Thursday afternoon at the 2016 FairMormon conference

    My wife and I had lunch at downtown Provo’s India Palace with friends from Arizona.   Thereafter, Matt Roper, my longtime friend and former Maxwell Institute colleague, shared an interesting, well-illustrated presentation on swords in Mesoamerica and in the Book of Mormon — responding, mostly implicitly, to claims by critics that Pre-Columbian Mesoamericans had [Read More…]

BOM Alma 58

    In Alma 58, we see the first intimations of a supply problem.  Helaman’s forces are not receiving the food and so forth that they required, but they don’t know why.   We’ll hear more about this particular situation very shortly.   In today’s military, some estimates suggest, there are roughly four people in [Read More…]

“Why Do Some Think Churches Contribute ‘Nothing’ to Solve Social Problems?”

    An important blog entry on the Church’s official “newsroom” website:     [Read more…]

From the floor of the 2016 FairMormon conference (Thursday morning)

    The morning began with something of a tag team presentation by Royal Skousen and Stan Carmack, offering a nice summary of their work on the Book of Mormon Critical Text Project.  There were some striking new details, and I got a kick out of the fact that several of Royal’s “conjectural emendations” — [Read More…]

“Water is a ‘wizard of changes'”

    This week’s Thursday Deseret News column takes a quick look at some of the remarkable qualities of one of the most common and most essential elements in our everyday environment:     [Read more…]

Next June on the Mediterranean?

    I’m planning to be out on the Mediterranean during the second half of June next year.   Are you interested in coming along?     [Read more…]

Watching Io’s atmosphere collapse during a Jovian eclipse

    This is probably another place where you wouldn’t want to accept long-term employment:     [Read more…]

An observation on relativism

    “The interesting thing about those who espouse various kinds of relativism: they all seem to end up by saying, essentially, that truth, perception, etc. are relative, except of course the truth they are passionately trying to get us to perceive. That is, they fail to apply their own relativism to themselves.”  John Lennox [Read More…]

“Warfare and the Book of Mormon: A Bibliography”     [Read more…]

An addendum regarding METI

    Thus far, two people have written to me in the light of the 2013 statement that I reposted here earlier today, seeking to know how and why, given the spiritual confirmation that I seem to claim for my Middle Eastern Texts Initiative, I eventually resigned from it.   As a matter of fact, I’ve [Read More…]