“Why Did You Choose Me?”

    For this Easter weekend, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture posts a special, reflective piece by Joseph Grenny:   Why Did You Choose Me?   For last year’s Interpreter Easter reflection, by W. Mitt Romney, see here.     [Read more…]

“Editing Out the ‘Bad Grammar’ in the Book of Mormon”

      [Read more…]

“In submission is our salvation”

    I wrote this column for Easter 2015:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865625528/In-submission-is-our-salvation.html     [Read more…]

Today is Good Friday

    Latter-day Saints seldom think about Good Friday.  We take our lead too much, I’m afraid, from the culture around us, which, having failed (thus far) to commercialize Easter very thoroughly, pretty much ignores the holy days preceding it.   But Eric Huntsman hasn’t forgotten.   Here’s a really good collection of materials, suggestions, [Read More…]

“The Economist”: “Mormons against the Donald”

    The Economist is, beyond reasonable dispute, one of the finest magazines in the English-speaking world.  (It’s British.)  So I’m pleased that it’s taken notice of the stalwart Mormon opposition to Donald Trump.  And I got a kick out of one of the accompanying photographs, which shows the skyline of Salt Lake City and [Read More…]

“Mormon Rejection of Trump Provides Insight into Islamic Extremism”

    http://religiondispatches.org/mormon-rejection-of-trump-provides-insight-into-muslim-extremism/   Thanks to Cody Quirk for alerting me to this little piece.     [Read more…]

BOM Mosiah 12

    Moving on with our reading of the Book of Mormon, we come to Mosiah 12:   I’ve heard more than a few chuckles about the first verse, in which Abinadi comes into the city in disguise and then immediately identifies himself by name.  However, I take it that his goal wasn’t to remain incognito [Read More…]

A famous conspirator on the conspiracy that would have been necessary

    No, you can take it from an expert in cover-ups–I’ve lived through Watergate–that nothing less than a resurrected Christ could have caused those men to maintain to their dying whispers that Jesus is alive and is Lord. Chuck Colson   [Read more…]

Digging heroically, Donald Trump reaches yet another new low.

    The rise of Trumpism has made this — by light years — the ugliest, most classless, most vulgar, coarsest, most unworthy presidential contest in my lifetime.   One might perhaps say that Mr. Trump has merely unleashed the angry incivility already lurking below the surface.  And, sadly, that’s almost certainly true.  (It doesn’t [Read More…]

“‘Allah’ is not pagan term. It means ‘God'”

    A comment responding to one of my blog posts (in which, shockingly, I advocate tolerance for Muslims and better understanding of Islam) has deployed the old pseudo-scholarly argument that Allah, the word commonly used for the Supreme Being among Muslims, refers to a pagan Arabian moon deity, utterly unrelated to the God of [Read More…]