The funny side of terrorists

Jewish center in Buenos Aires bombed

  This is about five years old now, but it's still pretty funny:  Posted from Cedar City, Utah    … [Read more...]

A brief cartoon history of the Holy Land

in the West Bank

  A humorous and slightly gruesome but -- alas! -- fairly accurate capsule summary of thousands of years of history in Palestine: Brought to my attention over dinner last night with LDS academic friends whom we've known since Cairo in 1978.   … [Read more...]

“Two legal tests of Joseph Smith’s integrity”

The Kirtland Ohio Temple

  This week's Thursday column for the Deseret News:   … [Read more...]

“Why Anti-Semitism is Growing in Europe”

Juden 'raus!   … [Read more...]

“Yes, Nixon was bad. But Obama is worse.”

Obamanixon    … [Read more...]

“Truly He is Risen,” at Education Week

The Resurrection of Christ

  I've gotten in a few minutes of work, today, on my lectures for BYU Education Week, which, for me, begin next Tuesday afternoon. If I can get this material organized, the presentations may be fairly good.  If I can't, they'll just be an embarrassingly disastrous fiasco.  Daniel C. Peterson Truly He Is Risen: A Historical Case for the Resurrection of Christ 3220–3224 Wilkinson Student Center (WSC), 3:10–4:05 p.m. T  The Witness of the Gospels W  T … [Read more...]

Did the Church revise its policy on priesthood in 1978 under threat from the U.S. federal government?

In Africa, maybe?

  One of the very many false, misleading, distorted, uninformed, simplistic, caricatured, debatable, or at least questionable claims made in that open letter to a director in the Church Education System to which I responded in my remarks at the FairMormon conference last Friday is that President Kimball received his 1978 “revelation” — in which permission was given to ordain all worthy males to the priesthood — only after the Carter administration had threatened to withdraw … [Read more...]

“Publish the Terror Selfies”


  The former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann, long gone from that malnourished cable television network but not lamented, was in the habit of periodically bestowing the title of "Worst Person in the World" on such moral monsters as Thomas Monson and Dallin Oaks.  Now reduced to bloviating on ESPN 2, Olbermann recently pronounced Tony Dungy, a former NFL player and coach, "the worst person in the sports world" for his insufficiently reverential remarks about openly gay NFL … [Read more...]