Auschwitz? “Genocide” in Gaza?

It remains an excellent question: What WOULD you do?

  As I've said before, governments -- all governments -- have three absolutely basic and fundamental responsibilities to their citizens.  All governments do other things on top of these, of course -- many of them things that, in my view, they do badly, and many of them things that, even if they do them well, they shouldn't do. But these three things are irreducible.  A government that doesn't do them, or, worse still, deliberately declines to do them, is u … [Read more...]

Two “Interpreter” books

On the left, the first book published by The Interpreter Foundation. On the right, the coming next book to be published by the Foundation. Several more books are in the pipeline. (Thanks to Bryce Haymond for creating this slide.  Click to enlarge.  Click again to enlarge further.)

    … [Read more...]

“Children exposed to religion have difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction, study finds”

  This item is giving significant aid and comfort -- not to mention laughter and a gratifying sense of vindication -- to those who insist that either (a) religious people are religious because they can't tell reality from fantasy or (b) religious people can't tell reality from fantasy because faith has crippled their minds or (c) both. This is a variant of Sigmund Freud's old claim that religion is a "collective neurosis," of Richard Dawkins's depiction of … [Read more...]

“The attack on Christians in the Middle East”

  A situation that really demands attention: For the record, I do not agree that the Qur’an, properly understood, mandates or even permits forced conversion. The matter of Pope Benedict XVI's famous speech at the University of Regensburg is, however, more complex.  He was arguing at a very high conceptual level -- he is a first-rate and very so … [Read more...]

“Too good to be false”

Rembrandt, "Head of Christ" (ca. 1648)

  A somewhat long but quite thought-provoking and original defense of the reliability of the New Testament gospels:   … [Read more...]

“The teachings of Siddhartha, the compassionate Buddha”   … [Read more...]

The solution to the Arab/Israeli conflict.

Thanks to Robert Appleberry and Jabra Ghneim for bringing it to my notice.

 You didn't hear it here first.  You've heard it a million times.  We all have.  We know it, but we very often act as if we don't.   This image fits perfectly with my immediately previous post. … [Read more...]

“And you wish to sing praises?”

"Picnic at Manassas" (Richard Miller) To the extent that they're simply watching, I don't blame them.  I would watch, as well.  I also look at car wrecks on the freeway.  In fact, on two or three occasions, I've sat atop Mount Bental in the Golan Heights, looking down on the United Nations checkpoint and the abandoned Arab village of al-Qunaytra and watching as plumes of smoke were rising to the sky from various po … [Read more...]