No, evolution is not atheism’s creation myth


Every religion has a creation story, some way to explain how life came to be before anyone understood the natural explanation.All of these creation stories have been turned into myths when over 150 years ago Charles Darwin discovered natural selection and applied it to the idea that species have evolved from earlier species.Darwin’s idea was groundbreaking and with the discovery of genetics, heredity and DNA, his findings are confirmed evolution by natural selection is the accepted e … [Read more...]

The United States has a lot to learn about teaching evolution from Britain


The US could take a hint from Britain and make the teaching of evolution mandatory in all public schools.A statement from the British Humanist Association states of the new British law: Today sees a new national curriculum in English schools come into force, and for the first time this includes a module on evolution in primary schools. The module on evolution and inheritance is part of the year six programme of study (ages 10-11). The British Humanist Association (BHA) has long campaigned f … [Read more...]

Ken Ham thinks he thinks he has found 10 evolutionary myths and he is wrong


Answers in Genesis are an endless provider of material for this blog it seems, as they have recently posted their Top Ten: Myths about Evolution, and as you can imagine it is a beautiful fabrication of straw men and make believe.They lack even the most fundamental understanding of not only science and the scientific method, but for people whom claim to study this stuff everyday, they have less than a middle school understanding of evolution.The danger this causes is that they sell others … [Read more...]

Bill Nye discusses debating Ken Ham at TAM! 2014 (Video)

Photo: YouTube screen capture

This video is from Bill Nye's speech at The Amazing Meeting! (TAM!) 2014.In his talk, he spent most of the time discussing his now famous debate with Ken Ham, a debate I spoke out strongly against before it took place.Watch what Nye has to say about the debate: … [Read more...]

Ken Ham’s 10 facts that prove creationism – Debunked

Ken Ham

As an ongoing theme for this site, I will be addressing claims against evolution, this is one of the reasons I call the blog Danthropology, not only is it the greatest pun you have ever heard, but I am an anthropology major, more importantly, evolutionary anthropology.So I take great interest when creationists like those at Answers in Genesis present their “facts” for creationism, and like the gift horse they are, they keep on giving.Earlier this week they told us about the common myths a … [Read more...]

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Cosmos, creationism and science education

Photo: Jamie Bernstein

In what was an absolute dream come true I was able to interview Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson earlier this week and I turned that interview into a new article that is now live on AlterNet.In the interview we discuss creationism, Ken Ham, Cosmos and of course his role as a science educator.Have a read over at AlterNet! … [Read more...]

Ohio trying again to sneak intelligent design into the classroom


Here comes yet another attempt to sneak intelligent design into US public school classrooms. This time by repealing Common Core standards in favor of a new state created educational standard.An Ohio bill, House Bill 597 says new state science standards must “prohibit political or religious interpretation of scientific facts in favor of another.”When asked about the bill, Rep. Andy Thompson, R-Marietta one of the bills main sponsored said the bill was created not to provide mandates for wh … [Read more...]

Creationists are dishonest about their own beliefs and these 10 claims prove it

Image: The Spudd

Creationists in the US are relentless. They act as though their belief system is under constant persecution from scientists and the US government and believe their beliefs are on equal footing and should be brought into the public school classroom.They spend a lot of money and influence a lot of politicians into voting against science and education reform if they fear it would hinder their ability to sneak creationism into our everyday lives.And while making fun of creationists is … [Read more...]

Richard Dawkins doesn’t mind being hated by idiots

Photo: James Willamor

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Wednesday, Richard Dawkins discussed his brief infatuation with religion as a young boy saying: “I was briefly seduced by it and took it all in and would pray very vigorously every night,” adding that he had fantasy visions of angels and white light, but continued, “I never tried the experiment. I shall never know if it might have happened.” Of course now Dawkins is one of the most famous atheists on the planet and his criticisms of relig … [Read more...]

Anti-science crowd fails to understand latest Homo floresiensis findings


The popular “Hobbit”, better known to scientists as Homo floresiensis may not be a different species of Homo at all.According to a new study published this week in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States (PNAS) H. floresiensis was possibly a human with Down syndrome.The bones found inside a cave and dated to be about 18,000 years old were one of a kind and deemed at the time as a separate lineage of the genus Homo, yet tests now conducted reveal this could … [Read more...]