From a Nigerian outlet: “Watching this white choir sing a Yoruba Christmas carol will make your head swell seriously”

    The author gets our theology a bit wrong, and he doesn’t seem to have noticed that the Mormon Tabernacle isn’t quite entirely white, but I’m glad he liked its performance of the carol:   It’s one of my favorites, too.  I still remember hearing it for the very first time, at [Read More…]

About Trump. It was ALWAYS about Trump.

    People on both the political Left and the political Right are noticing it:   “Trevor Noah: Donald Trump is finally telling the truth about his ‘lying’”   “Trump Is Already Ditching His Movement”   And please, hardcore Trumpists, have a genuine look at the links above before you write impassioned defenses of Mr. [Read More…]

Orson Scott Card: “Christmas is about a Baby”

    The prize-winning science fiction and fantasy author Orson Scott Card wrote Interpreter’s holiday message for Christmas 2014.  It’s timeless, so here it is:   Christmas Is About a Baby     [Read more…]

“Charles Dickens and the invention of Christmas”

    Most of us seldom if ever think about our Christmas customs.  We follow them because we grew up with them.   And that’s actually not a bad reason.  It connects us with our many of our best childhood memories, with earlier generations, and with millions of our fellow human beings at a particularly [Read More…]

Is the term “Xmas” part of a war against Christianity?

    I suppose that Xmas could be used as part of a campaign against Christianity.  But, historically speaking, it’s definitely not.  Here’s a helpful article about the background of the term:   “The X in Xmas literally means Christ. Here’s the history behind it.”   I might mention that I myself (probably owing to the fact [Read More…]

“Buddhism and violence”

    This is, essentially, a companion piece to the column on “Is Islam a religion of peace” to which I recently referred:   And, to any atheists out there:  Please, before you post an oration about religion as the cause of wars and violence and suffering, think about Lenin, Stalin, Enver Hoxha, [Read More…]

“Come unto Christ”

    In the 192nd scripture roundtable posted by the Interpreter Foundation, Stephen Smoot, Kristine Frederickson, Bruce Webster, and Martin Tanner discuss 2016 Gospel Doctrine lesson 48, which is focused on Moroni 7-10:   Scripture Roundtable 192: Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Lesson 48, Come unto Christ   Posted from Orlando, Florida     [Read more…]

Amusing ourselves to death?

    “You can’t live on amusement. It is the froth on water — an inch deep and then the mud.”  (George MacDonald)   Posted from Richmond, Virginia     [Read more…]

“Fred Karger is either cynical, conspiratorial or misinformed about LDS Church taxes.”

    What seems to be a sober, grown-up look at the question of the tax-exempt status of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, from someone who doesn’t appear to be reflexively apologetic (on this or any other topic):   Fred Karger is either cynical, conspiratorial or misinformed about LDS Church taxes.   Posted [Read More…]

“Why can’t Mormons send flowers?”

    If you’re a Latter-day Saint and you haven’t seen this little 46-second classic, you owe it to yourself to watch it.     Posted from Richmond, Virginia     [Read more…]