American Atheists drop Kansas City lawsuit after city cancels $65,000 religious grant

Great news! American Atheists who recently filed a lawsuit against Kansas City officials that granted a Baptist ministry $65,000 towards a religious conference, has dropped their suit after city officials rescinded the grant. [Read more…]

The Vice Presidential Debate gave us some insight into the candidates church/state views

While most of the Tuesday night Vice Presidential Debate was talking over each other we did learn a few things about the candidates and one of the most important topics to come up was the topic of faith, and with that, a women’s right to abortion access. [Read more…]

My new book The Secular Activist is out now!

My second book, The Secular Activist, is available today! It is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and audiobook (which is read by the amazing David Smalley). [Read more…]

The Secular Activist Northern California book tour

My new book, The Secular Activist, will be out on October 1, 2016, and I will follow up the release with a few speaking dates. [Read more…]

Secular group responds to Donald Trump’s comments about taxpayer funding of religious schools

Donald Trump said if elected president he would repeal the Johnson Amendment and would enact a school choice program which would make billions of taxpayer dollars available for religious schools. [Read more…]

Atheist group notifies IRS about yet another church politicking from the pulpit

Yet another church decides to get political [Read more…]

New Book: Adam and Eve (free today!)

Image from the author I have a new book that was released recently. It is called Adam and Eve: Questioning the Historicity of Biblical Human Origins. This book discusses the Genesis creation account and looks at whether we can determine if there was a historical Adam and Eve or not. Spoiler Alert: no. Not only [Read More…]

American Atheists reach $41,000 settlement with Tennessee County Sheriff

Yet another police department use their office for preaching a Christian message and pay a big price [Read more…]

1 in 10 say their pastor has endorsed a political candidate from the pulpit

In what is a clear violation of the 1954 Johnson Amendment and should be grounds for the loss of tax-exempt status, pastors are endorsing political candidates from the pulpit. [Read more…]

Ken Ham claims the Ark Encounter feels empty because it’s so big

The park is crazy empty, all the time, even on opening day. Ham himself tweeted out a photo of the VIP, media preview day instead of the grand opening because attendance was so tiny. The park averaged about 5,000 people per day over its opening weekend. [Read more…]