Breaking: Bobby Jindal Unaware of History or Bible

Photo: Pete Souza - Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

 Bobby Jindal, the Republican governor of Louisiana, came out very recently to defend his choice to headline at an event for hate group American Family Association. This group has been labelled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) because they hold an anti-LGBTQ position.Jindal, a Hindu-born-turned-Catholic conservative, said, at the end of his prayer service with AFA, "our god wins", slighting anyone that, perhaps, is not Catholic, let alone Christian. His … [Read more...]

MLK, Facts, and Values

To mark Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I thought it was important to note how the civil rights leader felt about the conflict between science and religion. In short, he felt that there was not one to speak of.In his book Strength to Love, King discusses how "Science deals mainly with facts; religion deals mainly with values." King saw religion as more of a social/cultural feature; it was the ability to understand our fellow man and how to treat each other. And, while he felt they were two … [Read more...]

Responding to Ken Ham’s creationist propaganda

Photo: Answers in Genesis

Ken Ham is back at it. Yesterday he released a new blog post titled, Responding to Atheist Propaganda, in which he attempts to combat “atheist's” use of certain words that he does not agree with.I will go ahead and look at each of these claims one at time.Ham starts off with: Christians need to understand that many secularists have put together a very effective propaganda machine as a part of their effort to impose their atheistic religion on the Western culture, intimidate Christians, a … [Read more...]

Tomb of Jesus?

In a recent article from Huffington Post, it appears that the burial place of Jesus, and his family, was discovered. Setting aside criticisms of whether Jesus existed or not, let us take a look at the claims.The find, an ossuary in a family tomb in Jerusalem dating to the first century CE, has an image of a large fish with a stick figure man in his mouth. It also has a four line Greek inscription that states Yahweh will "raise up" someone. And the name "Jesus", or an abbreviated version … [Read more...]

Teaching religion to children may not be easy, but it is necessary


I was raised in a Christian home and was taught very little about other religions. I also attended a Christian school for a number of years where I was taught a great deal of misinformation about other beliefs, most of which revolved around their rejection of Jesus Christ as the Lord, or that even that some Christians who didn’t understand the Bible correctly and wanted to lead me astray from my faith, guaranteeing me a place in hell.Had I not taken an interest in world religions later in l … [Read more...]

Help The Ra-Men Podcast and Aron Ra spread science education around the US

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Aron Ra is on a mission. He sees a problem in the education system and he believes he has a solution. I think he is correct.From Aron’s Patreon page he says: I want to promote science specifically and education in general, and I've found that videos are the best way I can do that.  I can reach the grass roots audience I'm aiming for, and give them the edge in their next argument over science vs religious extremism. He explains all of this and why it is so important in this awesome in … [Read more...]

The United States has a lot to learn about teaching evolution from Britain


The US could take a hint from Britain and make the teaching of evolution mandatory in all public schools.A statement from the British Humanist Association states of the new British law: Today sees a new national curriculum in English schools come into force, and for the first time this includes a module on evolution in primary schools. The module on evolution and inheritance is part of the year six programme of study (ages 10-11). The British Humanist Association (BHA) has long campaigned f … [Read more...]

Neil deGrasse Tyson on what scientific discovery shocked him the most

Photo: NASA/Bill Ingalls

When I got a chance to interview Neil deGrasse Tyson two weeks ago I mostly asked him about Cosmos and science denial, but as the interview wrapped up, I realized I had time for one last question, so I asked him about speaking  at Apostacon this year and discussed briefly the importance of spreading his scientific knowledge.I asked him a question that was sent to me by my good friend Joshua Kelly who wanted to know what scientific discovery had basically rocked Tyson’s world.Tyson first a … [Read more...]