OnFaith: 5 Things You Should Know About Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter

Today I have a post up on a great site called OnFaith. I wrote about 5 common misconceptions about Ken Ham's Ark Encounter. The Ark Encounter is a planned theme park in Kentucky that will showcase the story of Noah’s Ark. The park is being built by Ken Ham, creationist and founder of The Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis, a ministry devoted to spreading the gospel of young-earth creationism.In July of 2014 the theme park applied for a special 18 million dollar tourism tax incentive and … [Read more...]

Please keep us laughing: An Interview with Keith Lowell Jensen

atheist christmas

Many people love Christmas, including atheists and humanists that celebrate it secularly. Some people loathe the season and some struggle to manage their depression or other mental illness throughout a time that society is telling them to be merry and cheerful. In the War on Christmas, it has been made clear that ownership of this holiday is the cause of much strife with the proper associated salutations largely debatable. Whatever the holidays may include for anyone, many could agree that it … [Read more...]

Ken Ham continues to lie about the Ark Encounters employment discrimination

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Ken Ham has issued a video statement tonight on his blog addressing the issues of the Ark Encounter being denied their 18 million dollar tax incentive.Other than the normal anti-atheist hyperbole, Ham makes two points worth addressing.#1: The Ark Encounter is not asking the state for money to finish the project.Ham is insisting that journalists and atheists are claiming that park is asking for money to complete the project. This is a flat out lie. Every site is stating this is a … [Read more...]

Ken Ham rambles like a lunatic about American Atheists new billboard


Ken Ham does not like the new American Atheists billboard campaign.This is not exactly shocking news of course, but his disdain for it has resulted in a funny and misleading rant.He starts by complaining about the location of the billboards, as they are near churches and schools instead of Times Square. Ham writes: Sadly, both the theme and the location of the billboards show that American Atheists is desperately working to influence our children with its religion of purposelessness and … [Read more...]

Richard Dawkins: ‘We need an anti-Darwinian society’

At a  recent event at Kennesaw State University, Richard Dawkins was asked about things like the men's right's movement, of which he seemed surprised to hear such a thing existed, but he was also asked about his support for same-sex marriage even though it violated the evolutionary principle.He answered, “I don’t care what’s against the evolution principle. I’m all for going against the evolution principle.” This answer is important because many religious leaders claim atheists, "evolutioni … [Read more...]

Islamophobia is real and this is what it looks like

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While apologists like Reza Aslan are busy telling you that Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins are racist Islamophobes, real, hateful and deadly Islamophobia is taking place in the United States.A 15-year-old boy was struck and killed when a man rammed his car after seeing the boy and a friend exit the Somali Center in Kansas City. “It became pretty clear that this was not an accidental crash, there is a considerable amount of evidence that leads us to believe it was intentional,” said Sergeant B … [Read more...]

Teaching religion to children may not be easy, but it is necessary


I was raised in a Christian home and was taught very little about other religions. I also attended a Christian school for a number of years where I was taught a great deal of misinformation about other beliefs, most of which revolved around their rejection of Jesus Christ as the Lord, or that even that some Christians who didn’t understand the Bible correctly and wanted to lead me astray from my faith, guaranteeing me a place in hell.Had I not taken an interest in world religions later in l … [Read more...]

Sorry Ken Ham but the government is not allowed to endorse your beliefs

Ken Ham is mad again. Go figure.According to his blog a city playground in Delaware had put up a Noah's Ark themed display.Rightfully so, the local chapter of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State was upset by this display and asked to have it removed. The group argued the display was a clear violation of the establishment clause, and the city agreed and removed the display.Later, the AU chapter posted to their Facebook: “Another AU victory in keeping government fro … [Read more...]

The Thinking Atheist takes a look at the origins of Christmas

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Seth Andrews over at The Thinking Atheist tackles the "War on Christmas" and looks over the origins of the Christmas holiday.Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Video: Interview on Parenting Without God

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I recently took part in a live interview for the San Diego based Parenting Beyond Religion group and the San Diego Humanist Fellowship.Sean Taylor interviewed me on the topics covered in my book Parenting Without God. Check it out below. … [Read more...]