A surge in suicides among gay Mormon youth?

    Over the weekend, both the liberal Mormon blogger Jana Riess and a guest opinion column in the Salt Lake Tribune lamented the rise in suicides among gay Mormon teenagers caused by the Church’s stance on homosexual behavior.   There may well have been other such articles.  These are merely two that I happen to [Read More…]

A thought for the day following Independence Day

    According to the notes of Dr. James McHenry, who was a delegate from Maryland, a lady approached Ben Franklin when he was leaving Independence Hall after the final day of the Constitutional Convention in 1787.   “Well, Doctor,” she asked him, “what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”   “A Republic,” he [Read More…]

Lessee. Should I choose the firing squad, or electrocution? I’m just giddy with excitement!

    Mr. Donald Trump now seems to have tweeted a message with anti-Semitic associations:   “Donald Trump’s ‘Star of David’ tweet controversy, explained”   Big deal, right?   Did you really expect that this “loutish, unstable man-child”  would really transform himself and become “presidential”?   “The Man’s Not for Changing”   Moreover, his long-standing interest in [Read More…]

An “Interpreter” contributor and Oxford University Press

    I’m very pleased to learn that my long-time friend Gary Gillum, who published an article in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture in 2013, has been appointed to the board of Oxford Biblical Studies Online.   We’re all frauds and pseudoscholars at the Interpreter Foundation, of course, and we rely, in lieu of actual [Read More…]

Independence Day

    If, after the pancake breakfasts and the family activities and the grilling and the fireworks, you would like to think for just a few moments about what this country means, these two pieces might help:   Charles C. W. Cooke, an Oxford-educated political thinker who came to the United States in 2011, holds that [Read More…]

“How religious involvement influences life and well-being”

    A nice summary by Jenet Jacob Ericsson:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865657379/How-religious-involvement-influences-life-and-well-being-in-America.html?pg=all   The late Christopher Hitchens’s iron law that “religion poisons everything” is beginning to look . . .  Well, it’s beginning to look slightly dubious.   Posted from Park City, Utah     [Read more…]

A stunning rendition of the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

    I love it:   http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/07/02/woman-sings-national-anthem-lincoln-memorial-video-goes-viral   Posted from Park City, Utah     [Read more…]

“Elder Neil L. Andersen throws out first pitch at Dodger Stadium”

    I grew up an avid Dodgers fan.  (As I think I’ve mentioned, I was there when Sandy Koufax threw his first no-hitter.)   There were and are few things more pleasant than a summer evening at Dodger Stadium in Chavez Ravine.   So I would have thoroughly enjoyed this.  And, if I still [Read More…]

“Muslims can be patriots, too”

    A piece that was published nearly six years ago, but that seems to me even more relevant now than it was then:   http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2010/11/12/mohamed-elibiary-homeland-security-advisory-council-muslim-patriot-islam.html   Posted from Park City, Utah     [Read more…]

Church and State, Together for Good

    Critics and and will carp, complain, and cynically mock.  That, unfortunately, is what they do.  But this is the kind of thing that really matters:   https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2011-05-34-the-usns-comfort?lang=eng   And on this day when many of us commemorate the founding of the United States of America, it seems appropriate to me to celebrate the service [Read More…]