Millennials are leaving Christianity in droves.

California's second temple

  The American religious landscape appears to be changing dramatically, particularly among young people: (See an Evangelical reaction to the data here.) This is the socio-spiritual environment with which American Latter-day Saints (and LDS missionaries working in the United States) need to deal.  We need to understand it. It presents challenges, of course. … [Read more...]

“Kirsten Powers: The Rise of the Intolerant Left”

Powers, Kirsten

   Kirsten Powers is an outspokenly Democratic commentator, and a relatively recent Christian convert:  Posted from Park City, Utah    … [Read more...]

“Brainless, faceless fish-like creature near Scotland”

Haggis: A Close-Up

  At first, reading the headline, I thought that one of my malevolent anonymous internet critics had been located: But, no, it's about something else.  Posted from Park City, Utah    … [Read more...]

On “Sophisticated Neutrality” With Regard to the Gospel

Lehi sees the Tree of Life, near Palmyra, New York, in 2011

  I think that I failed to note this very important little piece from the indispensable Greg Smith, which appeared on his blog back in December:  Posted from Park City, Utah    … [Read more...]

Of “little” things

A father teaching his daughter how to fish

  "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." Robert Brault … [Read more...]

The newly appointed Mormon ambassador of Mali to India

Samake and friends, 2012

  Some might be interested to know that Yeah Samake, the Latter-day Saint mayor of Ouelessebougou, Mali, has recently been appointed that West African nation's ambassador to India.  Posted from Park City, Utah … [Read more...]

“How the Clintons Get Away With It”

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow

   Peggy Noonan had a disturbing article in the Saturday/Sunday (9-10 May 2015) issue of the Wall Street Journal, entitled "How the Clintons Get Away With It." I think you should be able to reach it via this link:  Perhaps there are excellent explanations for all of the allegations surrounding the Clintons.  Perhaps, if they were properly … [Read more...]

“What a young cancer patient teaches about sanctity of sacrament”

Young man partaking of the sacrament

  Sometimes the sacrament can become . . . ordinary.  If that's a problem for you, thinking of this story might help. And whenever you're feeling down, beaten, afflicted, and hurt, thinking of this story might help, too. I pray that, under circumstances not a twentieth as serious as this young man's, I might perhaps achieve a twentieth of his gr … [Read more...]