Christopher Hitchens, Mother Teresa, and a bowl of soup

The late Christopher Hitchens

   Far and away one of the most interesting and prolific contemporary Christian writers is the Anglo-Irish apologist Alister McGrath.  A former atheist who holds Oxford doctorates in both molecular biophysics and divinity, he is currently affiliated with King's College, London. I began reading his Why God Won't Go Away: Engaging with the New Atheism (London: SPCK, 2011) this morning. Among the many interesting and quotable passages in … [Read more...]

“Same-sex marriage will likely be reversed”

The Burj al-‘Arab skyscraper in the Persian Gulf -- or else, maybe, William and Catherine's wedding cake

  We shall see whether Representative Nelson's prediction is fulfilled: In any event, his analysis is interesting.   … [Read more...]

“Why are Liberal Men Unhappy?”

If this guy voted at all, did he vote for Obama or Romney?

   Lots of good stuff on Patheos:   … [Read more...]

“What MSNBC’s Mockery of Romney’s Black Grandson Means”

Kieran Romney is in blue

  A heartfelt post from an Evangelical here on Patheos: To her enormous credit, by the way, Melissa Harris-Perry offered a plainly … [Read more...]

“The Emasculation of Boys”

Boys -- Should they be allowed?

  An interesting little item from elsewhere on Patheos:   … [Read more...]

Intimidation and the Academic Study of Same-Sex “Parents”

Said to be a recent photograph of Dr. Mark Regnerus

  "He’s never voted for a Republican presidential candidate." You might imagine that so pathetic (but obviously noble and correct) an assurance would have spared Dr. Mark Regnerus, a previously respectable sociologist at the University of Texas, some of the personal and professional attacks that one of his relatively recent academic articles has brought down upon his head. You would be wrong. The late art critic Clement Greenberg once f … [Read more...]

“Enoch and Noah on Steroids”

Noah, as "Russell Crowe"

   This week's article in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture is an independently-written, uncommissioned  review of the first book to be published by The Interpreter Foundation: The book is currently at press. Interpreter's death, it seems, is taking considerably longer than its critics had hoped and predicted.    … [Read more...]

Five ravenous puppies

There's no particular point to this. I just like it. (Click to enlarge.)

    … [Read more...]