“Why the Book of Mormon’s Battle Numbers Don’t Add Up (And Why That’s Evidence for its Authenticity)”

    A nice piece from Stephen Smoot:   http://www.plonialmonimormon.com/2016/05/why-book-of-mormons-battle-numbers-dont.html   Posted from Terricciola, Italy     [Read more…]

I won’t march off the cliff with the Trumpists

    George Will offers an interesting analysis of the forthcoming debacle here:   “The Republican Party’s Coming Trumpian Disaster”   I’m concerned, however, not only because Mr. Trump will lose overwhelmingly, thus injuring both the conservative movement and the Republican Party for years to come and, along the way, delivering the Supreme Court into [Read More…]

A tiny historical note about Tuscany

    The English form of their name obscures the fact somewhat, but the region of Italy known as Tuscany — in Italian, Toscana — recalls the rather mysterious ancient people known as the Etruscans.  The Latin titles by which they were known among the ancient Romans were Etrusci and Tusci.  The former gives us the term [Read More…]

“Who were the first apostles of Jesus?”

    The original Christian apostles were closely interrelated men from a tiny provincial area.  Were they appropriate leaders for a worldwide church?  The Lord plainly thought so:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865633092/Who-were-the-first-apostles-of-Jesus.html   Posted from Terricciola, Italy     [Read more…]

Two thoughts from Peter Kreeft, of Boston College

    “The national anthem of hell is, ‘I Did It My Way.’”   “In an age that has thrown off all tradition, the only rebellion possible is orthodoxy.”   Posted from Terricciola, Italy     [Read more…]

DN: “Archaeology and the boyhood of Jesus in Nazareth”

    As the saying goes, the mute stones speak:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865623977/Archaeology-and-the-boyhood-of-Jesus-in-Nazareth.html   Posted from Terricciola, Italy     [Read more…]

How would Ptolemy have viewed Newton?

    Because a fact seems strange to you, you conclude that it is not one. . . .  All science, however, commences by being strange.  Science is successive.  It goes from one wonder to another.  It mounts by a ladder.  The science of to-day would seem extravagant to the science of a former time. [Read More…]

“Mormons at the Forefront”

    Responding to the prominent Calvinist theologian Richard Mouw, a friendly critic of Mormonism (whom I respect), the Latter-day Saint scholar Terryl Givens takes up a theme that Truman Madsen raised in BYU Studies 15/1 (1974) (“Are Christians Mormon?”) and that David Paulsen revisited in BYU Studies 45/1 (2006) (“Are Christians Mormon? Reassessing Joseph Smith’s Theology [Read More…]

“Is ‘Nauvoo’ a genuinely Hebrew word?”

    The late Fawn Brodie, an alleged biographer of Joseph Smith, initially claimed that Nauvoo isn’t an authentically Hebrew word but, instead, was a mere  figment of Joseph’s fertile (and unscrupulous) imagination.  She has been followed in this claim by some critics of Mormonism.   Robert Boylan sets them straight:   http://scripturalmormonism.blogspot.it/2016/05/is-nauvoo-genuinely-hebrew-worda.html   Posted from [Read More…]

A BYU choir’s wonderful rendition of “Amazing Grace”

    Perfect for a Sabbath day:   http://www.littlethings.com/amazing-grace-a-cappella-byu/?utm_source=simp   Posted from Terricciola, Italy     [Read more…]