CNN’s Rick Santorum: ‘Millions’ of Americans using pre-existing conditions to scam health care

What does Santorum think people suffering with cancer will do if he has his way? [Read more…]

DC City Council passes historic Death with Dignity Act

In a historic vote, the Washington, D.C. City Council voted to pass the Death with Dignity Act what will allow terminally ill patients can receive a prescription for drugs allowing them to hasten their deaths, if and when they choose. [Read more…]

Tim Kaine’s stance on abortion, vaccines, GMOs, and sex-education are not progressive

If leftists thought Clinton resembled a Republican, they really aren’t going to like Tim Kaine. [Read more…]

5 most anti-scientific beliefs of Republican VP candidate Mike Pence

Here are five of the man’s most bizarre beliefs, a few which even go further than the GOP cohorts who are going to eagerly vote for him in November. [Read more…]

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Bestselling author, journalist and neurologist, Oliver Sacks has died

Dr. Oliver Sacks, one of the most inspirational and profound writers of our time has died at the age of 82 after a terminal cancer diagnoses.

Sack’s writing has been an influence on not only my writing but just about every writer I know today and his contributions to our world will be forever missed. [Read more…]