Do scientists, as scientists, have special insights or status regarding ultimate questions?

And maybe a robot, to fix the Middle East

  Having renounced all traffic with Religion, the Scientist proceeds to devote hundreds of hours to giving public lectures on "Science and Religion." This is an interesting paradox: a) The secret of the Scientist's superiority and success is that he pays strict attention to the problem at hand; limiting himself to the laboratory situation, he rejects all else as extraneous and irrelevant. b) This means that the problem at hand is everything that c … [Read more...]

“Accomodate conscientious objectors to same-sex marriage”

Obama's Change

  I've advocated making reasonable accommodations for those who object to Justice Kennedy's revolutionary redefinition of the institution of marriage.  Here are some suggestions:   … [Read more...]

“The Most Anti-Science Law Ever Passed”?

The late Sen. Proxmire

  I was actually fond of Senator Proxmire, despite his being a Democrat.  But this may not have been his finest contribution:   … [Read more...]

“Talking to families concerned about sexual orientation”

If you enlarge the darkness, it will also increase the light "M. Catherine Thomas was converted to the Church at age 19. Soon after her baptism she went to the Church College of Hawaii (now BYU-HC), where she married her English Literature professor, Gordon K. Thomas at semester break in the Hawaii Temple. They have 6 children and 16 grandchildren. They recently returned from their fourth Spanish-speaking mission together. She is retired … [Read more...]

“‘The Fall Thereof Was Exceedingly Great”: A Note on the Symbolism of the Great and Spacious Building”

Reve's reve of the Solomonic temple

  A relatively short piece that you might find of interest:   … [Read more...]

“More than 1000 Indian Muslim clerics sign fatwa against ISIS”

The Taj Mahal Thanks to Jabra Ghneim for alerting me to this story.   … [Read more...]

“Another look at human divinization”

Christiansen illustration to Dante

  This week's Thursday column in the Deseret News is up.  It's effectively (and designedly) Part Two of last week's column:   … [Read more...]

New Testament 263

Basait's Sons of Zebedee

  Matthew 20:20-28 Mark 10:35-45Compare Matthew 23:11; Mark 9:35; Luke 12:50; 22:24-27; 9:48; John 13:4-5, 12-17 These are powerful verses.  They condemn the almost omnipresent and well nigh irresistible human anxiety about status, the perpetual quest for prestige. They offer grounds for continual self-examination: Are we doing good for its own sake, or to seem good to others?  Do we care about the truth, or about academic pr … [Read more...]