BOM Alma 10

    I’m running out of time right now, but I’ll offer one very quick note on today’s reading, Alma 10:   What can we make of the name Zeezrom?  Does it have any actual meaning?  If so, is that name relevant to the story recounted in Alma 10?   Here’s some brief but informed [Read More…]

“The LDS use of Isaiah 2:2-5”

    Robert Boylan looks at the question of whether Latter-day Saint use of Isaiah’s prophecy about the house of the Lord being built in the tops of the mountains can really refer to the construction of the temple in Salt Lake City:     [Read more…]

“As Islamism Marches West, Pluralist Muslims Must Stop Its Advance”

    Dr. Qanta Ahmed, herself a Muslim, offers a worthwhile perspective on the problem of extremism within the Islamic community:     [Read more…]

“It’s an Outrage! See? Look How Outraged I Am!”

    Interesting social psychological insight from an experiment at Yale:   How you too can profit from being indignant!   This may go a considerable distance toward explaining some otherwise puzzling phenomena on the internet, in newspaper and magazine comments sections, and elsewhere.     [Read more…]

“Trans Bathroom Bills Prove Feminism Has Failed My Daughter”

    The photograph accompanying the piece (not the photograph above) is, well, just a slight tad crass.  I apologize for that.  (You can choose not to look.)  But this article says something really important, I think.   Thanks to Cassandra Hedelius for alerting me to it.     [Read more…]

Former Senator Bob Bennett

    Joe Cannon, the principal opponent whom he defeated in order to gain the Utah Republican nomination for the United States Senate in the first place, has been a friend of mine for many, many years.   With a friend, I had lunch with Mike Lee, who eventually defeated him and took his place [Read More…]

“‘From the Sea East Even to the Sea West’: Thoughts on a Proposed Book of Mormon Chiasm Describing Geography in Alma 22:27”

    There were two new articles published in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture today.  This is the second one:   “From the Sea East Even to the Sea West”: Thoughts on a Proposed Book of Mormon Chiasm Describing Geography in Alma 22:27   Rumors have our impending death have, it seems, been greatly [Read More…]

Some amazingly close escapes

    I post this link not just because some of these incidents are perfectly astonishing — thanks to John Walters for bringing them to my notice! — but for the sake of encouraging and inspiring others:   If such people as these could avoid death, at least a slight chance still exists that [Read More…]

“Alma — Young Man, Hidden Prophet”

    It’s Friday, so — of course! — Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture is in publishing mode:   Alma — Young Man, Hidden Prophet   This is the Interpreter Foundation’s 196th consecutive Friday of publication — out of the 197.5 total weeks of its existence.  A pattern may be emerging.     [Read more…]

On explaining the apparent fine-tuning of the universe

    It is crazy to postulate a trillion (causally unconnected) universes to explain the features of one universe, when postulating one entity (God) will do the job. Richard Swinburne, University of Oxford     [Read more…]