CNN criticizes Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter for using tax money to spread Christian message

CNN’s Carol Costello paid a visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter while she called the park a “mind-blowing site,” she was not too pleased to learn that the park was benefiting from a massive influx of tax dollars and state bonds. [Read more…]

Op-Ed claims that the Ark Encounter makes America look ignorant

“When the United States is already lagging behind many prominent nations in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the creation of the ark can only be detrimental to our nation’s standing.” [Read more…]

Ken Ham exploits Cincinnati Zoo gorilla killing to promote his anti-abortion beliefs

No single person on the planet is ever surprised at how low Ken Ham will go to promote his biblical worldview, even if that means exploiting the death of a gorilla at a Cincinnati Zoo last week. [Read more…]

Rush Limbaugh says evolution is a hoax because Cincinnati gorilla didn’t become human

Right-wing nutjob Rush Limbaugh thinks the incident at the Cincinnati Zoo proves that evolution is a hoax because the gorilla that was shot and killed never “become one of us.” [Read more…]

Ken Ham invited Bill Nye for a private tour of the Ark Encounter

Creationist Ken Ham has extended an invitation to Bill Nye to join him for a private tour of the Ark Encounter ahead of the opening date of the park. [Read more…]

Ken Ham accuses atheist group of bullying public schools that visit the Creation Museum

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is being accused of bullying public schools by Ken Ham, CEO, and owner of the Creation Museum and the upcoming Ark Encounter theme park. [Read more…]

Newspaper reveals hilarious ‘facts’ you will find at a creation museum

A reporter for the Great Falls Tribune, a Montana-based newspaper, sent a reporter to a local creationist museum, The Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum, founded by Otis Kline. [Read more…]

Ken Ham: Being a creationist helps you be a better medical doctor

Ken Ham and his “doctor” friend try to make the case that creationists make better medical doctors. That is, if you are tired of being among the living… [Read more…]

Kentucky County approves expansion of Creation Museum, will taxpayer dollars be used?

Ken Ham is apparently riding high after the court victory that makes his Ark Encounter theme park eligible for state tax incentives. The creationist is now seeking to expand the Creation Museum to make room for new traveling exhibits and a bigger parking lot. His dream to expand took one step closer to reality when [Read More…]

KY Secular Society letter urges governor to deny the Ark Encounter application

The Kentucky Secular Society has sent a formal letter to Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin urging his office to deny Answers in Genesis’ Ark Encounter application for the tourism tax credit. [Read more…]