Preparing for Book of Mormon Day, which was (alas) yesterday   It’s probably just coincidence that the Book of Mormon first went on sale precisely ten years to the day from the date in 1820 that has recently been contended to be the very day of Joseph Smith’s First Vision.  (Has anybody ever noticed it before?  I don’t know.)   And, of [Read More…]

A prayer from Reinhold Niebuhr

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it [Read More…]

High Drama on a Cosmic Scale

    “How Exoplanets Can Violently Die”   33 And worlds without number have I created; and I also created them for mine own purpose; and by the Son I created them, which is mine Only Begotten. 34 And the first man of all men have I called Adam, which is many. 35 But only an account of this earth, and the inhabitants thereof, give I unto you. For behold, [Read More…]

“The Coming Revolution Inside of Mormonism”

    I have slightly mixed feelings about this article, but, on the whole, I quite like it:   The Coming Revolution Inside of Mormonism   I don’t know whether the judgmentalism in church is as bad as the author describes it.  I feel little if any of it myself — I claim no moral [Read More…]

An oppressed Muslim woman, victim of a violent assault, speaks out.

    “There should be no discrimination against languages people speak, skin color, or religion.” Malala Yousafzai     [Read more…]

“Meet The (Alt-Right) Mormons: Inside The Church’s Vocal White Nationalist Wing”

    I try, usually quite successfully, to avoid politics on the Sabbath.  This item, however, which was brought to my notice by Steve Oscarson, is so appalling to me that I feel that I have to speak up now:   Besides, it seems to me to go far beyond politics, and certainly far [Read More…]

A podcast on “The Three Witnesses”

    In this thirty-minute podcast, which is available via the Interpreter Foundation website and which is ideal for Sunday listening (though entirely appropriate for any other day of the week as well), the highly accomplished writer and historian Larry Morris is interviewed regarding the Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon:   LDS Perspectives Podcasts: The Three [Read More…]

The Rome Italy Temple takes a major symbolic step toward completion

    It has been a painfully and frustratingly slow process, but the Italy Rome Temple is now solidly on the path toward its eventual dedication.  Here’s a link to two new videos about yesterday’s placing of the statue of the Angel Moroni atop the temple.  I’m particularly fond of the second one:   [Read More…]

Life’s limit

    Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in a lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope. Reinhold Niebuhr     [Read more…]

This coming Tuesday night

    Tuesday, 28 March 2017   “Defending the Faith: Introducing the Interpreter Foundation”   Joseph Smith and his claims have been under attack since even before the publication of the Book of Mormon and the founding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  In this lecture, I’ll discuss ongoing efforts to defend [Read More…]