Kentucky gubernatorial candidates weigh in on Ark Encounter tax benefits

Kentucky’s Courier-Journal posted questions and answers with Kentucky’s candidates for governor which will take place on November 3, 2015 to replace outbound Democrat Steve Beshear who is not eligible to run for re-election. [Read more…]

Ken Ham says pastors who unite with secularists are ‘intolerant’

In a blog post today by Ken Ham over at Answers in Genesis called Intolerant Pastors Unite with Secularists Against Ark Encounter, Ham attacks the pastors who along with Americans United for the Separation of Church and State have filed a motion to intervene in Answers in Genesis’ lawsuit against the state of Kentucky. [Read more…]

Ken Ham exploits Nepal earthquake to push young earth creationism

Ken Ham has reached an all new pathetic low.

In a new blog post posted stating that he is saddened by the earthquake in Nepal he jumps straight to a story from the New York Times that reads, “Ancient Collision Made Nepal Earthquake Inevitable,” the author continues, “More than 25 million years ago, India, once a separate island on a quickly sliding piece of the Earth’s crust, crashed into Asia. The two land masses are still colliding, pushed together at a speed of 1.5 to 2 inches a year. The forces have pushed up the highest mountains in the world, in the Himalayas, and have set off devastating earthquakes.” [Read more…]

Ken Ham promotes his fabricated visitor report for the Ark Encounter and believes the state is trying to silence Christianity

In a new post by Ken Ham on Answers in Genesis titled The Real Reason We’re Building the Life-Size Noah’s Ark in which he masterfully misunderstands everything about the Ark Encounter tax incentive loss; again.

But not before first falsly reporting that the Ark Encounter attendance record in the first year would be 1.4 million people. [Read more…]

The Ark Encounter is hiring again and still discriminating against applicants

Some lessons are never learned.

After losing $18,000,000 in tax rebates because of discriminatory hiring practices (and then deleting the said job opening which led to the loss) the Ark Encounter is once again hiring a CAD designer. [Read more…]

Ken Ham believes this is what giraffes looked like on the ark…

I am at a loss for words after seeing this. [Read more…]

Ark Encounter officials have filed an injunction with the State of Kentucky

According to a press release by Answers in Genesis this morning, Ark Encounter officials have asked for an injunction from the state in order to override the blocking of tax incentive money from Gov. Steven Beshear and his tourism secretary. This action takes place even after the organization filed a lawsuit against the state. [Read more…]

Ken Ham uses children to garner support for his Ark Encounter tax lawsuit

Still upset after losing a much needed $18 million tax incentive to finish his Ark Encounter project, and just a month after filing a lawsuit against the state of Kentucky over alleged religious discrimination, Ken Ham is attempting to garner support for his cause by exploiting children who obviously do not understand the laws surrounding the states decision. [Read more…]

I discussed the recent news around the Ark Encounter this weekend on Ask an Atheist

I pre-recorded a segment for this weekend episode of Ask an Atheist in which we discussed the latest happenings surrounding Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter project. [Read more…]

Answers in Genesis files lawsuit against Kentucky

Answers in Genesis announced today that have officially filed its lawsuit against the state of Kentucky for religious discrimination. [Read more…]