“The Late War against the Book of Mormon”

That's all, folks!

    It's Friday, so, of course, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture has posted yet another article.  This one responds to a very recent presentation that purported to identify a major literary source -- "the smoking gun!" "the silver bullet!" (I'm not making this up; some critics actually used these phrases) -- plagiarized by Joseph Smith and/or a group of conspirators during the composition of the Book of … [Read more...]

“Obamacare’s Moment of Clarity”

The doctor is in.

      Psychiatrist and political commentator Charles Krauthammer (M.D., Harvard Medical School, 1975), on some of the things the current state of Obamacare tells us:   http://www.nationalreview.com/article/362784/obamacares-moment-clarity-charles-krauthammer     … [Read more...]

SMPT, Today and Tomorrow

The stave church at
Borgund, Norway

      Here's the program for the annual meeting of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology, which is happening right now on the campus of Utah Valley University in Orem:   http://www.smpt.org/conferences_2013.html   I'll be participating in a plenary panel discussion on "Mormon studies" at noon on Friday (presumably defending the legitimacy of apologetics as a kind of Mormon studies), and I'll be introducing Noel Reynolds for his plenary … [Read more...]

Tonight at SMPT

A member of SMPT preparing his remarks for this week's meetings
(Click to enlarge his [mental] muscles.)

      The opening plenary session of the annual conference of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology (SMPT) begins tonight at 7:30 PM in SC 206 a-b on the campus of Utah Valley University in Orem.  (SC refers, I believe, to "Student Center."  See the map here.)   The speaker will be Professor Daniel W. Graham, A. O. Smoot Professor of Philosophy at Brigham Young University, who is one of the foremost scholars in the world on Aristotle and the … [Read more...]

“Many different voices are needed for a chorus of witnesses”

Truman G. Madsen (d. 2009)

    This week's Thursday Deseret News article is an autobiographical reminiscence, an exhortation, a tribute to Truman Madsen, and an advertisement for the annual meeting of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology, which begins tonight:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865589492/Many-different-voices-are-needed-for-a-chorus-of-witnesses.html     … [Read more...]

An evening of saxophones

The Zagreb Saxophone Quartet
(Click to enlarge.)

    My wife and I attended a superb concert this evening by the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet, with guest appearances by BYU's Ray Smith and the eminent classical saxophonist Eugene Rousseau.  At the end, all of them played together in a saxophone sextet.  It was wonderful.   The fare ranged from Haydn and Beethoven through Hoagy Carmichael and George Gershwin to Igor Kuljeric, Cole Porter, Bosko Petrovic, and Jerome Kern.   Among those in the relatively … [Read more...]

“Zion — The Pure in Heart”

The big five-O

    The Interpreter Foundation has just posted its fiftieth (50th) "scripture roundtable," which is, certainly, a major milestone.  (Actually, if we count the special roundtable that we did on Joseph Smith and early Latter-day Saint plural marriage, this is #51.  But I'm going to celebrate anyway.)   In this roundtable, Shon Hopkin, Andrew Smith, and Martin Tanner focus on lesson 46 in the 2013 Gospel Doctrine lesson manual, "Zion -- The Pure in … [Read more...]

It actually does take a village: A note on community and openness


    A couple of weeks ago, a young couple, new to our ward, spoke in our sacrament meeting.   The wife spoke openly of her struggle with relatively newly-diagnosed bipolar disorder, and of her husband's patient kindness and caring for her.   I was deeply impressed, not only by what she said about her husband, but with her.  I appreciated her candor.  I admired her courage.   I believe that members of the Church are coming to a better … [Read more...]