Peter Boghossian discusses the regressive left, new atheism, and faith

My friend Peter Boghossian paid a visit to The Ruben Report this week and discussed an array of topics from new atheism, critical thinking, faith, and, of course, the regressive left. [Read more…]

Answering the Richard Dawkins Foundation’s inbox

The Richard Dawkins Foundation posted an email from their inbox today on Facebook. The email read: [Read more…]

The United States has a lot to learn about teaching evolution from Britain

The US could take a hint from Britain and make the teaching of evolution mandatory in all public schools.

A statement from the British Humanist Association states of the new British law: [Read more…]

AlterNet publishes an excerpt from Parenting Without God

AlterNet has published an excerpt from Parenting Without God. They chose to publish around 1300 words from a section about raising critical thinkers. [Read more…]