Helping with a weak link to one of yesterday’s “Interpreter” articles

    The link at this previous blog post is iffy, at best.  Sometimes it appears, with visuals and extended text, which is great.  But sometimes it doesn’t appear at all.  (In other words, the New and Improved Link System isn’t always an improvement.)  So I’m giving the to you here, as well, in a [Read More…]

Trying, once again, to encourage papers from women

    Over the now fairly long course of my involvement in Mormon studies and apologetics, I’ve often lamented the fact that virtually all of those involved in the field have been men.  When I was chairman of the board of the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS), I tried, unsuccessfully, to recruit [Read More…]

“Not ‘Getting’ Religion: Boogeymen and Misunderstandings”   Reading this piece, I couldn’t help but recall the clueless FBI agents who tried to deal with the Branch Davidian movement during the 1993 siege in Waco, Texas, that eventually culminated in the deaths of 87 people.   They were aware that the group’s leader, David Koresh, was fixated on “the seven seals.” [Read More…]

“Peshmerga troops running on empty in fight against ISIS”   Posted from Mesa, Arizona     [Read more…]

“Mormonism and the Scientific Persistence of Circles: Aristotle, Spacetime, and One Eternal Round”

    Perhaps we’re just feeling extravagant because our critics tell us that we’re supposed to be dead.  Whatever the motivation, though, we decided to post not just one new article today, but two.  Here’s the second: Mormonism and the Scientific Persistence of Circles: Aristotle, Spacetime, and One Eternal Round   Posted from Mesa, Arizona [Read More…]

“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Map, Part 2 of 2”

    Today is Friday, is it not?   Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Map: Part 2 of 2   Posted from Mesa, Arizona   [Read more…]

BOM Alma 5

    Today’s reading, Alma 5, contains another of the Book of Mormon’s greatest sermons.   I think it’s helpful, in reading through this sermon, to think of Alma’s own personal history.  Remember his spectacular conversion story, which involved a dramatic appearance by an angel.  That angelophany turned his life around and, as he saw it, [Read More…]

“To Lincoln, the face of Mormonism was George Q. Cannon, whose journals are now online”

    As I pointed out last night, this is a really important new initiative:   Posted from Mesa, Arizona     [Read more…]

BOM Alma 4

    In today’s reading, Alma 4, we’re reminded that, at bottom, many of the most fundamental social, political, and economic problems are actually spiritual problems.   Or, to put it another way, politics and government policy — important though they are — aren’t basic.  Sometimes, the culture itself is sick and needs to be fixed.   “Our [Read More…]

“Journal Released of 19th-Century Mormon Leader George Q. Cannon”

    For anybody who is interested in the history of Mormonism during the second half of the nineteenth century, the beginnings of the Church in Hawaii, the issuing of the Manifesto ending plural marriage, and so forth, this is a really big deal:   Over the course of several years back in the [Read More…]