Creationist Ken Ham: ‘The pope is wrong’ about atheism and the Big Bang

The man who built a boat in the middle of a field in Kentucky seems rather jealous of Pope Francis and all his fame [Read more…]

New poll suggests American’s feelings towards atheists and Muslims are getting better

With the election dividing much of the country, it is surprising to see that American’s views towards various religious groups are actually increasing [Read more…]

Liberty Counsel claims religious leaders will soon be beaten to death for celebrating Christmas

Christian fundamentalists are once against trying to create War on Christmas controversy through fear mongering [Read more…]

American Atheists are Making Christmas Great Again with new holiday billboards

The wonderful folks at American Atheists are at it again with the Christmas billboard campaign that has become something of an annual tradition. [Read more…]

Ted Cruz fails to endorse Trump, defends atheists, and is boo’d off stage at RNC

Ted Cruz, who was arguably more dangerous than Donald Trump as the frontrunner, gave his prime-time speech at the convention and did two hilarious things. [Read more…]

Company apologizes for refusing to deliver porta-potties to Ark Encounter protest

A welcome apology for wrongful discrimination [Read more…]

Atheist group decries discrimination against Ark Encounter protesters by local businesses

For those who are not aware, at the Ark Encounter protest on July 7, in Kentucky, two separate porta-potty companies refused to deliver their toilets, after agreeing to do so, when they learned they were delivering to the Ark Encounter Protest. [Read more…]

Pew Researches 10 facts about atheists – explained

On Wedsnday, Pew Research published 10 facts about atheists in which they put 10 mostly known facts about atheists, what they “believe” and how they often align politically among other factors. [Read more…]

When Americans think about atheists, they tend to think about death

According to new research, when Americans were asked about atheism, it triggered thoughts about death. [Read more…]

Mr. Deity explains why New Atheists are totally fundamentalists

Writing those fancy books, using that highbrow logic and reason, and always on and on with those big words.

New Atheists are just so totally fundamentalists. [Read more…]