Ken Ham tries to get cool with the kids and suggest they play Pokemon Go at the Creation Museum

Ken Ham is resorting to cheap tricks to lure kids into his Creation Museum [Read more…]

5 most anti-scientific beliefs of Republican VP candidate Mike Pence

Here are five of the man’s most bizarre beliefs, a few which even go further than the GOP cohorts who are going to eagerly vote for him in November. [Read more…]

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Trump’s running mate Mike Pence does not believe in evolution

Trump’s running mate Mike Pence does not believe in evolution [Read more…]

A video Q&A about the Ark Encounter protest and more

We discussed the Ark Encounter protest, Ken Ham, Eric Hovind, the myth that is the Noah’s Ark story, and a lot else. [Read more…]

Watch these creationists get humiliated at Ark Encounter protest

Well-known atheist Aron Ra took on creationist Eric Hovind and his cohort Jake at the Reason Rally protest Thursday afternoon. [Read more…]

CNN criticizes Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter for using tax money to spread Christian message

CNN’s Carol Costello paid a visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter while she called the park a “mind-blowing site,” she was not too pleased to learn that the park was benefiting from a massive influx of tax dollars and state bonds. [Read more…]

Op-Ed claims that the Ark Encounter makes America look ignorant

“When the United States is already lagging behind many prominent nations in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the creation of the ark can only be detrimental to our nation’s standing.” [Read more…]

Ken Ham exploits Cincinnati Zoo gorilla killing to promote his anti-abortion beliefs

No single person on the planet is ever surprised at how low Ken Ham will go to promote his biblical worldview, even if that means exploiting the death of a gorilla at a Cincinnati Zoo last week. [Read more…]

Rush Limbaugh says evolution is a hoax because Cincinnati gorilla didn’t become human

Right-wing nutjob Rush Limbaugh thinks the incident at the Cincinnati Zoo proves that evolution is a hoax because the gorilla that was shot and killed never “become one of us.” [Read more…]

Ken Ham invited Bill Nye for a private tour of the Ark Encounter

Creationist Ken Ham has extended an invitation to Bill Nye to join him for a private tour of the Ark Encounter ahead of the opening date of the park. [Read more…]