An interesting interview on Utah, Mormons, Clinton, and Trump

    An interesting MSNBC discussion with Jim Bennett, son of the late Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT):     [Read more…]

“Were We Foreordained to the Priesthood, or Was the Standard of Worthiness Foreordained? Alma 13 Reconsidered”

    It’s Friday again, so, in the monotonous and tiresome way that has become all too familiar to some, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture has published yet another new article:   Were We Foreordained to the Priesthood, or Was the Standard of Worthiness Foreordained? Alma 13 Reconsidered   Enjoy!     [Read more…]

The Freiberg Germany Temple

    This small and simple temple, soon to have its open house and dedication after considerable renovation, is historically quite significant:  In a harbinger of freedoms to come, it was built and dedicated under Communist rule, back when Germany was divided.  Much of the work behind this was done by Elder Thomas S. Monson, then [Read More…]

Please meet a very great man     [Read more…]

“Too good to check: Sean Hannity’s tale of a Trump rescue”

    Another Trumpist myth fails to withstand scrutiny:   By the way, I stopped watching Sean Hannity’s show, or listening to him, at least a year ago.  Long before Trumpulism had reached epidemic proportions.  I had never been a faithful member of Hannity’s audience, but, back when Alan Colmes shared the show, [Read More…]

BOM Alma 60

    In Alma 60, we see another striking illustration of what — in connection with the account of the proposed prisoner exchange in Alma 54 — I’ve earlier identified as Moroni’s “spiritedness,” a quality that makes him a great warrior but perhaps a less effective diplomat.   Remember how Moroni wanted that prisoner exchange [Read More…]

“Michael Phelps Spots Estranged Father Poseidon In Stands”

    As it often does, the investigative newspaper The Onion finds the news that others miss:   Poseidon has been hiding from the paparazzi for centuries, but these Olympics have finally brought him out.  He’s always been a supporter of Greek athletic festivals.     [Read more…]

Inspired by this year’s presidential campaign, American Muslims have launched a massive voter registration drive.

    They would like to register a million Muslim voters:     [Read more…]

(With particular reference to Utah) “Hillary Clinton is No Champion of Religious Freedom”

    One of the many reasons why, despite my disgust at Mr. Donald Trump, I’ll never, ever, vote for Hillary Clinton:   It would be really nice if there were a Republican in the presidential race this year.   “Ex-GOP lawmakers, party staffers urge Priebus to cut off Trump funding”   It would [Read More…]

“Petroglyphs unearthed along Hawaii’s Waianae coast”

    Most tourists don’t think much about them, I expect, but Hawaii has antiquities, an ancient past, a fascinating linguistic history, and a very interesting pre-Christian religious tradition.  There’s a new reminder of that now, on the western coast of Oahu:     [Read more…]