The Satanic Temple responds to Missouri Councilwoman calling them a ‘hate group’

A Missouri Councilwoman called the Temple a hate group at a recent council meeting [Read more…]

Bill Nye calls out CNN’s climate change denying meteorologist on-air

Everyone’s favorite science guy, Bill Nye paid a visit to CNN to discuss climate change the flooding that devastated Louisiana this month. He was asked about the role climate change had on the floods. [Read more…]

Jill Stein is a climate change alarmist who went overboard on sea levels

It seems Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein may not be as smart about climate science as she should be. [Read more…]

With the Green Party descending into conspiracy theories, the left needs a new viable party

If we can learn anything from the Bernie Sanders campaign it’s that the left needs a voice. [Read more…]

Are we witnessing the end of white Christian America?

Jones believes the clear shift in cultural power from religious to nonreligious Americans explains the Christian Right’s strong ‘apocalyptic’ reaction. [Read more…]

Rudy Giuliani: ‘no successful terrorist attacks in U.S. before Obama’

Rudy Giuliani can’t seem to think of a single terrorist attack in the U.S. before Obama… [Read more…]

Making a Murderers’ Brendan Dassey’s conviction has been overturned

Brendan Dassey, the nephew of Steven Avery, the main focus of a Netflix documentary Making a Murderer, has had his conviction thrown out by a federal judge Friday morning. [Read more…]

Judge rules Ohio cannot defund Planned Parenthood

On Friday morning, a federal judge halted an Ohio law that was set to defund Planned Parenthood. [Read more…]

American Atheists reach $41,000 settlement with Tennessee County Sheriff

Yet another police department use their office for preaching a Christian message and pay a big price [Read more…]

Is Joe Lieberman so desperate for attention he’s going to endorse Donald Trump?

Former senator and failed vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, who quit the Democratic Party in 2006, and endorsed John McCain against Barack Obama in 2008, is said to be considering a possible endorsement of Donald Trump. [Read more…]