Believers, unbelievers, and charity (yet again)

The Little Sisters of the Poor (Click to enlarge.)

  Further evidence that religious believers are more charitable, as a general rule, than non-believers?   … [Read more...]

Blog = Academic Journal?

A very, very pathetic situation

  I've just learned that there's a professor at a university out in Florida who doesn't know the difference between a peer-reviewed journal article and a blog post. (Compare this, for example, with this.) Such lack of understanding could be quite dangerous for the professor's career.  An academic job pretty much demands that one be able to distinguish the two.  Can anybody out there explain the difference in very simple terms?  (Feel free to use the … [Read more...]

“Why the Left hates families”

Who cares?

   A longish but extraordinarily interesting article excerpted from a new book by the British journalist Melanie Phillips:   … [Read more...]

“Is the universe friendly?”

Solar system with galaxies

  My Thursday Deseret News column for this week:   … [Read more...]

“19 things Mitt Romney did in 2013 instead of being president”

Light pierces the gloom   … [Read more...]

“Marriage died in 2013″

"Family Time" statue at Brigham Young University

  This interesting piece, written by Dr. Keith Ablow, appeared, I think, before Judge Shelby's ruling on same-sex marriage. How ironic it will be if court rulings focused on Utah prove to be the death of traditional legal marriage in the United States. But, anyway, who cares?   … [Read more...]

On a short new book by Adam Miller

Actual Young Mormons (Click to enlarge.)

  A nice response from Chris Henrichsen to Adam Miller's new book, Letters to a Young Mormon: Barring unforeseen circumstances, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture will post a couple of responses to the book (from young Mormons) on 17 January.   … [Read more...]

“Book of Mormon: Using satirical Broadway musical’s buzz to educate about LDS”


   Here's an article, partly in reference to my upcoming lectures there, that just appeared on the website of  WCPO Cincinnati (Channel 9): One of my earliest columns for the Deseret News advocated pretty much this approach, and with the Book of Mormon musical directly in … [Read more...]