For some of my critics

A good diagnostic tool, in many cases

      … [Read more...]

A new temple in Florida

A new temple for South Florida

  Here's a video presentation from the open house for the soon-to-be-dedicated Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:   … [Read more...]

“The holy light of Easter in Jerusalem”

The two gray domes of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the densely crowded Old City of Jerusalem

  A Hamblin/Peterson article for the Deseret News last year at Easter:   … [Read more...]

“Life after death is a joyful fact.”

Is this the end?

  An article that meant especially much to me -- and came to mean even more when my brother died not long afterward:   … [Read more...]

The Interpreter Foundation and “Because of Him”

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  The Interpreter Foundation is supporting the Easter Initiative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: There can and should be no doubt on which side -- on whose side -- the Foundation stands.   … [Read more...]

An early Passover tonight

Looking across the Gulf of Aqaba, an arm of the Red Sea from the Sinai  toward Saudi Arabia

  My wife and I have just returned from leading a Passover seder for the Young Men and Young Women of our ward.  We had fun.  I hope they did.  More importantly, I hope they gained some scriptural and cultural insights. I apologize to my Palestinian friends.  This wasn't even remotely an evening of Jewish nationalism, but I really love the  Israeli national anthem (HaTikvah)  and Yerushalayim shel zahav, so we included them in our background music before and aft … [Read more...]

“Be strong and of a good courage”

The landscape of the Middle East isn't, umm, quite accurate in this depiction of Joshua leading the Children of Israel in the wilderness. (Click to enlarge.)

  Andrew Smith, Martin Tanner, and Bruce Webster discuss the materials covered in lesson 18 of the 2014 (Old Testament) Gospel Doctrine manual in this, the sixty-eighth (68th) scripture roundtable posted by The Interpreter Foundation:   … [Read more...]

Please help to send this worldwide.

There is no bigger story.  There is no better news. (Click to enlarge.)

  Through whatever blog or message board or list or social media you can access, please spread this: Please do it right now.  Or, if not right now, as soon as possible.  This week. It's the  most important of all messages.   … [Read more...]