Christmas Cheer 8

Deuteronomy 16:17

  You may or may not have seen this wonderful story about a little three-year-old girl's courage and generosity: Especially at Christmas, though, you really should see it. It warmed even my notoriously cold, cruel, and unfeeling heart.   … [Read more...]

Wishing a very happy birthday to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

President Jeffrey R. Holland, of BYU, has gone on to other things. I first came to know him while he was serving as president of Brigham Young University. My admiration and respect for him are considerable.   … [Read more...]

Should American churches get out of the marriage business?

California's fourth temple, I believe What do you think? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would find this especially easy to do, I suspect -- if it chooses to go this route -- because its temple sealings are already distinct, l … [Read more...]

“Does Santa make us selfish?”

St. Nicholas, bishop of Myra, in Turkey

  A fascinating social-science experiment involving children -- and an entertaining seven-minute video about it -- from "the behavioral science guys," one of whom is my friend and former neighbor Joseph Grenny:   … [Read more...]

Operation Underground Railroad

A call to action

   You know, or you certainly should know by now, that I'm seeking donations to support and expand the work of The Interpreter Foundation: And I've been very encouraged by the response thus far.  I'm grateful to those who have contributed.  We still have some considerable distance to go, but we're on our way. However, there are many other worthy causes out th … [Read more...]

“How to share the Gospel during the holidays”

Mormon Madonna and Child

  A helpful and quite practical article: Anybody can do at least some of these things.   … [Read more...]

Music of Christmas 7

Ms. K. K. Davis, composer

  A remarkable a cappella version of a very popular Christmas carol: The carol was written by Katherine Kennicott Davis, an American classical music composer and teacher, in 1941.  (She originally called it "The Carol of the Drum.")  The Trapp Family Singers -- think The Sound of Music -- recorded it in 1955 and it became even more popular when the Harry Simeone Chorale recorded it in 19 … [Read more...]

“Pop Francis: Why Everyone Loves the Pope”

The first pope named Francis

  An interesting three-page article in the leading Evangelical Protestant magazine that's a bit deeper and more serious than its title might seem to suggest:   … [Read more...]