Official trailer: The Most Hated Woman in America

Netflix released the official trailer to the Madalyn Murray O’Hair biopic [Read more…]

Danthropology Podcast: Fighting God with Dave Silverman

On this episode, hosts Dan Arel and Sean Taylor discuss atheism with American Atheists president and author of Fighting God, Dave Silverman. [Read more…]

American Atheists drop Kansas City lawsuit after city cancels $65,000 religious grant

Great news! American Atheists who recently filed a lawsuit against Kansas City officials that granted a Baptist ministry $65,000 towards a religious conference, has dropped their suit after city officials rescinded the grant. [Read more…]

California Freethought Day speaker spotlight: David Silverman

  California’s Freethought Day is on October 16, in Sacramento, California. Last week I highlighted one of its speakers, Aron Ra, and today I want to introduce you to David Silverman. As if he needs any introduction. David Silverman is the president of American Atheists and the author of the fabulous book Fighting God. I recently saw [Read More…]

American Atheists reach $41,000 settlement with Tennessee County Sheriff

Yet another police department use their office for preaching a Christian message and pay a big price [Read more…]

American Atheists sue Kansas City over $65,000 handout to Baptist Convention

American Atheists, along with two Kansas City residents, filed a complaint in federal court asking for a temporary and permanent injunction to prevent the City of Kansas City from giving $65,000 to Modest Miles Ministries, Inc. for the National Baptist Convention. [Read more…]

David Silverman wants you to help the Reason Rally

American Atheist President David Silverman has a message for you. He wants you to help Reason Rally! [Read more…]

American Atheists and CFI ask Supreme Court to preserve contraceptive access

Atheists Push Supreme Court to Protect Real Religious Freedom, Preserve Access to Contraception [Read more…]

Video: Jeb Bush says there would be no religious litmus test in his administration

American Atheists National Program Director, Nick Fish, is in New Hampshire speaking to presidential candidates as they gear up for the 2016 NH primary next Tuesday. He was able to ask different candidates questions about faith and topics that pertain to atheist voters, part of American Atheists’ Atheist Voter campaign. One surprising answer came from [Read More…]

American Atheists 10 commandments lawsuit allowed to move forward in Florida

A lawsuit filed by American Atheists against Levy County, Florida is being allowed to move forward. The county had filed to have the case dismissed. The group, along with members of a local affiliate group filed the suit in June 2015 after Levy County refused to remove the Ten Commandments monument along with twice being denied [Read More…]