Constitutional attorney films commercial at Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter

This atheist lawyer paid a visit to the ark and what he found about the crowd was more shocking than what he found inside [Read more…]

Official trailer: The Most Hated Woman in America

Netflix released the official trailer to the Madalyn Murray O’Hair biopic [Read more…]

Animal Liberation and Atheism: A conversation with activist Kim Socha

Is it contradictory to hold a position of humanism and still eat meat? We explore the topic on this week’s episode of the Danthropology Podcast. [Read more…]

My humanism requires me to be a vocal anti-theist

Religion is harmful and faith is a bad means of believing in things one wishes to be true, and because of that, I must hold an anti-religious position [Read more…]

Seth Meyers introduces ‘Skeptic on a Stick’ for your rational holiday

Late night with Seth Meyers aired this hilarious commercial for Skeptic on a Stick, and their bonus, The Little Bummer Boy, a perfect addition to any families godless household. I know this is a joke, but I would totally buy one. Shut up and take my money! [Read more…]

Atheist radio goes mainstream as Dogma Debate signs with PodcastOne

One of the most popular atheist radio shows is headed to Los Angeles to reach an even larger audience as part of the PodcastOne family. [Read more…]

The secular resistance to Donald Trump must begin now

It is now our job to make minority-President-elect Donald Trump the least successful president in American history by uniting in full resistance. [Read more…]

Religious leaders slam Clinton, ignore two millennia of oppression

CNN released an article today asking Hillary Clinton to apologize for emails that her aides wrote. [Read more…]

Ken Ham: atheism is ‘hopeless, meaningless, purposeless’

Ken Ham has a new blog up in which he argues that atheism is -hopeless, meaningless, purposeless- and that only belief in his God can bring hope, meaning, and purpose into one’s life. [Read more…]

Honor for the Afterlife

CNN reports that a 15-year-old Pakistani girl, after helping a neighbor and her boyfriend elope, was “dragged from her home, injected with sedatives, strangled, tied up in a van, and then burned”. The murder was ordered by a tribal council, called a “Jirga,” and it was carried out by members of said council. 14 people, including the victim’s mother, have been arrested. [Read more…]