Wal-Mart asks Arkansas governor to veto religious freedom bill

Official portrait of Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson (arkansas.gov)

Support for equality is coming from places you would never expect. Yesterday, NASCAR spoke out against Indiana's religious freedom bill that allows business to refuse service to same-sex couples.Today, in response to a similar, but more strict bill in Arkansas Wal-Mart has asked that Gov. Asa Hutchinson veto the states bill that was passed just yesterday by the states lawmakers.Wal-Mart, the worlds largest retailer which is based in Bentonville, Ark., issued a statement saying the … [Read more...]

The intolerance of bigotry is not bigotry

Indiana Gov. Mike PencePhoto: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

I recently got into a debate with an acquaintance on social media over the anti-discrimination law in my town that protects the LGBT community. In the midst of her performing some mental gymnastics, obviously designed to justify her prejudice, I asked her point-blank if she supported the law protecting LGBT people. Her reply was “I haven’t made up my mind yet”.There are situations when it is time to call a spade a spade and this was one of them. If you are ever asked if you support anti- … [Read more...]

CJ Werleman Calls New Atheists “White Supremacists”

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In a recent series of Tweets, CJ Werleman has attempted to call New Atheists to task. His usual kinds of arguments against anti-theism have, to me, occasionally merited a brief mention behind the likes of Reza Aslan or Glenn Greenwald. But now I feel Harris might have taken the most appropriate actions with Werleman by vowing never to write about him again. Sometimes, however, the temptation is just too great. I'm not writing about CJ's words in this instance in the hope to debunk them, as I … [Read more...]

Indiana fallout continues as New York bans state-funded travel

Indiana Gov. Mike PencePhoto: Gage Skidmore

Joining the ranks of San Francisco, Connecticut and many others, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Bans State-Funded Travel To Indiana.Gov. Cuomo said in a press release, "Today, I direct all agencies, departments, boards and commissions to immediately review all requests for state funded or state sponsored travel to the State of Indiana and to bar any such publicly funded travel that is not essential to the enforcement of state law or public health and safety. The ban on publicly funded travel … [Read more...]

Americans United files motion to intervene in the Ark Encounter Lawsuit

Photo: Answers in Genesis / Ark Encounter

Last night, coupled with four Kentucky taxpayers, two of which are ordained ministers, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State has filed a motion to intervene as well as a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Answers in Genesis against the state of Kentucky for the denial of an 18 million dollar tax incentive. “A fundamentalist Christian theme park run by a creationist ministry doesn’t deserve any form of public assistance,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Am … [Read more...]

A Trip to the Creation Museum, Part Three: The Dangers of Disbelief

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In my last post about the creation museum, I presented how Ken Ham reconciles fossil evidence with his beliefs by making things up; all while attempting to make it seems as if that is that is what scientists do as well. While it might impress the scientifically illiterate sheeple that flock to his facility, someone with an elementary knowledge of science sees through the ruse immediately. The whole enterprise comes off as a childish attempt at playing scientist.The whole point behind Ken Ham … [Read more...]

Sorry faux-liberals but Ayaan Hirsi Ali did not defend the terrorist attack by Anders Breivik

Photo: Fox News Screenshot

Can we put this idiotic quote mining nonsense to rest once and for all?Time and time again the anti-new atheist brigade come marching out to smear the name of Ayaan Hirsi Ali by claiming that she has spoken out in defense of Anders Breivik, the mass murdering terrorist who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011.The problem is, she didn't once defend the killer and has many times spoken out against his heinous actions.Here she explains her comments in an interview with Sam Harris, Well, … [Read more...]

Answers in Genesis responds to Kentucky’s request to dismiss Ark Encounter lawsuit

Photo: Creation Museum

Yesterday I reported that Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear's administration requested that a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit filed agains the state by Answers in Genesis over the 18 million dollar tax incentive the organization lost to complete its Ark Encounter theme park.According to the states motion to dismiss, Even if the allegations in Plaintiffs’ Complaint are taken as true, Plaintiffs’ claims fail as a matter of law. The majority of the Complaint’s factual allegations are immaterial … [Read more...]

Why The Number of “Good Followers” Of A Faith Doesn’t Matter

Muslims self-flagellating during Muharram. Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

There has been a talking point that has recently become the clarion call of religious apologists and New Atheist witch-hunters like Reza Aslan and CJ Werleman, which is that it doesn't matter that Islam is interpreted by evil people as a license to do evil things, as 1.18 billion other Muslims follow the same creeds and don't commit atrocities. This is also loosely lumped in with the "it has nothing to do with Islam" sentiment. "Atrocities," I suppose, has a wide definition. One can see how tem … [Read more...]

Kentucky Governor asks to have Ark Encounter suit dismissed

Photo: Answers in Genesis

Gov. Beshear has asked a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Answers in Genesis's Noah’s Ark theme park, The Ark Encounter over the state’s rejection of tax incentives the park requested.In their request for dismissal on Friday, Beshear and Bob Stewart. secretary of the state Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet said, “Providing the public funding sought for religious purposes ...would constitute an unlawful establishment of religion” under the U.S. and Kentucky constitutions.The … [Read more...]