Creationist Ken Ham: ‘The pope is wrong’ about atheism and the Big Bang

The man who built a boat in the middle of a field in Kentucky seems rather jealous of Pope Francis and all his fame [Read more…]

In just 8 minutes Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the brief history of everything

Do you have 8 minutes to spare and learn a surprising amount of information about the universe? [Read more…]

Pope Francis urges Christians and Christian scientists to accept evolution

Once in a great while the Pope actually says something I can agree with.

Pope Francis told a plenary assembly of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at a recent Vatican gathering that: [Read more…]

Last week I interviewed physicist Sean Carroll on Atheist Hangouts

Last week I guest hosted Atheist Hangouts with David Viviano and the guest was theoretical physicist Sean Carroll. We discussed life after death, multiple universes, his amazing model universe, Quantum Field Theory and his wildly popular debate with apologist William Lane Craig. [Read more…]

Ray Comfort calls Stephen Hawking a fool

I joked last week on Twitter that Ken Ham believes he is smarter than Stephen Hawking. Well this week, Ray Comfort has decided that he is. On his weekday video program The Comfort Zone, Comfort claimed Hawking cannot be one of the most brilliant men alive because: “The Bible says he is a fool.” This [Read More…]