BYU and the “Culture Wars”

An aerial view of Brigham Young University's campus in Provo, Utah

  I understand that, at least to this point, those interested in Professor Ralph Hancock's recent article in the wonderful monthly magazine First Things cannot access it unless they're subscribers.  And the printed version (in the March issue) hasn't yet appeared. Here, with Professor Hancock's kind permission, is the penultimate paragraph of his article.  It gives some sense of the article's general thesis: BYU’s distinctive mission has already bee … [Read more...]

A recent item on Amerindian DNA

Where is western Eurasia?

  I'm not arguing that this has anything to do with the Book of Mormon.  (Though I have a few speculations.) We can now, though, confidently say that there will be no more new discoveries.  This new discovery shows that beyond question.  And it's the last one.  The data are all in.  There will be no future changes, no surp … [Read more...]


A not particularly accurate nineteenth-century depiction of the Mountain Meadows Massacre

  I'm very happy at this development.  I've advocated it for a long time, though I can claim no credit for the change:  Posted from Ka‘anapali, Maui, Hawai’i    … [Read more...]

“Fashion or Proof? A Challenge for Pacific Anthropology”

A scene along the coast of Maui (Click to enlarge.)

  Is it Friday? Yes. Is there a new article in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture? Of course! Here it is:  Posted from Ka’anapali, Maui, Hawai’i    … [Read more...]

“Keeping Faith in Provo”

At BYU, looking northward

  A really important essay by my friend and colleague Ralph Hancock: I imagine -- and hope -- that it will generate considerable discussion.  Posted from Ka’anapali,  Maui, Hawai’i    … [Read more...]

“Mormons to build 32-story tower near Center City [Philadelphia]“

The temple in Philadelphia, which is now well under construction, and the proposed tower to its right

   Now this should inflame still further those who insist that "LD$ Inc." is a business, not a church:  Posted from Ka’anapali, Maui, Hawai’i    … [Read more...]

Racial Politics in the United States: A Sampling, Which I Hope Isn’t Representative

United States Senator Tim Scott (R-SC)

  Wow.  There is so very much wrong that is on display in this clip:’s-rev-barber-over-‘ventriloquist-dummy’-remarks-aimed-nc-rep  Posted from Ka’anapali, Maui, Hawai’i    … [Read more...]

“Democrats, Media Slam President Romney Over Health Care Law Changes”

In a better world

   What if the shoe were on the other foot?  Posted from Ka’anapali, Maui, Hawai’i    … [Read more...]