Don’t panic.  Don’t be alarmed.   If you have a heart condition or are pregnant, don’t read this.  Just back away slowly and calmly, exit the site, and go to a safe space on the web where you’ll be okay.   This item is from The Onion, which is a satirical publication — [Read More…]

“Joseph Smith was a ‘great writer’ — Arthur Henry King”

    A significant figure for both my wife and me — separately, before we’d met — was the late Arthur Henry King.  (Just after our wedding, we ran into him in, of all places, a grocery store in Cedar City, Utah.  When he learned that we had married, he complimented me on my very [Read More…]

Are today’s jihadis simply carrying on the activities of the classical jihadis?

    I finally got around, over the weekend, to reading a book that’s been in my library (and on my reading list) for a number of years now.  Here’s a passage from it with which, for what it’s worth, I wholeheartedly agree:   “Seen in this way, are these jihadists of today the direct [Read More…]

“Aides Wrestle Drill from Trump’s Hands as He Tries to Remove Obama Listening Device from Skull”

    Dramatic events at the White House, as reported by the nation’s foremost investigative news source:   And then there’s this commentary, from the estimable David French:   “It’s Not Worth Sacrificing Anyone’s Integrity to Defend Trump’s Tweets”   [Read more…]

“Study: Religiosity and Playing Video Games Linked With Sexism Towards Women”

    This is an interesting study, though I wonder whether its results, drawn from work with French subjects, will be replicable when actual humans are involved:   Somewhat more fundamentally:  I find the pivotal diagnostic statement of the study (“A woman is made mainly for making and raising children”) rather curious.  I’m [Read More…]

“Send Your Children to Middlebury College”

    You may recall the recent — disgraceful — “Battle of Middlebury.”   Here’s a response to that episode from Princeton University’s great Robbie George:     [Read more…]

On focusing

    Russian proverb:  “If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.”     [Read more…]

Coming up on Wednesday evening, 12 April 2017

    Professor Royal Skousen will give a presentation on Wednesday evening, 12 April 2017, regarding the latest product of his ongoing Book of Mormon Critical Text Project.  Please make a note on your calendar.  I’ll post precise details as I obtain them, but it seems that the program will be held in the “Education [Read More…]

Latter-day Saints who failed to support Mr. Trump need to repent?

    If the reports are accurate, Mr. Don Peay, who headed the presidential campaign for Mr. Donald J. Trump in Utah last year, exceeded his ecclesiastical authority big time the other day, and blurred the distinction between church and state in a rather offensive and quite inappropriate manner:   “Trump’s Utah point man calls [Read More…]

I hope that all Latter-day Saints will join in this.

    I certainly plan to do so.   Posted from Newport Beach, California     [Read more…]