Republicans compare Obama to abusive boyfriend

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Comparing Obama to an abusive boyfriend is a new low, even for Republicans.I guess I should stop being surprised by the disgraceful tactics used by the right in an attempt to overthrow the left, but every time you think they cannot sink to a new low, they do. … [Read more...]

This week in Religion

My new weekly column for AlterNet will highlight the most insane news headlines from the religious right.If Christianity had its own PR flack, he would be slamming his fist on the desk right about now, as the faithful are spinning out of control. A Tennessee man, Ronnie Monday, and his friends thought they were doing the " Lord’s work," by raising money to erect a massive billboard in the town of Portland that called homosexuality an abomination. It quotes Leviticus 18:22: “You shall not lie … [Read more...]

Ken Ham climbs into bed with white supremacist group

Is Ken Ham in bed with white supremacists?According to a blog posted on Americans United’s blog, he seems to be: We don’t know how Ken Ham feels about white supremacists, but he clearly has no problem partnering with one. If the company you keep says a lot about you, what does Ham’s relationship with Michael Peroutka say about him? Michael Peroutka is the founder of the Institute of the Constitution, a Christian nationalist group that supports white supremacists, and Peroutka is a current m … [Read more...]

The right is now trying to silence spanking critics

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Spanking is not a simple left and right issue. Yet that seems to be what Nancy French wants you to believe it is. Writing for the conservative propaganda machine the National Review, Nancy claims the left is spinning the issue of spanking at the time of the heightened outrage, and, “their story doesn’t even have to be true to be effective.”But what is not true? As I did in a previous post I pointed out the over 100 studies that show spanking is harmful. The consensus among psychologists is cl … [Read more...]

Yale Humanist group was wrong in trying to silence free speech rights

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

There was a lot of controversy this week over Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaking at Yale University. Originally Yale’s Muslim Students Association (MSA) spoke out against Hirsi Ali speaking claiming she lacked the credentials to speak on Islamic matters.This came as no surprise given that Hirsi Ali is critical of Islam and the MSA would want to do everything to silence any speech that criticized their faith. What did seem to shock everyone, as JT Eberhard points out, was to see the Yale H … [Read more...]

Studies show spanking is harmful and it is time for the US to ban it

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I know very little about the case of an NFL player hitting their child, I have seen the photos in articles and it disgusts me that a grown person thinks it is ever okay to do that to a child, especially when you are the size of an NFL player. Not that ones size makes abuse any different, but to know you are a massive, strong person, and then unleash that strength upon a child, you are a vile human being.But leaving the NFL behind, and looking only at the action of spanking, what is one to … [Read more...]

My thoughts on atheist oppression in the US and Atheist TV

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Here is a short clip of my appearance on Acronym TV discussing oppression of atheists in the US and my thoughts on the recent launch of Atheist TV by American Atheists. … [Read more...]

Discussing atheism, activism and my book Parenting Without God (video)

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I was a recent guest on Acronym TV with host Dennis Trainer, Jr. We discussed America’s hatred of atheists and my new book Parenting Without God, along with my views on ridding the world of religion and why atheist activism matters. … [Read more...]

Sorry Republicans, Jesus was a Marxist


There has been a lot of discussion recently about Jesus and his political views. Putting aside the debate about Jesus existence for a moment, let’s assume for this article he did exist, and even was the Son of God. I want to look at the Christian version of Jesus of Nazareth and see if he was, as some have claimed, a Marxist.If you have read the Bible, you then know much about the story of Jesus and how he helped the sick and poor and did asking for nothing in return, and according to CJ W … [Read more...]

The importance of men in the feminist movement

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This post originally appeared on Emily Has Books on September 17, 2013, this version has been slightly edited and updated since then.Can a man be a feminist? I think so, and I know many others who think so as well. However, over the past few months I have seen a number of self-proclaimed feminist women claiming men are not welcome in the feminist movement. I really wanted to address this, not so much to say yes men can, but to start a conversation. As I stated, I believe men can be and … [Read more...]