BOM Alma 26

    Today’s reading, Alma 26, raises an important issue for those who seek to serve God:   There is no question that sincere, hardworking disciples of Christ have accomplished a great deal, in and out of the Restored Church.  They’ve translated the scriptures, preached the Good News, built churches, founded hospitals, established orphanages, distributed [Read More…]

“They taught with power and authority of God”

    In the 169th scripture roundtable to be posted by the Interpreter Foundation, Steve Densley, Ben McGuire, and Martin Tanner discuss Alma 17-22, which is the focus of 2016 Gospel Doctrine lesson 25:   Scripture Roundtable 169: Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Lesson 25, They Taught with Power and Authority of God   We [Read More…]

The Devotion of Rabi‘a al-‘Adawiyya

    Rabi‘a al-‘Adawiyya of Basra (AD 717 to AD 801) was a great early mystic of Islam.  Here are four passages from her:   O God! if I worship Thee in fear of Hell, burn me in Hell; and if I worship Thee in hope of Paradise, exclude me from Paradise; but if I worship [Read More…]

Wow and gee whiz! Science for a Sunday.

      Unless I’m seriously mistaken, there were no confirmed planets outside our solar system when I was a kid.  We assumed that they were there, but we didn’t know it.  Now we do.   (Of course, we can — just barely — see only the very biggest of them, which is why the [Read More…]

“Resident Aliens”

    A colony is a beachhead, an outpost, an island of one culture in the middle of another, a place where the values of home are reiterated and passed on to the young, a place where the distinctive language and life-style of the resident aliens are lovingly nurtured and reinforced. . . . The [Read More…]

George Ritchie and his powerful claimed near-death experience

    About a week ago, I posted a quotation from George D. Ritchie, M.D., regarding the near-death experience that he purported to have had in 1943, when he was twenty years old and serving in the military.   One critical reader, responding, took me to task for giving any credence to Dr. Ritchie, a Virginia [Read More…]

Apocalypse, Now

    Sadly, it seems pretty definite that Mitt Romney won’t be challenging Clinton/Trump.  But he also won’t be voting for either of them:   “Mitt Romney says Donald Trump will change America with ‘trickle-down racism’”   He’s right, of course.  The president isn’t merely the chief executive; he (or, now, she) is a symbol. [Read More…]

“Give Us Strength According to Our Faith in Christ”

    In the 168th scripture roundtable posted by the Interpreter Foundation, which is directed toward 2016 Gospel Doctrine lesson 24, Martin Tanner and Bruce Webster discuss Alma 13-16:   Scripture Roundtable 168: Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Lesson 24, Give Us Strength According to Our Faith-in Christ     [Read more…]

Will Mr. Donald Trump turn out to be a pathetic loser, like those he loves to mock?

    What has been, up to now, Mr. Donald Trump’s favorite poll shows him falling significantly behind Hillary Clinton:   Now, it’s possible that Mr. Trump could still win.  Or, to put it more accurately, that he could fail to lose.   Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate.  She’s uncharismatic, cynical, and not [Read More…]

“More Than One Witness”

    Martin Tanner, Mike Parker, and Dan Peterson come together for the 167th scripture roundtable posted by the Interpreter Foundation.  It’s devoted to Alma 8-12, which is the focus of 2016 Gospel Doctrine lesson 23:   Scripture Roundtable 167: Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Lesson 23, More Than One Witness       [Read more…]