“Henry Eyring exemplified both science and faith”

Professor Henry Eyring

  This week's Thursday Deseret News column has appeared: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865590021/Henry-Eyring-exemplified-both-science-and-faith.html   … [Read more...]

“A Bayesian Cease-Fire in the Late War on the Book of Mormon”

The Bayes Theorem

  G. Bruce Schaalje brings a statistician's reasoned clarity to recent discussion of a book that, certain critics allege, influenced both the substance and the style of the Book of Mormon: http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/a-bayesian-cease-fire-in-the-late-war-on-the-book-of-mormon/   … [Read more...]

As a matter of fact, I think that shooting them MIGHT change their plans . . .

Thanks to Parley Parker for bringing this to my attention. Click to enlarge.

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A bit more on Jesus as a supposedly fictional character

This lovely area, the Judaean wilderness, actually exists. I've been here, and through here, more times than I can count.

  Here's another Deseret News column that I wrote on supposed evidence that Jesus was "made up": http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765576518/Parallels-of-prophets-not-parallel.html?pg=all It can be read, though it wasn't really written, as accompaniment to these two items that were posted earlier … [Read more...]

Did Jesus even exist?

The Sea of Galilee (Kinnereth) is quite tangibly real. I've been there, many times. (Click to enlarge.  Click again to enlarge further.)

  I've just noticed yet another confident declaration that Jesus never existed.  So it's time, I think, to reprise a Deseret News article that I published a while back: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765589224/An-agnostics-argument-that-Jesus-did-exist.html And my immediately previous post can be seen, in a way, as a companion to this one.   … [Read more...]

“Capernaum bears witness of Christ”

The flying-saucer-like Franciscan church at Capernaum back when it was newly finished, before the trees and bushes had grown up around it again (Click to enlarge.  Click again to enlarge further.)

   An older Deseret News column (as shown by the biographical note that follows it!) about a place of which I'm extraordinarily fond: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700038919/Capernaum-bears-witness-of-Christ.html?pg=all   … [Read more...]

Petersons at the Movies

The standard ad for "The Saratov Approach"

  My wife and I took the opportunity, fairly late last night, to see The Saratov Approach, a film depicting the true story of a pair of Latter-day Saint missionaries kidnapped for ransom in Russia in 1998.  In my judgment, it's one of the best "Mormon movies" to date.  Non-LDS audiences would appreciate it, too, I think. We haven't yet seen Ender's Game, the film adaptation of Scott Card's award-winning novel by that title.  In the meantime, though, for the 0. … [Read more...]

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