Freedom From Religion Foundation urges IRS to investigate Ark Encounter

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent a letter to the IRS urging them to investigate Ken Ham's Ark Encounter. Ham has continuously attempted to run a for-profit business behind his non-profit in order to benefit from as many tax breaks and discriminatory practices as possible.In an email the FFRF states: Answers in Genesis (AiG) is a Christian fundamentalist group that advocates a literal interpretation of the bible, and owns the Creation Museum. Through a subsidiary nonprofit, it … [Read more...]

New terrorism study shows there is no one-size fits all solution to terrorism

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With the release of The Institute for Economics and Peace's Global Terrorism Index this week we have learned that religiously motivated terrorism has grown exponentially as I covered in this post here.The study itself is very thorough and looks at motivators from all over the globe as shown in this chart:The study clearly shows that in Islamic countries or regions, religion is playing the major role in driving terrorism, but it also shows that around the globe that nationalism and … [Read more...]

Religion is the driving force behind terrorism according to a new study


This years Global Terrorism Index report by The Institute for Economics and Peace has been released and with some major new details that seems to disrupt the narrative of those like Glenn Greenwald and even myself. Previous studies have strongly suggested that politics played a leading role in terrorism but it seems that this has shifted and with more middle east instability and the rise of groups like ISIS/ISIL, the focus on politics is more heavily focused on religion.Here are some … [Read more...]

Republican Congresswomen doesn’t understand climate change

Representative Vicky Hartzler who represents Missouri's 4th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives sent out this painfully scientifically illiterate tweet today: Global warming strikes America! Brrrr!— Rep. Vicky Hartzler (@RepHartzler) November 18, 2014 And she got a nice reply from Twitter, including myself over her incredible lack of scientific knowledge and audacity to tweet with such blatant confidence. Sadly, she will learn nothing from this experience and co … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck’s mental illness doesn’t exist

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Shocker, Glenn Beck lied about his mental illness.The conservative commentator claimed earlier this week that he had suffered from “adrenal fatigue,” after being diagnosed by Dr. Ted Carrick a chiropractic neurologist.Except that chiropractic neurology is nothing but pseudoscience according to Yale University neurologist Dr. Steven Novella, writing in 2011 that:“Chiropractic neurology does not appear to be based on any body of research, or any accumulated scientific knowledge,” Novell … [Read more...]

Ken Ham calls secularists liars as his Ark Encounter continues to come under fire

Ken Ham is pissed. His genocidal themed ark park is still in danger of losing an 18 million dollar tax incentive thanks to the exposure of his discriminatory hiring practices that was discovered right here on this blog.Yet, instead of fixing his illegal hiring practices, he is resorting to childish tantrums and name calling, saying on his blog: Anti-Christian groups and the secular media have launched a massive propaganda war (continuing to this day) in their attempt to undermine the Ark … [Read more...]

GOP chair says he is unwilling to work with Obama

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Remember this in 6 months when the GOP starts crying that President Obama is not working with them. The right wing chatterbox is already claiming they will not work with the president and they "don’t believe a thing he says."That quote comes direct from Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus who continued by saying:  "So he’s been talking about immigration reform for seven years, you’re using his words as if they actually mean something and asking me to respond to it. He’s been t … [Read more...]

What we learned from last nights exit poll results

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If you’re a democrat, progressive, liberal or anyone who cares about social welfare than you are probably disappointed with last nights election results.I do not wish to repeat here what has been said time and time again since the results about the fact that the president has veto power and basically we are going to be in a two-year standstill, as this is no different really to where we have already been since the GOP took the house and effectively stopped governing.What I do wish to d … [Read more...]

Tim Cook mentioned God when coming out, get over it

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Yes, today Apple's CEO Tim Cook came out publicly as gay. Though never shy from admitting his sexual orientation to friends, family and colleagues this is the first time Cook has publicly come out. Saying in an Op-Ed for Bloomberg: "So let me be clear: I’m proud to be gay," he then continued, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me." This seems to have irked a few atheists around the Internet. Mostly this came from Twitter users who just wanted to complain that Cook a … [Read more...]

Secularism is on the rise as more and more adults abandon church


There is good news coming from a new study from the Barna Group, as it appears fewer and fewer Americans are finding the need to attend church, even if they are religious.According to the study: Nearly two-fifths of the nation’s adult population (38%) now qualifies as post-Christian… That includes 10% of Americans who qualify as highly post-Christian. Another one-quarter is moderately post-Christian (28%). Examined over time, our research shows that the proportion of highly secularized i … [Read more...]