AD episode seven completely derails the biblical narrative

Image: The Spudd

AD is such a difficult series for me to follow anymore, let alone take seriously. Given how the producers had offered apologetics, rather than actual stories from the Bible, for the original Bible series from two years ago, it only makes sense that they would start showing episodes that they imagined themselves.Like in every post I have made on the show, the episode preys on the audience' uninformed ideas of history, politics, education, and government. It is apologetics disguised as … [Read more...]

Murderous Saul in AD

Image: "Pentecote" by Jean Il Restout, via WikiMedia

Last night we finally got to meet Saul, the future apostle that "changed" his name to Paul. There is not a lot of commentary to add to the discussion about this post other than the episodes have now gone into complete fable-beyond-the-written-word mode. What I mean is that nothing, absolutely nothing, in this episode comes from the Bible.In concept, both Acts and the letters of Paul do admit He persecuted the followers of Jesus. But there are no detailed accounts of what that entailed. Paul … [Read more...]

Alabama bill to protect kids from learning ‘they came from a monkey’


Last month, Rep. Mack Butler of Alabama put forth a bill that would the science surrounding “biological evolution, the chemical origins of life, and human cloning” to be subject to religious examination by Alabama public school teachers.The bill is much like one that is currently being used in Louisiana. These laws are an attempt to bypass a federal ban against the teaching of creationism in public schools by granting teachers permission to spark debate and plant seeds of doubt among stude … [Read more...]

Ken Ham says pastors who unite with secularists are ‘intolerant’


In a blog post today by Ken Ham over at Answers in Genesis called Intolerant Pastors Unite with Secularists Against Ark Encounter, Ham attacks the pastors who along with Americans United for the Separation of Church and State have filed a motion to intervene in Answers in Genesis' lawsuit against the state of Kentucky.Ham writes: Now, the Americans United for Separation of Church and State is once again attacking AiG’s life-size Noah’s Ark project. It has lodged a motion with a federal court … [Read more...]

Episode five of AD…ugh

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We are five episodes deep into the AD series on TV. There is very little I need to say about this episode, as all four previous posts I have made demonstrate the huge issues this series has. However, we still have a few things to talk about.For starters, about 90% of the episode is fiction beyond the fiction that the Bible has. In other words, what the episode is made up of is not even included in the Bible. At least not entirely.For what is included in the Bible, like the imprisonment … [Read more...]

Louisiana is using taxpayer money to teach creationism in the classroom


Thanks to Republican led education reform throughout many southern states, creationism is finding its way into countless public schools and even private schools that have been granted access to taxpayer funds via school voucher programs. States like Texas have a long history of editing textbooks to raise questions about the validity of evolution and have attempted to broker many back-alley deals and applying pressure to publishers in order solidify such changes. A new map constructed by Chris K … [Read more...]

A.D. the Series covers the Pentecost

Image: "Pentecote" by Jean Il Restout, via WikiMedia

Last night gave us the third installment of A.D. the Series. I would recommend anyone check out my first two posts on the show before reading on. If for no other reason than a continuation of problems I have already addressed.A large portion of this episode, putting aside historical inconsistencies, did not even happen in the Bible. Pilate, as an example, is not heard from after the passion narrative. So him being present at the Pentecost celebration in the temple (and more on that in a … [Read more...]

Come Lord Jesus: COMING soon!

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Coming November 1, 2015, my second release, titled Come Lord Jesus: What the Bible Really Says (and Doesn't Say) About Sex. It is being released through Pitchstone Publishing. The description for the book reads: Addresses the often unhealthy and troublesome relationship between sex and religion, covering such issues as gay rights, reproductive rights, and abortion.People are constantly judged for their sexual choices, their frequency of sexual activity, their selection of partners, and … [Read more...]

Resurrecting more garbage in A.D. the Series

Image: Resurrection of Christ, Frescoe in the vault of the Parrish Church in Zirl, Austria, via WikiMedia

So last night we saw the second installment of "A.D.", the TV series dedicated to spreading the myth and half-truths of the biblical account of Jesus of Nazareth's death, resurrection, and, I'll have to assume, spread of his ministry.I'll start by saying a lot of the issues I had with last week's episode are repeated in this one; calling Jesus a "Nazarene", the disciples staying in Jerusalem, and the insatiable concern over the death of Jesus by Caiaphas and Pilate. With that said, here we … [Read more...]

Washington Times columnist says Common Core is an ‘Islamic Infiltration Of America’


The Washington Times is a hotbed of conspiracy theory nuts, in fact I had a spat with them last year during the Cosmos series when they believes the show was nothing more than a left-wing conspiracy.Now it seems as though they wish to take on Common Core as an educational standard. The Washington Times published a piece back on April 7, by Fox News Radio analyst Bethany Blankley titled, "Common Core ties to Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia," in which she claims that Common Core standards are an " … [Read more...]