John Dehlin’s letter of excommunication

Why am I not a Nobel laureate?

  He says -- and the national media compliantly echo his claim -- that he was excommunicated because of his support for the ordination of women and for the redefinition of marriage. But the official letter from his stake president doesn't seem to bear out his claim: It scarcely matters, though.  The media like his narrative better than the Church's. In other news:  "Mormon pr … [Read more...]

“Excommunication of John Dehlin”

A distant view of the Logan Temple

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“This work is not a loud work.”

Samoan sunset

  Another entry -- I've fallen behind -- from our friends who're serving in Samoa:   … [Read more...]

Hope and change! Episode 6,723,548

The blessings of Obamacare

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“Why don’t they say anything?”

Masjid Khadeeja

  Whenever I speak to general audiences about Islam, which I do fairly frequently, I'm inevitably asked why Muslims haven't spoken out against extremist violence committed in the name of their faith. It's a genuine concern, and I understand it. But there have, in fact, been quite a few statements against Islamist terror.  They simply don't get much attention, and most non-Muslims in the West don't know about them. Here, for example, is … [Read more...]

John Gee stirs the pot again

Dallas Theological Seminary

  With his newest blog entry, "Notes on Modern Scribal Training II."   … [Read more...]

The “New Yorker” takes a none-too-impressed look at the Book of Mormon.

At E. B. Grandin's press

  It could have been worse: I disagree with Rollo Romig's literary estimation of the Book of Mormon.  And, of course, his explanation that it took Joseph Smith "years" to "write" the Book of Mormon is seriously misleading. But I no more expect the New Yorker to stand in awe of the Book of Mormon than I would have expected Celsus or other urbane members of the … [Read more...]


Filipino meetinghouse

  A charitable and insightful post on the topic: I've heard testimonials from friends who've been excommunicated and returned, about how painful but healthy the process was for them, and I don't doubt at all that it can be so.  But all parties must approach it with love and the proper spirit. During my service as a bishop, I presided over several disciplinary councils.  I think excommunication s … [Read more...]