Some notes on “The Little Ice Age”

Sunny Greenland

  Without taking a stance here on the question of human-caused global warming, let me simply observe that the climate of the Earth is, and always has been, variable.  The fact that we speak about average and mean temperatures implies pretty strongly that, over shorter periods ("shorter" in geological terms, though not in terms of brief human lifespans), they rise and fall. You may or may not have heard of the "Little Ice Age," which began around 1300 AD and … [Read more...]

More resources for teachers and students from the Interpreter Foundation

Codex Sinaiticus (Luke)

  Are you aware of these helpful items, designed (along with our scripture roundtables) to help teachers and students of the scriptures?  Particularly in Gospel Doctrine classes? Dr. Taylor Halverson is uniquely qualified to provide them, with doctorates from Indiana University in both biblical studies and instructional design.  The Interpreter Foundation is delighted to offer such materials to o … [Read more...]

What is the most important aid that we might offer to our brothers and sisters?

Carillon tower and Y Mountain

  I was struck, late this afternoon, by the "weekly quote" sent out from the BYU Faculty Center to all who teach at the University: "Defending the faith intelligently is only one kind of aid we might offer our far-flung brothers and sisters, albeit surely the most important one." It's attributed to one Jeffrey R. Holland, who's identified as "President of BYU, 1980-1989."    … [Read more...]

Two anniversaries today

Peter Whitmer Sr. log cabin

  It's easy to forget, since General Conference ended yesterday and we're now in the middle of an ordinary work day, but today is the 185th birthday of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Today is also the second anniversary of the death of my wife's mother.  My in-laws have established an article prize for Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture in her memory and honor, hoping to encourage manuscript submissions to the journal from … [Read more...]

Once more, on those dissenting votes at General Conference

Inside the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

  Here's some historical background on negative votes at General Conferences of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Plainly, Saturday's "No" votes weren't the first. Moreover, I'm serenely confident that they won't be the last. What distinguishes the "New Atheism" from the old … [Read more...]

“‘Everything is ready now’: A near-death experience”

Boyagoda's book about Neuhaus

  A curious account from the late Father Richard J. Neuhaus, the founding editor of First Things, one of my very favorite magazines:   … [Read more...]

“How LDS missionaries are using social media to reach an evolving audience”

Dalsgaard's missionaries

  We've been somewhat slow, as a people, to take up the social media for spreading the Gospel, but this is the future of the missionary effort: I'm very excited about it. I was worried, even as a young missionary years ago in tiny Switzerland, that, given our small numbers, our attention was necessarily … [Read more...]

“What does the Shroud of Turin prove about Easter?”

Duomo di Torino

  I haven't thought much about the so-called Shroud of Turin for several years now, but, as this article suggests, it's well-worthy of being thought about:   … [Read more...]