Alex Jones: If Trump loses one third of world will die in a world war

You can’t make this kind of crazy up. Alex Jones, the lunatic conspiracy theorist at InfoWars has a new warning for those not voting for Donald Trump. [Read more…]

Activism in action: Lobbying the California government with Aron Ra

This past weekend, Aron Ra and I joined a small team of activists at the California State Capital for the Secular Coalition of California’s Secular Advocacy Day. [Read more…]

Signed copies of The Secular Activist are now shipping

I am now shipping signed copies of my new book, The Secular Activist, which was released worldwide on October 1. The Foreword is written by American Atheist’s President David Silverman. [Read more…]

Tea Party member doesn’t understand the difference between assault and Beyonce lyrics

Fellow Patheos blogger and Tea Party organizer Mark Meckler is upset that the left is not outraged by suggestive Beyonce lyrics, but is up in arms over Donald Trump’s remarks about women and their bodies. [Read more…]

Religious leaders slam Clinton, ignore two millennia of oppression

CNN released an article today asking Hillary Clinton to apologize for emails that her aides wrote. [Read more…]

Christians claim Tim Tebow stopped a fan’s seizure by praying. He didn’t.

Former NFL player turned baseball player Tim Tebow was signing autographs when a fan had what appeared to be a grand mal seizure. [Read more…]

No, Ken Ham, we don’t need Christianity to know what Donald Trump said was wrong

Creationist Ken Ham wants to condemn those doing so who are secularists, saying they can only comment on Trump’s behavior by borrowing from the Christian worldview. [Read more…]

Creationist Ken Ham argues that he is a person of color

When it comes to science, creationist Ken Ham is rarely right about anything. However, he is generally right when it comes to race. He does seem to understand that biologically we are all the same and attributes the idea of race as a social construct. What he doesn’t understand is that social constructs have meaning. [Read more…]

Can secularists learn from the teachings of Jesus? This author thinks they can

Can one be secular and a follower of the teachings of Jesus? [Read more…]

The Vice Presidential Debate gave us some insight into the candidates church/state views

While most of the Tuesday night Vice Presidential Debate was talking over each other we did learn a few things about the candidates and one of the most important topics to come up was the topic of faith, and with that, a women’s right to abortion access. [Read more…]