A Baltimore resident confronts Geraldo Rivera about Fox News’ dishonest coverage

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A Baltimore resident confronted Fox News host Geraldo Rivera on the streets of Baltimore over the new outlets coverage of the riots in Baltimore. Rivera wanted nothing of it and claimed the young man was only "yelling" at him. "Every time a black man raises his voice you don't have to be intimidated," the man said. The young man tried to explain to Rivera, "I want you and Fox News to get out of Baltimore City, because you are not here reporting about the boarded up homes and the homeless … [Read more...]

Washington Times columnist says Common Core is an ‘Islamic Infiltration Of America’


The Washington Times is a hotbed of conspiracy theory nuts, in fact I had a spat with them last year during the Cosmos series when they believes the show was nothing more than a left-wing conspiracy.Now it seems as though they wish to take on Common Core as an educational standard. The Washington Times published a piece back on April 7, by Fox News Radio analyst Bethany Blankley titled, "Common Core ties to Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia," in which she claims that Common Core standards are an " … [Read more...]

People doing charity better than the Vatican

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 I made a post a few days ago that appears to have gotten a few Catholics up in arms. So let me see if I can clarify...The article in question stated that, with the several billion dollars that the Vatican is worth, and with the influence it has, why does it perform minuscule tasks that barely do anything for the poor at large? Especially when that is what Jesus told people to do? Even the recent tour of the Sistine Chapel, with 150 homeless, is a rather odd thing.I was … [Read more...]

An American President from Canada?


The internet was all abuzz this morning with the announcement that Ted Cruz, the US Senator from Texas, announced that he will be running as a Republican candidate for President of the United States. While others have suggested running, this announcement will create enough buzz to start bringing in sponsorships and garner support. Like being a Tea Party favorite was not worry enough.What concerned me, among many other people commenting online via Twitter and Facebook, is that Cruz was born … [Read more...]

The threat of militias and domestic terrorism

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Terrorists are not just a threat from foreign nations; a recent Vice documentary showed that two of the top five threats to our nations security were sovereign citizens movements and militia extremism. These groups, often formed by individuals with thorough military training and ex-members of various military groups, are anti-government and see themselves as separate from the rest of the United States. They often targeting and threatening violence against political leaders; most notably … [Read more...]

Terrorist flight passenger? Jihad a hallucination

Image: Peter Russell, Creative Commons: 2007

CNN reported on the incident from the Dulles, Virginia, airport where a man allegedly charged the cockpit during take off shouting "Jihad!"One of the witnesses, Joshua Lindstrom, stated that the man in question looked upset and nervous. Officials have found no link to the perpetrator and any terrorist groups, and no weapons were found on him. After he had been subdued by several of the other passengers, the man even cried and apologized for his actions.What is most interesting is that … [Read more...]

Dinesh D’Souza goes full-racist on Twitter


Dinesh D'Souza, the conservative former president of the King's College, as well as a political commentator and author, decided to make some rather interesting remarks about President Barack Obama a few days ago. He took to Twitter to post the following message found below:D'Souza managed to doubly resort to racism in less than 140 characters and one image he uploaded. Not only by referring to Obama as "boy", but then alluding to how Obama is somehow from the "ghetto" shows nothing but a … [Read more...]

Atheism Did Not Kill Three Young Muslims in Chapel Hill

"2015 Chapel Hill shooting" by Voice of America - Killings of US Muslim Students Attract Worldwide Grief, Outrage. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

This morning, The Washington Post, Fox News, and The Daily Mail, among many new media websites, have been covering an attack that took place in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, wherein three young Muslim students were killed by a 46-year-old atheist who turned himself in after the crime. The widespread speculation about his atheism has led to a series of proclamations very similar to the kind that mine and my colleagues use: that faith--or in this case, anti-faith--was responsible for heinous and tr … [Read more...]

Tomb of Jesus?

In a recent article from Huffington Post, it appears that the burial place of Jesus, and his family, was discovered. Setting aside criticisms of whether Jesus existed or not, let us take a look at the claims.The find, an ossuary in a family tomb in Jerusalem dating to the first century CE, has an image of a large fish with a stick figure man in his mouth. It also has a four line Greek inscription that states Yahweh will "raise up" someone. And the name "Jesus", or an abbreviated version … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck’s mental illness doesn’t exist

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Shocker, Glenn Beck lied about his mental illness.The conservative commentator claimed earlier this week that he had suffered from “adrenal fatigue,” after being diagnosed by Dr. Ted Carrick a chiropractic neurologist.Except that chiropractic neurology is nothing but pseudoscience according to Yale University neurologist Dr. Steven Novella, writing in 2011 that:“Chiropractic neurology does not appear to be based on any body of research, or any accumulated scientific knowledge,” Novell … [Read more...]