The Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum is TOMORROW


      Don't miss it!     … [Read more...]

Doubleplusungood Unpersons Guilty of Oldthink Never Actually Existed at All


  And -- oh yes -- we've always been at war with Eastasia.                   These items seemed a timely and appropriate photo montage to accompany this recent entry on my blog.     … [Read more...]

“Reliable witnesses, close to home”

Oiiver Cowdery
(6 October 1806 - 6 March 1850)

    This week's Thursday Deseret News column:   For the story behind the image of Oliver Cowdery above, see here.     … [Read more...]

Barely Surviving in the Age of Austerity

It's tough to be so austere.

    I read a comment online the other day about the lamentable "austerity" of the federal government under which we Americans are currently living.  I think that the person who wrote it was serious.   Here are some examples of what that "austerity" looks … [Read more...]

Who should get the credit for giving me the boot?

This is how it happened

    Several people have either called my attention to a partial transcript of remarks made by John Dehlin on Doug Fabrizio’s KUER radio program following October LDS conference—Mr. Dehlin was “reviewing” conference speeches—or sent me copies of those remarks.  I feel that I probably ought to respond publicly, since the remarks concern me and were made publicly.  Here is what John Dehlin said:   "I actually believe that apologetics still has a very … [Read more...]

“Our one-sided openness to continuing revelation”

Pas d'ennemi à gauche

    Another provocative piece from my friend and colleague Ralph Hancock:   He's implicitly, mildly, critical of what I said here.  But I'm hoping that what I said here will also be taken into account.   We don't really disagree much on this matter, if at all.     … [Read more...]

Professor Hamblin joins that tour to Mesoamerica

A Maya temple

      I mentioned yesterday that the Mesoamericanist Dr. Mark Wright, a member of the board of The Interpreter Foundation, will be leading a tour of Mesoamerican sites in December/January.   Now I learn that Dr. William Hamblin, another member of the board of The Interpreter Foundation, will be accompanying Dr. Wright to discuss Middle Eastern aspects of the Book of Mormon.   This will be a really, really good tour.     … [Read more...]

Why should the Devil get all the best tunes?


    One of the mysteries of life is why some of the most excruciatingly beautiful music ever written is connected with some of the lowest themes.  I'll supply two examples, without even going for the low-hanging fruit of rock music.   Consider, for example, "O mio babbino caro," from Giacomo Puccini's opera Gianni Schicchi:   Oh my dear papa, I love him, he is handsome, handsome. I want to go to … [Read more...]