Sir Francis Bacon on education

Francis Bacon

  One of my favorite quotations about education, from Sir Francis Bacon: "Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man." Understand that, by conference, he means "serious conversation" or "deliberation in council."   … [Read more...]

Perhaps the two creepiest political ads I’ve ever seen

Twilight Zone logo

  I really can't decide which of these two ads is the most bizarre: This one is horrible. But isn't this one worse still? What out-of-touch weirdo imagined that normal people would find such things attractive?  What loon didn't immediately see that most voters would see them as repulsive? That said, I'm perfect happy with them.  May there be many more such ads for Ms. Clinton!    … [Read more...]

“How to become gluten intolerant”

Mr. Gluten, in person

  The inimitable Dr. Gregory L. Smith, of Alberta, Canada, brought this important video to my attention: (Note: It might . . . umm, help, at just a couple of brief points, to have had practical medical or nursing experience.) And here, on a more serious note, is an item that I recently bookmarked regarding the actual current status of gluten … [Read more...]

“Mormons free to back gay marriage on social media, LDS apostle reiterates”

Elder Christofferson

  I don't imagine that the Brethren are altogether pleased when members of the Church contradict and oppose (quite rarely occurring) official Church positions on public policy -- I'm surely not -- but they've been very clear that such political disagreements aren't cause for excommunication or Church discipline.  Thus, Elder Christofferson is simply reiterating what has long been the Church's explicit p … [Read more...]

“Nearly 70% of Evangelicals do not view religion and science as being in conflict”

Lovett Hall Rice Houston

  It's often claimed that conservative Protestants are hostile to science, but a recent sociological study seems to demonstrate that claim to be false: On the other hand, conservative Protestants also seem to be relatively uninterested in current science. Interesting results, worthy of thought. How would … [Read more...]

“BYU Model Arab League wins regionals in Denver”

Denver, Colorado

  I'm quite pleased. Ryan Newell, mentioned in the article, is my teaching assistant for Middle East Studies (Arabic) 250.  Lucy Walker, who is also mentioned, is a student in that class. Moreover, Ryan Nebeker, who is likewise mentioned in the article, is one of my two teaching assistants for Islamic Humanities 242 -- and my other TA for Humanities 242, Alyssa White, also participated t … [Read more...]

A short note to Strunk and White

"The Little Book"

  One of my sons tells me that he ran across this item from a contest in which people were asked to write a note to famous people (now no longer with us) of their choosing. This note was sent to William Strunk (d. 1946) and E. B. White (d. 1985): Your wasting you're time.   … [Read more...]

“Legendary gay designers oppose gay marriage, gay parenting, surrogacy”

Dolce & Gabbana logo

  If even I've heard of Dolce and Gabbana -- typical exchange, from last night:  "She was sitting right ahead of us," says my wife," with really blonde hair that had bright purple on the ends, in a flaming red dress."  "Nope," I reply, once again revealing myself as the ever-vigilant fashionista that I am.  "Never noticed her.  Don't know who she is." -- there's at least a chance that you have, too. … [Read more...]