California Freethought Day speaker spotlight: Author’s Panel

California’s Freethought Day is on October 16, in Sacramento, California. [Read more…]

Ken Ham: atheism is ‘hopeless, meaningless, purposeless’

Ken Ham has a new blog up in which he argues that atheism is -hopeless, meaningless, purposeless- and that only belief in his God can bring hope, meaning, and purpose into one’s life. [Read more…]

25% of Americans have no religion and politicians need to take notice

A new study released by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that nearly 25 percent of Americans have no religion. [Read more…]

How atheist activist Adam Collins got sober without God

As an atheist, Adam was averse to a spiritually-based program like AA for rather obvious reasons. [Read more…]

The Secular Activist Northern California book tour

My new book, The Secular Activist, will be out on October 1, 2016, and I will follow up the release with a few speaking dates. [Read more…]

Study: Atheists remain the most disliked religious minority in the U.S.

Americans simply don’t like atheists, says yet another study. [Read more…]

Secular group responds to Donald Trump’s comments about taxpayer funding of religious schools

Donald Trump said if elected president he would repeal the Johnson Amendment and would enact a school choice program which would make billions of taxpayer dollars available for religious schools. [Read more…]

Ken Ham thinks Bill Nye is spreading a socialist anti-god agenda

Ken Ham is not happy about Bill Nye’s new show on Netflix [Read more…]

Secular Coalition responds to Hillary Clinton’s claim that the next president should be a ‘praying person’

She said the next president needs to be someone who will “pray with you and for you.” [Read more…]

California Freethought Day speaker spotlight: Sanal Edamaruku

I have spent the last several weeks introducing you to some of the amazing speakers and performers who will be at this year’s event, and today is no different. [Read more…]