Creationist ‘teach the controversy’ bill presented in Iowa Legislature

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Evangelical meteorologist urges Christians to accept climate change

You know climate change is a serious threat when even anti-science evangelicals are pleading with other Christians to accept it as a fact. [Read more…]

The Hill: The biggest victim under a President Trump? Freedom of religion

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A leftists analysis of Donald Trump’s first 100 days plan

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The first presidential debate won’t change anyone’s mind

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Gary Johnson has an unrealistic crackpot plan to save the human race

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Gary Johnson is ignoring climate change because the sun will someday destroy the earth

There are a million reasons to dislike Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. I listed five important ones a while back but this new claim by Johnson only exemplifies his idiocy. [Read more…]

Stephen Hawking and more than 300 other scientists urge Americans not to vote for Donald Trump

Famed scientist Stephen Hawking along with 374 other scientists have signed a letter asking Americans not to vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. [Read more…]

Ken Ham thinks Bill Nye is spreading a socialist anti-god agenda

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Bill Nye lands a talk show deal with Netflix

Netflix announced Wednesday that they have inked a deal with the famed science communicator for a talk show that will focus on different scientific topics each week. [Read more…]