Impeachment? No. But a free pass? Not that, either.

Where the House of Representatives meets

  I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin, and I don't think she's done Republicans any favors by beating the drum for the impeachment of Barack Obama.  It won't happen, it shouldn't happen, and it's allowed him and his fellow-travelers to whip up the enthusiasm of their base and to raise a lot of money. But, should Obama indulge in even more lawlessness than he already has, I could certainly support this. Heck, I think he already deserves … [Read more...]

“Exodus: Gods and Kings”

Sinai moonscape

  For good or ill, Hollywood is poised to revisit Moses and the Exodus from Egypt: I'm guessing that the approach will be rather different from Cecil B. DeMille's.   … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney or . . . who, exactly?

Governor Romney

  As polls show more and more Americans suffering from buyer's remorse with respect to Barack Obama, there has been increased recognition that Mitt Romney was right about Vladimir Putin's Russia, that Mitt Romney understands business and the economy, that Mitt Romney had actual executive experience in both the public and private sectors that would have been very helpful to the United States, and so forth. And so, not surprisingly, recent polls (such as this … [Read more...]

An important anniversary

Marking our second birthday

  Today is the second birthday of The Interpreter Foundation. Two years ago today, the first article in the new Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture was published.  Two years ago today, at the 2012 FAIR conference (as it was then called), I was able to announce the launch of an online journal that had been conceived only slightly more than a week before. A very great deal has been achieved since then.  Well over a hundred consecutive weekly a … [Read more...]

New Testament conference videos available!

Church of the Beatitudes

  Videos are now available from the second annual conference of the BYU New Testament Commentary project: Thanks to Bryce Haymond for preparing the videos and posting them.   … [Read more...]

Preparing for my lectures at BYU Education Week

icon of resurrection

  There is, I'm guessing, at least a remote possibility that somebody out there might attend my BYU Education Week lectures on 19-22 August. So I thought that a recommendation might not be amiss: Part of my lectures -- certainly on the first day -- will concentrate on the resurrection narratives in Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, and John 20-21. I'll try to summarize those passages during my lectures, and will certainly comment on them, … [Read more...]

“The Savior wants to forgive”

A view of the dawn sky

  Another marvelous conversion story: The late Christopher Hitchens loved to claim that "religion poisons everything."  This story -- and there are hundreds of thousands, probably millions, like it --  suggests that he was (very) wrong.   … [Read more...]

I lack sufficient faith, I suppose

atheism slide

    … [Read more...]