BYU discoveries in the huge ancient cemetery at Fag el-Gamous, Egypt

At Fag el-Gamous

  I've been assured by several anonymous but vocal message board anti-Mormons on the basis of . . .  Well, anyway, they've assured me that my BYU colleague Dr. Kerry Muhlestein is nothing but a Mormon apologist, a pseudoscholar and an international academic laughingstock. In that light, this item, brought to my attention by Stephen Smoot, is almost certainly a fo … [Read more...]

“When Dan Peterson speaks, the thinking has been done.”

I hate smiley faces.

  At least one person out there -- possibly two, if it's not simply a single commenter posting under a pair of different pseudonyms -- imagines that I was being serious with my announcement in an earlier post that, "When Dan Peterson speaks, the thinking has been done." So I offer the image above as a subtle hint.  I hope it helps. The statement was a playful, tongue-in-cheek allusion to the declaration, in an otherwise forgotten 1945 Ward Teac … [Read more...]

A good day for tyrants

Kim Jong-un

  1. So.  Carmike and other theater chains, and eventually Sony Pictures itself, have caved in the face of apparent threats from North Korea. Their surrender is quite understandable, but the repercussions are likely to be grave. As Newt Gingrich observed this morning, America has just been in its first cyberwar, and we lost.  And this loss sets a terrible precedent. I had serious doubts about the wisdom of Sony's movie The … [Read more...]

The Church’s official stance on the geography of the Book of Mormon set forth

Hermit of Wisdom

  Amusing story. A reader was involved in a discussion about whether the Church has an official position on the geography of the Book of Mormon.  (I've often said that it doesn't.)  So he contacted a number  given on the Church's official website for inquiries, and posed his question. In response to his question, he was given this link, which seems to me pretty of … [Read more...]

Music of Christmas 21

A river town in Bavaria

  And now, because I'm feeling rather nostalgic, not exactly for das Vaterland but for nearby German-speaking Switzerland, here's a fairly schmalzy rendition of a nineteenth-century German Christmas carol that has happy memories for me.  The song proper lasts only somewhat more than two minutes.  The last minute or so of the recording is a very deliberately "cute" interview by one of the hosts with one of the choirboys.  Feel free to skip it … [Read more...]

“Well . . . maybe the Book of Mormon is true after all”

It's what it claims to be.

  A testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon that's worth a look:   … [Read more...]

An important Palestinian Christian voice

Today's little city of Bethlehem

  Dr. Mitri Raheb (متري الراهب‎), who earned his doctorate at the university in Marburg, Germany, is pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem, and a prominent Palestinian voice.   Here, for about ten minutes, he offers his perspective to a British audience regarding the situation of Palestinians, and, in particular, of Palestinian Christians: Thanks to Jabra Ghneim for bringing this … [Read more...]

“The real 12 days of Christmas and why April 6 is a religiously significant date”

12 Days of Christmas, illustrated

  A very interesting article from Taylor Halverson that will perhaps teach you something about Christmas celebrations that you didn't know:   … [Read more...]