Dawkins calls for an Islamic feminist revolution and is bashed for being a white male


I was kind of surprised to read a post on the Friendly Atheist blog that went after Richard Dawkins for a tweet in which he called for a feminist revolution inside of Islam.Reading attacks on Dawkins is nothing new. Even on a fairly Dawkins-friendly site like Friendly Atheist, if he says something hurtful or wrong, it will be discussed. But this post shocked me, not only because of the implied sexism from the author, but also because of the tweet in question.The post's author, Lauren Ne … [Read more...]

A new Wager in response to Pascal’s


Any Atheism 101 course would include a discussion of Pascal's Wager, wherein Blaise Pascal, a 17th-century French mathematician postulates that belief in god is the statistically correct choice, as one loses nothing by faith in life, but has everything to gain should he follow god's plan--namely, eternal salvation and escape from hell. Or, as he says in his Pensées:... "God is, or He is not." But to which side shall we incline? Reason can decide nothing here. There is an infinite chaos which … [Read more...]

A creationist is suing Richard Dawkins for $58 million claiming he was called stupid


In what might be one of the strangest lawsuits of the year, author and creationist Karl L. Dahlstrom, is suing evolutionary biologist and author Richard Dawkins for $58 million in damages claiming that in 1989 Dawkins called him "stupid" for not believing in evolution.As reported by Friendly Atheist, the source of the complaint comes from a 1989 book review Dawkins wrote for the New York Times in which he said that “It is absolutely safe to say that if you meet somebody who claims not to beli … [Read more...]

Where’s Your God Now?


I was very pleased when Casper Rigsby asked that I write his foreword. I've interacted with him on numerous occasions and have worked closely together since the beginning of this year. His latest book Where's Your God Now? (published by Atheist Republic) is an excellent piece on the existence of god, a subject I've tackled in my book Improbable: Issues with the God Hypothesis. Below you'll find the foreword I was asked to write and hopefully it will provide an incentive to check out Casper's book … [Read more...]

Jerry Coyne makes a solid argument that religion and science are not compatible


It is one of the biggest questions of our time: Are religion and science compatible? Many religious leaders argue that it is and change religious doctrines to fit modern day scientific findings. This is seen in today's Catholic Church in which Popes have argued that evolution is true or accept the Big Bang as the beginning of the Universe.They posit of course that this was God's plan, and at face value, this alone does not force religion and science to be at odds.But as Jerry Coyne … [Read more...]

Studies suggest young people dislike ‘anti-science’ Christianity, so Ken Ham blames Churches

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 7.51.23 PM

Young people seem to be leaving the church in fairly large numbers. This trend was first noticed in a 2011 Barna Group study that was published in the book You Lost Me: Why Young Christians are Leaving Church and Rethinking, by Barna president David Kinnaman.In the study, Kinnaman found that: One of the reasons young adults feel disconnected from church or from faith is the tension they feel between Christianity and science. The most common of the perceptions in this arena is “Christians are … [Read more...]

Would the historical Jesus approve of marriage equality?


Since the Supreme Court voted to legalize marriage equality in the U.S., on June 26th, there has been numerous religious articles and opinions circulating in the media. Among them are writings on whether Jesus of Nazareth would approve of the decision, and even whether Jesus, himself, was a gay man.In a Huffington Post interview, several individuals, among them Reza Aslan, a Catholic University of America PhD student Brantly Millegan, and evangelical pastor Mark Tidd, weighed in on the topic … [Read more...]

VICE on politicians’ religious affiliation


Vice News recently came out with an article detailing the rise in the "nones", or the religiously unaffiliated, and how it will play in next years' Presidential race. More specifically, how that group will be influenced by a contenders identity with their religion.Among the points that were made, pulling from the recent Pew Research Poll, was that those who are of voting age that identify as having no religious link (either by using the title, atheist, agnostic, unsure, or no preference) … [Read more...]

Ken Ham says Richard Dawkins is not an atheist because the Bible says so

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Ken Ham is convinced atheists do not exist. Mostly because the Bible claims they don't and secondly because Richard Dawkins is an honest person who says he does not know what happens after we die. He originally published this article in 2014 but is trying to revive it again and sharing it endlessly on Twitter. "There are no atheists. But wait, you say, don’t people like Richard Dawkins and many of his followers claim they are atheists? Don’t we call the new breed of activist atheists “The New At … [Read more...]

Death and the Nonbeliever


I have been distant from writing for this blog for some time. Aside from a few personal projects, I have spent a majority of my free time with my grandfather who in May was diagnosed with cancer. Upon finding out he was terminal, he moved in with my aunt and uncle as my aunt works in hospice; it was a fitting move. Since then, my wife and I had visited two to three times a week. The moment I found out he was dying, I was immediately filled with regret. I wished I had visited with him more … [Read more...]