Gratitude for modern temples

The temple in Palmyra

  "We know now that there are three worlds: the telestial, in which we live; the celestial, to which we aspire; and in between them another world, called the terrestrial. It is of neither the celestial nor the telestial. According to the ancients, this world is represented by the temple, the in-between world where the rites of passage take place." Hugh W. Nibley  On this trip, we've been privileged to visit three modern temples.  We did a session in the … [Read more...]

“Religious Studies at BYU”

Aerial BYU

  This interview with Elder Jeffrey Holland is interesting both for what it says and what it doesn't say:  Posted at Victor, New York    … [Read more...]

“Thonis — A Major Egyptian Port Swallowed by the Sea”

Thonis Heracleion

   You may have missed this interesting find: There are still important archaeological discoveries to be made.  Let's just hope that ISIS doesn't get around to destroying them for at least a while.  Because that's c … [Read more...]

“Controversial LDS author tells followers ‘peace out’”

Blood moon rising

  No, it's not me.  (My critics will be bitterly disappointed.) It's Julie Rowe: I sincerely wish her and her family all the best.  Posted from Victor, New York    … [Read more...]

Taking the easy way

JS at Carthage

  Joseph Smith was harassed from the very beginning. “Soon after the Church Began to gro,” remembered Joseph Knight, Sr., “the people Began to Be angry and to persecute and Cald them fools and said they ware Decived.”[1] Knight tells of one occasion, for example, when Joseph was arrested in Chenango County and, because the trial could not be convened soon enough, was held over night. But when the charges against him were dismissed the following day, he was immediately arrest … [Read more...]

“Our Know-Nothing, Anti-Science, Anti-Intellectual Presidential Candidates”

Creation Museum diorama Could it be that crazy Uncle Joe, der Gaffemeister, will be the last one standing? Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon,Going to the candidates' debate.Laugh about it, shout about it,When you've got to chooseEv'ry way you look at it, you lose.Where have you gone, Joseph Biden?  Oh,A nation turns its … [Read more...]

Mother and prophetic son

In the Sacred Grove, maybe

  He came to me from the fieldsWith the gold of the grain in his eyes,And soon he was beyond me,Having seen the white sea of light         where angels are.[Lucy Mack Smith, speaking of her son, the young Joseph Smith, in the poetic drama The Prophet, by Clinton F. Larson]  Posted from Victor, New York    … [Read more...]

Can we give an exact date for Joseph Smith’s First Vision?

Die Erste Vision

  Two LDS scholars argue that, indeed, we can: Are you curious?  Posted from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada    … [Read more...]