On speaking the truth

I see evidence of this everywhere. (Click to enlarge.)

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“It’s a comfort to know death is not the end”

Light in the darkness

  Perhaps an especially appropriate message for Memorial Day: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765608909/Its-a-comfort-to-know-death-is-not-the-end.html   … [Read more...]

“Mormon Helping Hands aid fire victims in Chile”

Another, related, item of potential interest

 . http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/mormonism-in-pictures--mormon-helping-hands-aid-fire-victims-in-chile I thought the item to which I link above went well with my post from earlier today.   … [Read more...]

When Joseph Smith opened fire on those militiamen in Illinois

The old jail at Carthage, Illinois, where Joseph and Hyrum Smith launched their short-lived war against peace-loving local citizens

  I've just noticed a suggestion, from an exceptionally vitriolic though none too deep critic of Mormonism, that it was Joseph Smith who opened fire upon the "mob" at Carthage, Illinois, and that the "mob" returned fire only in self-defense.  Thus, Joseph Smith's death wasn't a murder, and he was wholly responsible for it. Crazy and counter-historical though the suggestion is, it's not original.  I've seen it, and responded to it, before: In the v … [Read more...]

“Why Religion Matters: The Salt of Society”

American and world society would be poorer without the contribution of religion and religious believers.

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“Apostle ‘idea’ is growing in popularity among other faiths”

Christ ordains his original twelve New Testament apostles

  Here's something you might not have noticed: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765607134/Apostle-idea-is-growing-in-popularity-among-other-faiths.html   … [Read more...]

I miss him.

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Remembering a long-forgotten but odd encounter

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  Quite a while ago, I had a distinctly bizarre online exchange with an inactive or former member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who had become an outspoken critic of Mormonism.  I haven't thought of it (or of him) in years, but his name just showed up in an email from an acquaintance, and that brought this personal Twilight Zone episode back to mind. The exchange began when I noticed his claim on a discussion board that, while we were … [Read more...]