“Prophet’s birthday fits with the season”

JS Memorial in Vermont

  This is the column that I published back in 2010 in connection with Joseph Smith's 23 December birthday: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705386905/Prophets-birthday-fits-with-season.html   … [Read more...]

Fortunately, the White Witch hasn’t turned up here, yet.

A quote from the Chronicles of Narnia

    … [Read more...]

“A nearby solar system shares features with our own”

Roughly twelve light-years away

  The current issue of Scientific American includes a brief article, entitled "The Dust Belt Next Door," about the star Tau Ceti, which is located just twelve light-years from Earth. It has been suggested -- though resolution has literally not yet been achieved on this question -- that Tau Ceti has five planets in orbit around it, all of them slightly larger than the earth and all of them closer to the star than Mars is to our sun.  One of them, it seems, may … [Read more...]

Joseph Smith: The Cambridge Years

Near King's College, Cambridge

  Bill Hamblin and I have used this imaginary book or article title for years, and Bill has just published a nice little blog entry using it: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/enigmaticmirror/2014/12/18/joseph-smith-the-cambridge-years/   … [Read more...]

Words of rain and thunder

A quotation from Mevlana

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New Testament 5

Tell el-Ariha wa al-madina al-hadith

  Luke 1:57-80 We were previously told that Zechariah had been stricken dumb, but in Luke 1:62, he seems to be deaf, as well. Commentators are divided on this, and so am I.  Was he really deaf?  Had the author simply failed to mention this earlier?  Or is this a comic scene, where his inability to speak makes his friends and kinfolk assume, quite illogically, that he's also unable to hear?   If that's the case, it's rather like the common but silly … [Read more...]

“Utah’s Donut Hall of Fame”

Acres of Krispy Kremes. Paradise on earth.

  My life, of course, revolves around these places, and others like them.  Basically, I stagger from one to the next, hoping to survive the travel time.  Sometimes, I get a little work done while making the desperate dash: http://www.newscastic.com/news/utahs-donut-hall-of-fame-top-10-places-to-get-insanely-delicious-donuts-in-the-beehive-state-1465129/ Or not.   … [Read more...]

Everything’s copacetic in the Castros’ Cuba!

Everything's copacetic in Cuba!

  I am, as I say, ambivalent about the long-standing American policy of isolating Cuba. But I'm enormously unimpressed with the idea of ending that policy at just the time when, thanks to plummeting oil prices, Cuba's economic enablers in Russia and Venezuela are reeling and Cuba is, therefore, in a very weak bargaining position -- and doing so as a free gift, without any apparent concessions at all from the Castro brothers. Here's something on the … [Read more...]