“Why bees are disappearing”

a bee on a flower

  About seven or eight years ago, bee colonies began dying en masse. Why is this happening? What are its implications? This is a really interesting talk (about fifteen minutes long) by a world-renowned entomologist who specializes in bees: http://www.ted.com/talks/marla_spivak_why_bees_are_disappearing?language=en   … [Read more...]

A new German blog/commentary on the Book of Mormon


  For those out there who read German, I'm happy to announce that Rene Krywult of Vienna, a very astute thinker, has launched a new personal chapter-by-chapter online blog/commentary on the Book of Mormon, entitled Studien im und über das Buch Mormon: https://dasbuchmormon.wordpress.com He will be providing a fresh personal translation of the English Book of Mormon into German, and adding his own personal commentary as well as drawing upon various … [Read more...]

“Redefining marriage hurts women like me — and our children”

Note the Obama symbol

  A very personal statement: http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2014/09/13692/   … [Read more...]

“We kind of made a mistake four years ago”

Son of David Deutsch

  Donny Deutsch, multi-gazillionaire advertising executive, television personality, and Democrat, pretty much endorses Mitt Romney, hoping for a "do-over": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-f82dHi6TI   … [Read more...]

Republicans are scarier than ISIS and Ebola

Wasserman Schultz

  That's according to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, hyperpartisan Democratic representative from Florida and chair of the Democratic National Committee, who seems -- this is scarcely the first instance -- to be challenging Vice President Biden's coveted primacy as the Washington politician who repeatedly says the dumbest and most outrageous … [Read more...]


A dictionary definition of "Sehnsucht"

  "All Joy reminds.  It is never a possession, always a desire for something longer ago or further away or still 'about to be.'" C. S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy  … [Read more...]

“Our Divine Creator”

Hubble cosmos

  I've shared this before, but feel that I should share it again today: https://www.lds.org/pages/we-lived-with-god?lang=eng John Lewis is one of the foremost scientists in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- and internationally prominent far beyond the Church.   … [Read more...]

2 Nephi 33

Nephi and Lehi

  Anybody who writes very much -- whether we're talking about published books or plays, or letters or emails -- knows that it's very difficult to express all that one wishes to convey by means of mere letters on a page or a screen and understands how inadequate mere words are to capture the fullness of a powerful feeling or experience. In a letter of 27 November 1832 to William W. Phelps, the Prophet Joseph Smith wrote, "Oh Lord God, deliver us from this p … [Read more...]