“What is the Most Astounding Fact About the Universe?”

      We can easily take it for granted, but it truly is astounding:   http://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2016/04/08/what-is-the-most-astounding-fact-about-the-universe/#7f8fa61f144b     [Read more…]

“Mostly black Mormon choir lengthens its stride, its reach and its voice”

    I’m pleased to see the progress that this choir seems to be making, and I’m very pleased that the official Church is helping out:   http://www.sltrib.com/home/3752725-155/mostly-black-mormon-choir-lengthens-its     [Read more…]

Einstein’s idea of God

    That deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God. Albert Einstein     [Read more…]

A false prophecy in the Doctrine and Covenants?

    And again, I say unto you, I remember my servant Oliver Granger; behold, verily I say unto him that his name shall be had in sacred remembrance from generation to generation, forever and ever, saith the Lord. Therefore, let him contend earnestly for the redemption of the First Presidency of my Church, saith [Read More…]

BOM Mosiah 28

    Today’s reading, Mosiah 28, mentions in passing the launch of the great mission to the Lamanites undertaken by the sons of King Mosiah.   It will provide some of the greatest and most inspiring stories in the Book of Mormon.   It will also — by moving the king’s sons beyond the borders of [Read More…]

“Are we living in a computer simulation?”

    It would be interesting to see what Latter-day Saint thinkers might come up with on this general theme:   http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/are-we-living-in-a-computer-simulation/   Anybody out there want to give it a whirl?     [Read more…]

An interesting thought related to archaeology and the Book of Mormon

    http://www.studioetquoquefide.com/2016/04/some-lessons-in-assimilation.html#more     [Read more…]

“Escape to America: A Syrian Christian Perspective”

    https://stream.org/escape-america-syrian-christian-perspective/     [Read more…]

Too much food today.

    And I can feel it.   But it gives me a chance to mention two good Wasatch Front restaurants.   A couple of my brothers-in-law have been visiting, one from Arizona (with his wife) and the other (without his wife) from Washington.  So a sizable chunk of the extended family who’re in Utah at [Read More…]

On Sabbath Observance

    “Sabbath observance invites us to stop. It invites us to rest. It asks us to notice that while we rest, the world continues without our help. It invites us to delight in the world’s beauty and abundance.” Wendell Berry     [Read more…]