Cruising on the River Nile

    We sailed early this morning from Aswan, stopping first at Kom Ombo, where we walked directly from the quay into the double temple there of Sobek and Horus.  Then, a short cruise took us to Edfu, where we rode to the remarkably well preserved temple of Horus at Edfu.   Back onboard our [Read More…]

An old article of mine on the Book of Abraham

    After our visits to the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu today, I spoke for a few minutes to our group aboard ship.  Some (but not nearly all) of what I talked about can be found in this article from way back in 1994:   Posted from somewhere to the north [Read More…]

Ancient Egypt and Ancient Science

    “It is childish to assume that science began in Greece; the Greek ‘miracle’ was prepared by millenia of work in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and possibly in other regions. Greek science was less an invention than a revival.”  (George Sarton) The Belgian chemist George Sarton (d. 1956), who spent most of his academic career at [Read More…]

Blood Atonement, Anybody?

    From time to time, it’s claimed that nineteenth-century Mormon leaders advocated, or even practiced, the murder (“blood atonement”) of apostates, adulterers, and other such folks.   Is there any truth to this accusation?   The estimable blog of Robert Boylan calls attention to two good treatments of the subject:   “Response to claims made [Read More…]

Do you want to understand the scriptures and the prophets?

    “Anyone who wishes to understand the mind of the sacred writers must first cleanse his own life, and approach the saints by copying their deeds.” St. Athanasius of Alexandria (AD 296-373)   Posted from just north of Edfu, Egypt     [Read more…]

“Relief Society General Presidency Shares Insights at BYU Women’s Conference”

    I’m more than a week late in posting this.  But then, I’ve been rather busy.  And, anyway, isn’t it amazing that I’m blogging — literally — while cruising in air conditioned comfort down the Nile, watching as the reeds and the green fields pass by?  The pharaohs and the Caesars could never have even [Read More…]

Two items from Taylor Halverson

    Book of Mormon Central has just posted a new 45-minute video (from a recent conference presentation):   “Covenant Patterns in the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon”   And, fairly recently, Dr. Dr. Halverson also published “Deuteronomy 17:14–20 as Criteria for Book of Mormon Kingship” in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.   [Read More…]

“The Comey Debacle”

    Some of you certainly won’t approve of some of his imagery and illustrations, but here’s a conservative take on the latest Trumpisms:   Curiously, the Egyptians with whom I’ve spoken about Mr. Trump seem to like him.  It’s scarcely a scientific sample — I’m talking about three or four men, max [Read More…]

“Where was the Aaronic Priesthood restored?”

    Today, 15 May, marks the anniversary of the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood.  Where did that event happen?   As this well-done five-minute video demonstrates, misconceptions about it have been cleared up in recent years:     Posted from Aswan, Egypt     [Read more…]

In ancient Syene

    We flew this morning from Cairo to Aswan, in the south of Egypt.   We looked at the Aswan High Dam and Lake Nasser and the earlier British dam.  Then we took a boat over to the Philae Temple, or Temple of Isis, and spent a fair amount of time exploring it.   Next, we [Read More…]