New Testament 170

Dawn at the Sea of Tiberias

  Matthew 18:15-18Compare Luke 17:3; John 20:23 So much gossip, anonymous internet fault-finding, nastiness, character assassination, pain, and strife would be eliminated if the simple principle declared here were followed!   … [Read more...]

“A Coptic charity empowers Egypt’s orphans”

Egypt's Coptic Cathedral in Alex

  There's a huge amount of bad news out of the Middle East.  But sometimes, as here, there's some good news:  Posted from Bountiful, Utah    … [Read more...]

The appearance of pseudo-science

Newton portrait

  Some things to try to avoid when launching a new academic or scientific journal: Of course, as I've tried to point out on numerous occasions, the most fundamental question isn't about who reviewed an article or who edited the journal in which it appeared, but whether its evidence is solid and its analysis … [Read more...]

“‘If any man shall add unto these things . . . ‘”

Eine biblische Schriftrolle

  This week's installment of the ongoing Deseret News "Defending the Faith" column, written by yr obdt serv't, hath been published:  Posted from Logan, Utah  … [Read more...]

“Mormon Apostle Addresses All-Party Parliamentary Group in UK House of Lords”

Big Ben and Co.

  Elder Jeffrey Holland, accompanied by Sharon Eubank (who was among the participants at the FairMormon conference in Darmstadt late last week) and, evidently, by Elder José Teixeira, president of the Europe Area of the LDS Church, has just been in London as a guest of Baroness Emma Nicholson.  He addressed a group at the Houses of Parliament in W … [Read more...]

“Response to Jenkins”

St. Paul, statue in Rome

 Of late, in a series of blog posts, a rather well-known non-Mormon historian has taken quite negative aim at the Book of Mormon.  His arguments aren't very good and, in this area at least, he doesn't really know very much, but, because of who he is, they probably merit reply from a faithful Latter-day Saint scholar.  Who will take up the task? My friend and former BYU colleague Bill Hamblin appears poised to do so.  Dr. Hamblin contributes an item … [Read more...]

Predator: Diamond Towing, of Salt Lake City

A highwayman robs somebody.

  First of all, let me grant that they were within their strict legal rights. That said, I regard them as predatory bottom-feeders.  As I shall explain. Here's the sad tale of woe: Three of us stopped for a quick lunch at the Flat Bread Neapolitan Pizzeria, on 2100 South in Salt Lake City's Sugar House district. There was a largely empty parking lot behind a building across the street to the north.  A sign indicated that it … [Read more...]

Another name for mediocrity

Vibert, Gulliver, and "Liliputans"

  "Malice is only another name for mediocrity."  (Patrick Kavanagh)   … [Read more...]