“Utah is the happiest state in the nation, study says”

Canyonlands NP Tobias Alt

  http://kutv.com/news/local/utah-is-the-happiest-state-in-the-nation-study-says I expect that the howls of derision have already begun.  This simply must not, cannot, be true.  Mormonism destroys lives, makes people miserable.   … [Read more...]

In my judgment, one of the finest moments in the other night’s Republican “debate”

Italy as Bethlehem

  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/424197/carly-fiorina-prolife-debate-planned-parenthood Watch the video, too.   … [Read more...]

“How the plague became a deadly force”

Boccaccio's depiction of the Plague, depicted

  http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/healthreport/how-the-black-plague-became-a-deadly-force/6768776 And here's a cheery thought:  Did you know that the Black Death is alive and well (and that it's endemic to the wildlife of the western United States)? Now lets go camping!   … [Read more...]

Does this sound like insincere language to you?

Temple Lot marker in Independence MO

  On 27 November 1832, the Prophet wrote from Kirtland to his friend William W. Phelps, who was editing the Church newspaper in Jackson County, Missouri.  Contained in that letter is the following passage, impassioned with yearning and impatient at the constraints imposed by our fallen mortality: Oh Lord when will the time come when Brother William thy Servent and myself behold the day that we may stand together and gase upon Eternal wisdom engraven upon the … [Read more...]

“Elder Rasband calls for ‘religious freedom and fairness for all’”

Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the 70

  http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/religious-freedom-is-fairness-for-all    … [Read more...]

“Here’s How Donald Trump Responded to a Person Saying President Obama is Muslim”

Dr. Khaled Hosseini

  Actually, that wasn't the most horrifying thing to me.  The most horrifying thing was the questioner's suggestion that Muslims ought all to be deported from the United States followed by Mr. Trump's failure to take a stand against such a bigoted and essentially fascistic proposal: http://time.com/4039658/trump-obama-muslim/ It compares very poorly to Senator McCain's response, in a somewhat similar case, back in 2008. But that's … [Read more...]

Science — a pathway to God?

NASA art, solar system being born

   “Nevertheless, just as I believe that the Book of Scripture illumines the pathway to God, so I believe that the Book of Nature, with its astonishing details – the blade of grass, the Conus cedonulli, or the resonance levels of the carbon atom – also suggest a God of purpose and a God of design. And I think my belief makes me no less a scientist.” — Owen Gingerich, former Research Professor of Astronomy and of the History of Science at Harvard University, currently senior as … [Read more...]

Joseph Smith’s sincerity, again

Greenville Indiana forest land

  The spirit of Joseph Smith’s private letters, which were never intended to be published, seems to manifest his sincerity. For example, detained at an inn in Greenville, Indiana, in June 1832, while his traveling companion, Newel Whitney, recovered from a badly broken leg, depressed at news that his brother Hyrum had lost a child and also by the fact that he had received no recent letter from his wife, the Prophet wrote a note to Emma in which, among other t … [Read more...]