“Myths, Lies, and Capitalism”

    A very brief but entertaining and informative video featuring Dr. Arthur Brooks, a scholar whose work I greatly admire and have written about:   https://www.prageru.com/courses/economics/myths-lies-and-capitalism     [Read more…]

BOM Mosiah 25

    Among other things, Mosiah 25 is interesting for what it tells us about the demographics of the Book of Mormon peoples.   For example, we learn from verses two and three that the descendants of Mulek outnumbered the people of Nephi, but that, even taken together, the Nephites and Mulekites were  less than half as [Read More…]

“10 Stunning Pictures from NASA’s Release of 3 Million Images”

    Really spectacular:   http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/04/160406-pictures-nasa-terra-aster-satellites-space-science/     [Read more…]

“The Longest Voyage: Lehi’s Journey to the Promised Land”

    From his base in Brisbane, Australia, Warren Aston has been doing pioneer work for decades now on the the Lehite sojourn in Arabia.   Here’s his most recent article:   http://ldsmag.com/the-longest-voyage-lehis-journey-to-the-promised-land/     [Read more…]

This coming Sunday night in the Phoenix area

    So, to sum up, there’s an event on Friday at noon and another on Saturday evening, both at the LDS Institute in Tempe.  And then, on Sunday night, there’s the event described above.     [Read more…]

“The Enormous Fraud of the Iran Deal is Catching Up with Obama”

    This author doesn’t seem to feel very positive about Mr. Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran:   http://www.nationalreview.com/article/433753/obamas-iran-deal-fraud-congress-begins-investigation   It’s a somewhat lengthy and very serious piece.     [Read more…]

An example of how claims by bitter critics of Mormonism may not be altogether reliable

    Some of you may find this interesting:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865651714/How-Belgian-Mormons-rallied-together-in-the-minutes-hours-and-days-after-the-Brussels-bombings.html?pg=1   It conflicts just a bit with the assertion by some especially virulent anti-Mormons that, in this case — as in most if not all others — the Church jettisoned the missionaries once their usefulness for recruiting lucrative new tithe payers had been compromised.   [Read More…]

Is the universe genuinely pointless and random?

    “Can a truly absurd universe so convincingly mimic a meaningful one?”  Paul Davies, The Goldilocks Enigma: Why Is the Universe Just Right for Life?   [Read more…]

“A vote for Trump is a vote for abortion”

    http://www.weeklystandard.com/special-editorial-abortion-and-mr.-trump/article/2001825?utm_source=newsletters&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=JVL+04_06_16   Of course, if you like this kind of thing, this is the kind of thing that you’re going to like.   Trump in 2016!  Keep abortion legal, common, and lethal!     [Read more…]

“42 Shrines and a Tomb Discovered in Egypt”

    The new finds just keep coming:   http://www.livescience.com/54252-egypt-silsila-newly-discovered-tombs.html   And I have no doubt that they’ll continue to come.   Even in Egypt, which is one of the most intensively studied (because it’s, by far, one of the most interesting) archaeological areas in the world.     [Read more…]