ISIS continues to destroy the cultural heritage of the Middle East

Shalmaneser III, Black Obelisk

  The nihilistic thugs who call themselves the "Islamic State" continue to compound their crimes against humanity and civilization, as shown in this appalling report from CNN: Curiously, their supposedly "Islamic" fervor seems to run counter to the sacred scriptural text of Islam itself: The Qur’an repeatedly calls upon its hearers to contemplate the r … [Read more...]

Good advice, unless you really don’t mind putting your faith at risk

Counsel from DHO

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Why has the Lord established and maintained BYU? Elder Maxwell offers an idea.

Elder Maxwell

  I was delighted to see the following sent out to the faculty and staff of Brigham Young University today as the "weekly quote" from BYU's Center for Faith and Learning: "In a way, LDS scholars at BYU and elsewhere are a little bit like the builders of the temple in Nauvoo who worked with a trowel in one hand and a musket in the other.  Today scholars building the temple of learning must also pause on occasion to defend the Kingdom.  I personally think this is … [Read more...]

Home and Temple

Bonnie Oscarson from last general conference

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“Accelerating Universe? Not So Fast”

On Kitt Peak

    Constant revision. Which is part of what makes it so fun.   … [Read more...]

“What to do when church is still boring”

Elmer Gantry film poster

  It's probably never happened to you. But I've been in some church meetings that I've found . . . well, dull. Our speakers aren't typically trained entertainers. How can you deal with such a meeting, should you ever happen to find yourself in one?   … [Read more...]

Yes, freedom of speech is still permitted, but only when it’s okay.

Cabs in New York Thanks to Jeffery Perry for alerting me to this.   … [Read more...]

“Faith in the Past: Church History in an Information Age”

The Kirtland Temple

  This is a good talk. Thanks to Scott L. Peterson (no relation) for bringing it to my notice.   … [Read more...]