“Are We Rome?”

A recent  Washington Post editorial meeting

    I would like to put in a good word for this year's Freedom Fest, which will be held in Las Vegas on 10-13 July.   I won't be able to be there this year, because I'm leading a tour of England and Wales at exactly the same time.  But I regret my inability to participate in Freedom Fest 2013 very, very, very much.  And especially this year, because of the fun and intriguing theme.   I'll be there -- and I hope I'll have another chance to be on the … [Read more...]

The Leadership of The Interpreter Foundation

Interpreter Headquarters ("Burj al-Mutarjimeen") on the eastern shore of beautiful Utah Lake

    For both of you who're curious about the leadership of The Interpreter Foundation, there have been some organizational rearrangements and one new addition:   http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/board/   Our special issue of People Magazine isn't due until Christmas time, and I knew that you just couldn't wait that long.     … [Read more...]

Lecture This Wednesday on “The Experience of Being a Muslim Woman”

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      … [Read more...]

“Trusting Joseph”

Minerva Teichert, "The First Vision"

      Another Friday, another new item in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.   We're well into Volume Four now.   I'm pleased to announce that Neal Rappleye's review of Samuel Alonzo Dodge and Steven C. Harper, eds., Exploring the First Vision, has just been published:   http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/trusting-joseph/   My thanks to Brother Rappleye, and also to all of the others who have made the success of … [Read more...]

“Enoch and the Temple”

The Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which will be dedicated this coming Sunday

    I'm very, very pleased to announce that videos of the recent Logan/Provo conference on "Enoch and the Temple" -- sponsored by the Academy for Temple Studies and featuring, among others, Professor George W. E. Nickelsburg -- are now up and available for viewing on the Interpreter website:   http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/category/videos/   Kudos to Bryce Haymond for his wonderful work on this, as well as on other aspects of Interpreter.  Sine qua … [Read more...]

Californians! Late notice, but . . .

Claremont Graduate University 
(I love Southern California -- my own, my native land.)

    There will be a very interesting conference at Southern California's Claremont Graduate University tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday, 15-16 March, in honor of Armand Mauss:   http://www.cgu.edu/pages/5232.asp?item=6974   It will include such people as Richard Bushman, Wilfried Decoo, and Walter van Beek.   I can't be there.  But perhaps you can?       … [Read more...]

It’s possible — really, it is — to make cuts

A scene from recent riots in Athens

    As some of you may perhaps have noticed, I write a weekly (Thursday) column for Salt Lake City's Deseret News.  I also co-author, with my friend and colleague William Hamblin, a semiweekly Saturday column for the same newspaper.   These columns almost invariably range between 715 and 740 words in length.   Quite often, when I'm writing them, I run too long, and then I have to prune things.  It always amazes me how easy it is to prune one's first … [Read more...]

“Original Languages Can Shed Light on Scriptures”

In the beginning was the Word

    It's Thursday, and, as might have been predicted, another of my articles seems to have appeared in the Deseret News:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865575687/Original-languages-can-shed-light-on-scriptures.html     … [Read more...]

Gasgacinch! Get Yours NOW.

Image courtesy of my nephew, John Walters

    This is a great product.   My brother liked it so much that, about a year before he died, he bought the company.   It also makes a mean steak sauce, and adds zest to any salad dressing, milk shake, or tropical fish tank.   (Important notice:  These statements are for entertainment purposes only, and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration -- nor, for that matter, by the Defense Department or the … [Read more...]

“Mormon Scholars in the Humanities,” This Friday and Saturday

"The Creation of Adam," on the ceiling of the Capella Sistina, by Michelangelo

      Have a look at the final program of the conference, this coming Friday and Saturday, of Mormon Scholars in the Humanities.   And arrange your schedule so that you can attend!     … [Read more...]