Ben Carson claims slaves were ‘immigrants’ dreaming of a better life for their children

What history books did Ben Carson read growing up? [Read more…]

Arizona school teacher resigns after tweeting that immigrants should be killed

This is Trump’s American now [Read more…]

CPAC just uninvited Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at annual conference

Milo’s comments on child rape did not land well with CPAC [Read more…]

Giving Milo Yiannopoulos a platform puts actual lives at risk, especially children

After his defense of pedophilia, is anyone still defending Milo’s right to a platform? [Read more…]

Secular Coalition condemns Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

More groups continue to speak out against Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration into the United States. [Read more…]

Pope Francis commits logical fallacy in claiming Donald Trump is not a Christian

Pope Frances has committed a very basic logical fallacy in trying to claim that Donald Trump is not a Christian because of his views on immigration. [Read more…]

Rick Santorum said the dumbest thing about immigration I have ever heard

During the kids table Republican presidential debate Thursday night, Rick Santorum was asked about sending immigrants back to their home countries, even immigrants who have been in the country for a while, even those with children raised in this country. When we say we need to send people back, I mean we send people back. [Read More…]

Ted Cruz ‘salutes’ Donald Trump’s extremely racist remarks on immigration

The immigrant Senator Ted Cruz (he was born in Canada) defended Donald Trump’s extremely racist remarks about Mexican immigrants being rapists and criminals when he visited Meet the Press, Friday night. [Read more…]

What we learned from last nights exit poll results

If you’re a democrat, progressive, liberal or anyone who cares about social welfare than you are probably disappointed with last nights election results.

I do not wish to repeat here what has been said time and time again since the results about the fact that the president has veto power and basically we are going to be in a two-year standstill, as this is no different really to where we have already been since the GOP took the house and effectively stopped governing. [Read more…]

Rand Paul tries to deny running from DREAMer activist (Video)

Everyone saw the hilarious video of Rand Paul running away a DREAMer immigration activist at a fundraiser this week, earning him the name Run Paul, yet Paul denies this happened. [Read more…]