My time here at FreedomFest 2015 is winding down, alas.

Vegas Strip by day

  But I'm still having a good time. I delivered the second of my two lectures this morning, and it went reasonably well.  Good crowd.  Nobody threw anything.  Etc. Then I attended a really interesting short film about Social Darwinism and its impact on Germany prior to the First World War.  Fascinating.  I'd been aware of the Social Darwinist strain in National Socialism, but I hadn't realize how much it had affected things much earl … [Read more...]

“Enormous black hole is too big for its galaxy”

Two colliding galaxies

  A new discovery challenges standard models of the evolution of galaxies:  Posted from Las Vegas, Nevada    … [Read more...]

The rumble hasn’t stopped.

On top of Cumorah near Palmyra

  Perhaps against all expectations, and certainly against Phillip Jenkins's own explicit declaration, the conversation about Book of Mormon historicity and related scholarship continues between Professor Hamblin and Professor Jenkins: Jenkins 19:  Book of Mormon Revisited Hamblin 27: The Entrada of AD 378 Hamblin 28:  Homophony and Proper Names  Posted from Las Vegas, Nevada    … [Read more...]

“The failing churches of ancient Roman Asia”

In old Pergamos

  I was so busy yesterday, and having so much fun, that I forgot to note the appearance of yesterday's weekly Deseret News article:  Posted from Las Vegas, Nevada  … [Read more...]

“What Jews Can Learn from Mormons: Insights from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”

Wilshire Boulevard Temple

  An interesting article by a pair of Jewish academics in Los Angeles: Another interesting question would be, "What can Mormons learn from Jews?"  (That might be a good topic for future blogging.) Many thanks to Brian Adams for his bringing this article to my notice.  Posted from Las Vegas, … [Read more...]

“Ancient Book of Mormon Studies: A Selected Bibliography”

The first temple in Nevada

  Neal Rappleye, who has been watching the back-and-forth between Professors Jenkins and Hamblin regarding the historicity of the Book of Mormon, weighs in with another useful comment:  Posted from Las Vegas, Nevada    … [Read more...]

The fate of the black family under liberalism

Professor Sowell of Stanford

  The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals' expansion of the welfare state. Thomas Sowell  Posted from Las Vegas, Nevada   … [Read more...]

You meet the most interesting people at FreedomFest

The Bellagio

  After my presentation this afternoon about the Middle East, I had a conversation, of sorts, with the kind of hardcore libertarian who helps to keep me from fully signing up. His position, so far as I could understand it, is that Israel and the United States are the greatest threats to human welfare on the planet. Because I didn't agree with him, he described me as whitewashing American and Israeli crimes against humanity. I asked him … [Read more...]