Ben Carson claims slaves were ‘immigrants’ dreaming of a better life for their children

What history books did Ben Carson read growing up? [Read more…]

Ben Carson’s confirmation as HUD secretary condemned by the Secular Coalition

How bad will the HUD function under a leader who once called it communist? [Read more…]

Ben Carson vows to ensure ‘our spiritual infrastructure is solid’ as HUD secretary

Carson thinks Fair Housing and communist and apparently HUD is a religious position now [Read more…]

Ben Carson believes fair housing is ‘communism’ and could be in charge of HUD

Ben Carson has been officially tapped by minority-president-elect Donald Trump to be the new secretary of Housing and Urban Development. [Read more…]

Ben Carson will not accept a cabinet role in the Trump administration

A source close to Carson has revealed the former surgeon has declined any position with the administration. [Read more…]

Ben Carson says Islam is a ‘life organizational system,’ not a religion

Mother Jones has an interesting article up in which Ben Carson said in a speech in Iowa that ISIS is dangerous because of what the Quran says and who Muhammad was. While parts of what he says are not wrong, the religion is not the religion of peace that many claim it to be, he does seem to miss the irony in that Christianity really is no different. [Read more…]

Ben Carson asks Christians to change Facebook photo and ‘take a stand’

What a hero Ben Carson is… or isn’t.

The one-time frontrunner for Republican presidential nominee, who has become a distant speck in the rearview mirror is asking Christians to “take a stand” against liberals and update their Facebook profiles to them holding signs that read “In God We Trust.” [Read more…]

Ben Carson would consider banning gays from the military

In an interview with CNN, Monday morning, Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson to discuss his comments on what he called a “social experiment” when it comes to allowing women to enlist in combat positions in the military. Host Jake Tapper asked┬áretired Army Major General Robert F. Dees about Carson’s statement and said that the positions [Read More…]

Top 10 atheist news stories of 2015

2015 was the first full year of the Danthropology blog on the Patheos Network and I have decided to go into the archives and find the top 10 most popular posts on the site. Instead of picking what stories I personally found the most interesting I decided to let the numbers decide and this is based on the number of reads all year. [Read more…]

Ben Carson calls California shooting a ‘hate crime’ and doesn’t know what a hate crime is

During a news conference in South Carolina, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson called Wednesday’s shooting in San Bernardino a “hate crime,” and said the country must “be able to combat these things,” but did not detail his plans to curb gun violence. [Read more…]