“For American Muslims: Shock, fear and resolve”

    There is genuine concern:   http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/09/politics/muslims-trump-reaction/index.html   I hope that it won’t prove to be justified.   Legitimate security issues exist, and non-Muslims’ worries aren’t without a basis in fact.   But here’s a public pledge:  I will publicly oppose actual religious bigotry anywhere I see it.  And if measures are proposed or [Read More…]

“First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Congratulate U.S. President-Elect”

    As they’ve done every election cycle for as long as I can recall, the First Presidency and the Twelve have issued a statement congratulating the newly elected president of the United States and calling upon American members of the Church to pray for him, his associates, and other public officials:   http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/first-presidency-quorum-of-twelve-congratulate-u-s-president-elect   [Read More…]

A scientist’s statement of faith

    “While . . . media attention goes to the strident atheists who claim religion is foolish superstition, and to the equally clamorous religious creationists who deny the clear evidence for cosmic and biological evolution, a majority of the people I know have no difficulty accepting scientific knowledge and holding to religious faith.” “Why [Read More…]

Coming up next Wednesday

    One of the co-sponsors of this event is the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy, on whose board I sit:     Interreligious Engagement in a Global Context Utah Valley University Interreligious Engagement Initiative with The Elijah Interfaith Institute  November 16, 2016 Lakeview Room, Library 5:30-8:30   This event is free and open to the [Read More…]

“The challenge the New Testament makes to the world”

    The latest installment of my weekly Deseret News column has been published:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865666836/The-challenge-the-New-Testament-makes-to-the-world.html     [Read more…]

“New Book of Mormon Insights at the ‘Interpreter'”

    I happen to agree with the estimable Jeff Lindsay on this one:   http://mormanity.blogspot.com/2016/11/new-book-of-mormon-insights-at.html     [Read more…]

“This Month’s Supermoon Will Be the Biggest and Brightest of Its Kind Since 1948”

    I really hope to see it next Monday night, 14 November:   http://www.realclearlife.com/2016/11/09/november-supermoon-will-be-the-biggest-since-1948/     [Read more…]

“3 suspects in Kansas anti-Somali plot sought a ‘bloodbath'”

    There are, I think, legitimate grounds for criticizing the FBI’s recent performance in the matter of the Clinton emails.   But this operation, from a month ago, plainly deserves praise:   http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2016/10/15/feds-3-suspects-kansas-anti-somali-plot-sought-bloodbath/92139212/     [Read more…]

“The Tale of Election 2016, with Benedict Cumberbatch”

    Thanks to Nicol Sorenson-Legakis for calling my attention to this soothing bedtime story:     I apologize for its one mild allusion to the actual language used by our president-elect.     [Read more…]

“NY attorney general: Time to stand up for Latter-day Saints and the religious freedom of all Americans”

    Perhaps largely lost in the frenzy over yesterday’s presidential election was the publication of this striking article by the attorney general of the state of New York:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865666702/NY-attorney-general-Time-to-stand-up-for-Latter-day-Saints-and-the-religious-freedom-of-all.html?clear_cache=1   At first glance, it may seem less timely or urgent now that the election is over.  But, in my judgment, it addresses a [Read More…]