Intriguing (and puzzling) new photos of the Solar System’s largest asteroid

Ceres, from NASA

  Technically, it's considered a "dwarf planet":   … [Read more...]

Finding the middle ground on a contentious issue

A lupine meadow

  I think Franklin Graham has summed up the traditional or orthodox Christian position on this moral question rather well:  Being gay-friendly is not optional; it is a commandment from Jesus. But being an advocate for the gay lifestyle contradicts God's word.    … [Read more...]

“Can Islam come back to the light of science?”

Avicenna's Canon

  This brief article summarizes the glorious past and current dysfunction of one of the world's great civilizations, but nonetheless manages to express some very slight optimism:   … [Read more...]

“What ‘Mormon problem’? More would vote for a Mormon than an Evangelical Christian”

Houston megachurch

  A really interesting item from the Washington Post: Latter-day Saints haven't suddenly become popular.  Evangelical popularity is plummeting. On one level, I think some Evangelicals have brought this on themselves through their aggressive triumphalism and, sometimes, … [Read more...]

“Afton strong: LDS teen spends final days at church and temple caring for others”

Louisiana's only temple thus far

  This is a wrenching story.  I can't think of many situations that would be worse. Yet it's a happy and positive one, too:   … [Read more...]

“(One Reason Why) I Love Brigham Young”

BY statue in Provo at library

  Noticing my recent posts in defense of Brigham Young, my friend, onetime FARMS Review colleague, and current Interpreter Foundation colleague Greg Smith called my attention to something that he'd recently posted on his own blog, but which I had missed while traveling overseas: It's a nice story, little known but indicative of the real character of … [Read more...]

A constantly recurring invasion

One of my favorite economists

  "Each new generation born is in effect an invasion of civilization by little barbarians, who must be civilized before it is too late." Thomas Sowell    … [Read more...]

“Turn Around”

The great Joni Mitchell

  I heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform this Harry Belafonte/Alan Greene/Malvina Reynolds song on Father's Day, and it's put me into a (plainly lasting) nostalgic and wistful mood:  Where are you going, my little one, little one, Where are you going, my baby, my own? Turn around and you're two, Turn around and you're four, Turn around and you're a young girl going out of my door. Turn around, turn around, Turn around and you're a young girl going out … [Read more...]