American Atheists drop Kansas City lawsuit after city cancels $65,000 religious grant

Great news! American Atheists who recently filed a lawsuit against Kansas City officials that granted a Baptist ministry $65,000 towards a religious conference, has dropped their suit after city officials rescinded the grant. [Read more…]

Activism in action: Lobbying the California government with Aron Ra

This past weekend, Aron Ra and I joined a small team of activists at the California State Capital for the Secular Coalition of California’s Secular Advocacy Day. [Read more…]

Signed copies of The Secular Activist are now shipping

I am now shipping signed copies of my new book, The Secular Activist, which was released worldwide on October 1. The Foreword is written by American Atheist’s President David Silverman. [Read more…]

No, Ken Ham, we don’t need Christianity to know what Donald Trump said was wrong

Creationist Ken Ham wants to condemn those doing so who are secularists, saying they can only comment on Trump’s behavior by borrowing from the Christian worldview. [Read more…]

Can secularists learn from the teachings of Jesus? This author thinks they can

Can one be secular and a follower of the teachings of Jesus? [Read more…]

My new book The Secular Activist is out now!

My second book, The Secular Activist, is available today! It is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and audiobook (which is read by the amazing David Smalley). [Read more…]

California Freethought Day speaker spotlight: Author’s Panel

California’s Freethought Day is on October 16, in Sacramento, California. [Read more…]

Ken Ham: atheism is ‘hopeless, meaningless, purposeless’

Ken Ham has a new blog up in which he argues that atheism is -hopeless, meaningless, purposeless- and that only belief in his God can bring hope, meaning, and purpose into one’s life. [Read more…]

25% of Americans have no religion and politicians need to take notice

A new study released by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that nearly 25 percent of Americans have no religion. [Read more…]

How atheist activist Adam Collins got sober without God

As an atheist, Adam was averse to a spiritually-based program like AA for rather obvious reasons. [Read more…]