two faces

    “No man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.”  Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864)   [Read more…]

“A pharaoh’s last fleet”

    This site could teach us something about ancient Egyptian boatbuilding:   http://www.archaeology.org/issues/242-1701/trenches/5097-trenches-egypt-middle-kingdom-boat-burial   It’s just one more intriguing aspect of the ancient temple city of Abydos.     [Read more…]

“How big can a tsunami really get?”

    Some time ago, I mentioned Bølgen (“The Wave”), a really impressive — that is, quite terrifying — 2015 Norwegian drama that my wife and I had recently watched.  It’s about the all-too-real possibility of a landslide and a resulting megatsunami in Norway’s glorious Geirangerfjord, a tourist mecca that we visited most recently last [Read More…]

“Mormon Tabernacle Choir member gives reasons why she will sing at Trump inauguration”

    Sister Jan Chamberlin has been receiving international attention.   For the sake of fairness and balance, Sister Cristi Ford Brazao, who has been a member of the Choir longer than Sister Chamberlin was, deserves at least equal attention:   http://kutv.com/news/local/mormon-tabernacle-choir-member-gives-reasons-why-she-will-sing-at-trump-inauguration     [Read more…]

“Moroccan saints and their shrines”

    The latest installment of the biweekly Hamblin-Peterson column has appeared in the Deseret News:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865670606/Moroccan-saints-and-their-shrines.html   Of course — like everything I write or co-write — it’s nothing but hateful lies and personal attacks.     [Read more…]

“War and the Rise of the State”

    Throughout the history of the United States, war has been the primary impetus behind the growth and development of the central state.  It has been the lever by which presidents and other national officials have bolstered the power of the state in the face of tenacious popular resistance. Bruce D. Porter (1952-2016)   [Read More…]

Does participating in the 2017 presidential inauguration constitute an endorsement of Donald Trump?

    It has been alleged that the participation of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the 2017 presidential inaugural ceremonies constitutes an endorsement, by the Choir and its sponsoring church, of Mr. Donald J. Trump.   The inauguration, some claim, isn’t a celebration of the peaceful transfer of executive political power in our constitutional republic, but, [Read More…]

“Scary Ghost Stories in the Light of Day”

    Allen Wyatt takes a look at a recent book on the Gospel and polygamy in this, the most recent article published in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture:   Scary Ghost Stories in the Light of Day   Posted from San Diego, California     [Read more…]

“Joseph Smith and the Problem of Evil”

    Many thanks to Anthony Xavier Diaz for reminding me of this stimulating and profound speech by my retired BYU colleague and friend David Paulsen.  You can read it and/or listen to it:   Joseph Smith and the Problem of Evil   Posted from Carlsbad, California     [Read more…]