New Testament 31

A simple map of Palestine at the time of Jesus, roughly

  John 4:4-42 1. Why did Jesus need to travel through Samaria in order to reach the Galilee from Judea (4:4)?  If, as I've been saying, he was baptizing at the Jordan River somewhere not too far from Jericho and the northern end of the Dead Sea, couldn't he simply have traveled northward up the Jordan Valley, and reached Galilee (or, more specifically, the Sea of Galilee) that way?  Why did he need to climb up to the hilly country of Palestine's c … [Read more...]

“Evidences for the Book of Mormon: Nephi the Scribe”

Ashurbanipal's "Flood Tablet"

  Another interesting Deseret News article from Taylor Halverson:   … [Read more...]

“Je Suis Ahmed”

The murder of a Muslim policeman

  No doubt some of you have seen the disturbing video of a wounded Paris policeman lying in pain on the sidewalk.  He had, it seems, been shot during the initial attack by the Kouachi brothers on the offices of Charlie Hebdo.  When one of the brothers trots over toward him, he raises his hands defensively and appeals for his life.  But the gunman casually shoots him in the head just before leaving the scene in a waiting car. It was an unnecessary killing, even b … [Read more...]

“What is scripture?”

Arabic Qur’an, open (WIkimedia Commons)

  The latest bi-weekly Hamblin-Peterson column has been posted at the Deseret News: Your long, desperate wait is over.  (For the humor-impaired, please imagine a smiley face or an "LOL" here.)    … [Read more...]

Grave Matters

Wikimedia commons cemetery

  He who dies with the most toys is, nonetheless, still dead. There's wisdom in considering that fact. However, continuing on the theme of death, here's something funny.  If you haven't seen it, you'll like it.  If you have seen it, you'll probably still find it funny:   … [Read more...]

The head of Hezbollah says that extremists harm Islam more than cartoons do.

Nasrallah, from Wikimedia Commons

  This is pretty striking: And, for those who wonder:  Yes, it was said in Arabic.  To Arabs.  In the Middle East. (Thanks to Jabra Ghneim for pointing me to this.)   … [Read more...]

A layperson’s guide to the writings of Richard Dawkins

Can't remember source, alas!

   … [Read more...]

“Nigeria massacre deadliest in history of Boko Haram”

Taken from djflksjlfsdjlk Wikimedia Commons

  Paris as been all the news of late, for entirely understandable reasons. But we should at least glance in the direction of Africa from time to time . . . Incidentally, while I take no real pleasure in anybody's death, it was appropriate, somehow, that the two murderers in Paris who effectively destroyed the editorial … [Read more...]