Jordanian writer murdered for ‘insulting Islam’ after sharing cartoon

Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar was shot to death outside of an Amman courtroom, according to multiple sources. Hattar had been charged with the crime of insulting Islam after sharing a cartoon that depicted Allah talking to a jihadist. Hattar told the court he had no intention of insulting Islam and that he wanted “the cartoon to [Read More…]

Ken Ham: atheism is ‘hopeless, meaningless, purposeless’

Ken Ham has a new blog up in which he argues that atheism is -hopeless, meaningless, purposeless- and that only belief in his God can bring hope, meaning, and purpose into one’s life. [Read more…]

Sorry Canada, but it looks like you’re getting your own Ark Encounter

The United States owes Canada a huge apology. It seems that Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter in Kentucky has given rise to a similar themes park in Saskatchewan, Canada. [Read more…]

25% of Americans have no religion and politicians need to take notice

A new study released by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that nearly 25 percent of Americans have no religion. [Read more…]

The Secular Activist Northern California book tour

My new book, The Secular Activist, will be out on October 1, 2016, and I will follow up the release with a few speaking dates. [Read more…]

Did Ken Ham lower the Ark Encounter attendance estimates? Not exactly

Ken Ham’s message is changing a little, but his official estimates are staying the same [Read more…]

Study: Atheists remain the most disliked religious minority in the U.S.

Americans simply don’t like atheists, says yet another study. [Read more…]

Secular group responds to Donald Trump’s comments about taxpayer funding of religious schools

Donald Trump said if elected president he would repeal the Johnson Amendment and would enact a school choice program which would make billions of taxpayer dollars available for religious schools. [Read more…]

Ken Ham thinks Bill Nye is spreading a socialist anti-god agenda

Ken Ham is not happy about Bill Nye’s new show on Netflix [Read more…]

Secular Coalition responds to Hillary Clinton’s claim that the next president should be a ‘praying person’

She said the next president needs to be someone who will “pray with you and for you.” [Read more…]