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Poster for Saturday night

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On perseverance and overcoming obstacles

Lexington, Kentucky, on the university campus

  A wonderful collection, on the website of the University of Kentucky, of quotations and anecdotes about persistence and of examples of moving forward despite setbacks.  Some very inspirational stuff here:   … [Read more...]

New Testament 62

Looking toward Deganya Alef

  Matthew 6:7-15Compare Mark 11:25-26; Luke 11:1-4 Today's reading is "the Lord's prayer," as it's called. It deserves a book.  (It's received books.)  And I've actually thought about writing one.  But not today.  Not here. It's passages like this that tempt me to violate my self-imposed rule not to try to post exhaustive commentary but to limit myself to merely an observation or two.  I simply don't have time to do more, and I woul … [Read more...]

“Kulluna Muath!”

F-16 x 2 (Jordan)

  I was honored to stand this afternoon with several score others, mostly students, in a statement against the nihilistic death cult calling itself the "Islamic State," to protest their vicious murder of Lieutenant Muath Al-Kassasbeh, and, for whatever little it's worth, to send a message of condolence to his family and to the king and people of Jordan.  (Photos of the event will be -- perhaps have already been -- sent to Jordan.) I'm proud of the two Jordanian … [Read more...]

The Vatican Observatory, where astronomers are also priests

WikiTrifid Nebula or whatever

  This is an interesting and well-done little BBC video, about six minutes long, about the Vatican Observatory in Arizona: I must say that the priest/astronomers come across a whole lot better than does Lawrence Krauss. The Interpreter Foundation will host the official Vatican Astronomer during a conference in the spring of 2016.   … [Read more...]

Biblical studies, history, and archaeology

YDS, Marquand Chapel, New Haven, CN

  With his "Notes on Modern Scribal Training," Dr. John Gee again offers valuable information for evaluating current disputes regarding the relationship between history and the Bible:   … [Read more...]

“The kids are not all right”

Field poppies?

  Over and over again, I've read someone's account of suffering at the hands of the Mormon patriarchy, or because of oppressive and bigoted "heteronormativity," or on account of honest questioning, or something of that sort. And -- wretched man that I am! -- I've sometimes dared to suggest, rather gently, that there might be two sides to the reported experience, and/or that (even if it's more or less true) it might not be entirely representative, and/or that … [Read more...]

“Read the Book of Mormon and the Bible”

Kaminaljuyu head

  A valuable exhortation from a good blog:   … [Read more...]