UK’s “Daily Mail,” on athletes who made significant sacrifices because of their faith

    Including one Australian Latter-day Saint:   Posted from Venice, Italy     [Read more…]

DN: “Is religion merely outdated, failed science?”

    Some claim that that’s all it is.  But their position, in my judgment, is unsustainable:   Posted from Venice, Italy     [Read more…]

Donald Trump will bring his business acumen to the presidency!

    I’m hearing the mantra, now, that I ought to support Mr. Donald Trump for the presidency because, as a spectacularly successful financial and real estate entrepreneur, he would bring business approaches and skills to the White House.   Well, maybe.   Here’s something that I posted on that topic roughly two months ago: [Read More…]

Why Filipinos have just elected a new “dictator”

    Rodrigo Duterte has just been elected president of the Philippines:   Five days ago, Miguel Syjuco explained why he was likely to win:     There is much food for thought in Mr. Syjuco’s analysis — none of it very comforting.   Some have complained about my perception of similarities between the [Read More…]

Science as a kind of religion?

    “It is no more heretical to say the Universe displays purpose, as [Sir Fred] Hoyle has done, than to say that it is pointless, as Steven Weinberg has done.  Both statements are metaphysical and outside science.  Yet it seems that scientists are permitted by their own colleagues to say metaphysical things about lack [Read More…]

William Hamblin’s “‘I Have Revealed Your Name’: The Hidden Temple in John 17”

    A few of you may be unaware of, or may have forgotten, some of the interesting materials that were published in the very first volume of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture when it appeared in late 2012.  Here’s one of those intriguing articles:   “I Have Revealed Your Name”: The Hidden Temple in John [Read More…]

Are Mormons Christians?

    Thanks to Robert Boylan and his valuable blog for bringing this comment to my attention, from the non-Mormon historian (and biographer of Brigham Young) John Turner:   ” . . .  it no longer makes sense to consider Mormonism a ‘new religion,’ a ‘new world religion,’ or even a ‘new religious tradition,’ if [Read More…]

London’s newly-elected Muslim mayor slams Donald Trump   And, of course, he’s right to do so.   Mr. Trump’s position on Muslim entry into the United States is not only indefensible and unconstitutional but plays directly into the hands of the Islamist loons who would love to foment a death-struggle between Islam and the West.   The people [Read More…]

Of “Scientism” and Ideologues

    “The theorist who maintains that science is the be-all and end-all — that what is not in science books is not worth knowing — is an  ideologist with a peculiar and distorted doctrine of his own. For him,  science is no longer a sector of the cognitive enterprise but an  all-inclusive world-view. This [Read More…]

Inspired by this city

    Today, we use the term ghetto to refer to an urban area in which — typically because of social, legal, and/or economic pressure — members of a minority group are concentrated.   The original Ghetto, though, was the named district of the city of Venice to which Jews were restricted and segregated.   It’s not [Read More…]