New Kentucky bill would reward people for ‘catching’ trans students in ‘wrong’ bathroom

Photo: Diego Grez. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

A bill in Kentucky is offering to pay students $2,500 if they "catch" a trans student in the "wrong" bathroom, meaning a bathroom designated for anything other than the students gender assigned to them at birth.The bills sponsor, Republican state Sen. C.B. Embry says the bill is not bigoted and that he supports anti-bullying legislation and says he has a gay friend.While claiming he supports anti-bullying legislation, he is sponsoring a bill that pays students to conduct such bullying. B … [Read more...]

I Just Watched A 9-Year-Old Murdered While God Was Praised


The following post and links contain incredibly disturbing content. (Edit: The Daily Mail does not seem to have the video posted. The link to the Speisa site with the video has been added.)This is not going to be an academic account; an argument shaped within a new journalistic context. This is not an article. This is me, gentle readers, with a sincerely broken heart, speaking to you in a kind of desperation. In an absolutely horrific video posted by The Daily Mail and Speisa with a co … [Read more...]

This is the Ark Encounter site after 5 years in the making

Photo: Ark Encounter / YouTube Screenshot

Originally announced in 2010, Answers in Genesis's Ark Encounter is under construction and after 5 years in the making, AiG has given us this wonderful video of the site so we can see their progress.I guess it's a good thing they are not being tasked with building an actual working ark to save mankind, because, well, everyone would die.Of course Ken Ham and his crew are excited about this progress, how could they not be with displays such as this being constructed,According to … [Read more...]

Richard Dawkins: Stop saddling children with your religious labels

Photo: David Shankbone / Wiki Commons

In an article written last week for Time Magazine, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins started his piece by saying something he has become known for repeating, We wouldn't claim our young kids are liberals or Libertarian, so why are we saddling them with our religious labels? This sentiment has become well known and used by atheist, secularists and humanists all over, and I even used a similar argument in my book Parenting Without God, which talks a lot about giving the tools so that … [Read more...]

Arkansas lawmakers want to make it easier for businesses to discriminate


The following is a guest post by Thomas EsselIt seems that Arkansas conservatives just can't get enough of bullying minority citizens. As I reported a few months ago, a measure in Fayetteville, Arkansas that would have extended anti-discrimination protections to LGBT citizens failed. Now, the state legislature and Republican governor have decided to rub some salt into that wound.SB 202 passed through Governor Asa Hutchinson's office on February 24 and will become the official law of … [Read more...]

Atheist activist Jamila Bey asked CPAC to embrace atheists if they want votes

Photo: Raw Story / Screenshot / CPAC

Now to be clear, I don't want atheists voting for Republicans, even if you remove the theocratic rhetoric, you're still left with conservative government values that hurt minorities and the poor and bring the government in the wrong direction.That being said, my friend Jamila Bey did something CPAC is not used to. She took the podium.Yup, a black, atheist, women took the stage. Each of those labels alone are rare enough for this event, let alone wrapped into one amazing person.So … [Read more...]

Free thought blogger murdered by Islamic militants in Bangladesh

Avijit Roy

Updated: 02/26/15 12:03PMAuthor and blogger Avijit Roy has been killed in what looks like a militant attack against him and his wife.His wife, Rafida Ahmed Bonna who is also a blogger remains in critical condition.According to the Center for Inquiry website, Dr. Roy was the founder of the website Mukto-mona, an online network of freethinkers of mainly Bengali and South Asian descent, as well as the author of several books, and a contributor to our own magazine Free Inquiry and our  … [Read more...]

New poll suggests more Republicans turning against evolution

Image: The Spudd

Republican presidential hopefuls such as Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal have gone to great lengths to avoid endorsing evolutionary biology. Why is this?Well a new poll out Tuesday by Public Policy Polling found that 49% of Republicans reject the theory of evolution. So perhaps those like Walker and Jindal are afraid to upset large numbers of potential supporters.According to Talking Points Memo, The poll by the Democratic-leaning firm found that 49 percent of Republicans said they do not … [Read more...]

Video: Dawkins and Krauss say parents should not have the right to block a child’s education

Photo: James Willamor

In an interview with The Irish Times, Richard Dawkins said that when it comes to education that “the balance has swung too far towards parents.” “And children do need to be protected so that they can have a proper education, and not be indoctrinated in whatever religion their parents happen to be brought up in,” he declared. Physicist and author Lawrence Krauss, founder of Arizona State University’s Origins Project who was in Dublin with Dawkins, added that state education had to be held to dif … [Read more...]

Republicans want to declare Idaho as a ‘Christian State’

Photo: Idaho Capitol Building by JSquish

The Republican stronghold state of Idaho, known for its potatoes wants to be know for something else; theocracy.Lawmakers in the state have proposed a resolution that would “formally and specifically declared [Idaho] a Christian state.”According to Raw Story, The measure argues that the Christian faith is under “strident attack” in the United States, and cites as evidence the absence of Christian traditions and symbols in public institutions such as schools. Supporters of the bill claim … [Read more...]