“Mormons Determined to Give White House to Clinton, and Supreme Court to Left”

    Shallow Mormons like me are bent on “poaching” votes from their rightful owner:   http://federalistpress.com/mormons-determined-to-give-white-house-to-clinton-and-supreme-court-to-left.php   Why?  Because we suffer from “superficial prejudice” against Mr. Donald J. Trump, a “superficially flawed” man with “some superficial blemishes” who represents “the last gasp of America and its ideals.”  As Ann Coulter’s recent book title so devoutly [Read More…]

“Closing in on a Giant Ghost Planet”

    I wonder what they’ll name it, when and if they find it?   https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/closing-in-on-a-giant-ghost-planet/   TrumpWorld is already taken, I believe.     [Read more…]

A Palestinian Mormon perspective on the gathering of Israel

    Here’s something that should generate some thoughts:   http://saharqumsiyeh.blogspot.com/2016/10/the-gathering-of-israel.html   I’m not sure that I agree that the founding of the State of Israel has nothing to do with the predicted latter-day gathering, but I’m absolutely positive that it’s not the simple fulfillment of prophecy.   And I’m certain that the Lord wants justice [Read More…]

“Watch Donald Trump Heap Praise On Bill And Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)”

    It’s anybody’s guess what the man really thinks.  Was he sincere in this video?  Is he sincere now?   Has he ever been sincere?   Watch Donald Trump Heap Praise On Bill and Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)   Mr. and Mrs. Clinton attended Mr. Trump’s third wedding.  Mr. Trump has contributed to her political [Read More…]

On watching the polls

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone.” (John Quincy Adams)     [Read more…]

An Election Unworthy of America

    Why do I feel such deeply visceral antipathy to Mr. Donald J. Trump?   Partly, it’s because of the way in which he’s coarsened American political discourse.   Consider these two short essays:   1.   Jim Geraghty describes   “An Election Unworthy of America”   2.   David French recounts some of the [Read More…]

“How Could Ye Have Departed from the Ways of the Lord?”

    In the 187th scripture roundtable posted by the Interpreter Foundation, the focus is on Mormon 1-6 and 9 — or, in other words, lesson 43 in the 2016 Gospel Doctrine manual — and the discussants are Shon Hopkin and Martin Tanner   Scripture Roundtable 187: Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Lesson 43, How [Read More…]

“Evan McMullin: the ‘unknown Mormon’ who could take Utah from Trump and Clinton”

    An interesting article in the British newspaper The Telegraph:   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/10/22/evan-mcmullin-the-unknown-mormon-who-could-take-utah-from-trump/   Posted from Chicago, Illinois     [Read more…]

“This is My Gospel”

    In the 186th scripture roundtable posted by the Interpreter Foundation, Beth Tracey joins with Martin Tanner and Bruce Webster for a discussion of 3 Nephi 27-28 and 4 Nephi 1, in connection with Lesson 42 in the 2016 Gospel Doctrine manual:   http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/scripture-roundtable-186-book-of-mormon-gospel-doctrine-lesson-42-this-is-my-gospel/   Posted from Chicago, Illinois     [Read more…]

“Washing Clay from the Eyes: How Enoch Became a Seer”

    Jeff Lindsay’s interesting take:   http://mormanity.blogspot.com/2016/10/washing-clay-from-eyes-how-enoch-became.html   Posted from Chicago, Illinois     [Read more…]