CNN’s Rick Santorum: ‘Millions’ of Americans using pre-existing conditions to scam health care

What does Santorum think people suffering with cancer will do if he has his way? [Read more…]

Watch this Trump-approved ‘voter fraud’ expert get destroyed on CNN

What evidence does the man behind the voter fraud claim have to prove his case? [Read more…]

Bill Nye calls out CNN’s climate change denying meteorologist on-air

Everyone’s favorite science guy, Bill Nye paid a visit to CNN to discuss climate change the flooding that devastated Louisiana this month. He was asked about the role climate change had on the floods. [Read more…]

CNN criticizes Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter for using tax money to spread Christian message

CNN’s Carol Costello paid a visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter while she called the park a “mind-blowing site,” she was not too pleased to learn that the park was benefiting from a massive influx of tax dollars and state bonds. [Read more…]

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly says Donald Trump’s first amendment rights have been ‘shut down’

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly does not know how the first amendment works. She believes that because protesters showed up and legally protested a scheduled Donald Trump rally, that his first amendment rights have been “shut down.” [Read more…]

Carl Sagan sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders when asked if he is a socialist

In 1989, Ted Turned asked Carl Sagan if he was a socialist and his answer would have made Bernie Sanders proud [Read more…]

Huckabee thinks Muslims should be begging the government to come spy on them

Republican presidential longshot Mike Huckabee told viewers watching Tuesday’s debate on CNN that Muslims should be begging the U.S. government to come surveil mosques if they honestly think Islam is nice and peaceful. [Read more…]

Ben Carson on liberal Americans: ‘many of them are stupid’

Republican presidential front-runner, Ben Carson is taking a play out of the Mitt Romney guide to losing an election and disparaging the American voter by calling them stupid. [Read more…]

In under 4-minutes Mike Huckabee says racism isn’t about race and then says something racist

Mike Huckabee is trying to set a new world record for fastest contradictory tweets ever.

During tonight’s Democratic debate, the Republican candidate tweeted out that America does not have a “skin” problem, it has a sin problem. [Read more…]

Oregon gunman supported Christian terrorist group, asked victims about religion before shooting them

In yet another senseless gun crime in the United States, a lone gunman entered a community college in Roseburg, Oregon and opened fire, killing at least 10 and injuring more than 20. [Read more…]