Jordanian writer murdered for ‘insulting Islam’ after sharing cartoon

Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar was shot to death outside of an Amman courtroom, according to multiple sources. Hattar had been charged with the crime of insulting Islam after sharing a cartoon that depicted Allah talking to a jihadist. Hattar told the court he had no intention of insulting Islam and that he wanted “the cartoon to [Read More…]

Abandoning religion is the first step to making the world a better place

Christopher Hitchens was 100 percent correct when he said, “religion poisons everything.” [Read more…]

BREAKING: Bangladesh LGBT editor and activist hacked to death by Islamic terrorists

Two people, including an editor for Bangladesh’s only LGBT magazine, have been hacked to death by religious extremists. [Read more…]

ISIS supports the harvesting of organs according to new documents

Documents obtained by U.S. Special Forces reportedly show that ISIS allows for the harvesting of organs from captives. The documents explain that it is okay to take organs from apostates to save the life of a Muslim, saying that the life of an apostate is not protected. The documents were secured by U.S. forces in a [Read More…]

CIA says it had ‘strategic warning’ of France attacks by ISIS, warns of future events

CIA Director warns that the ISIS attack in France is not a “one-off event.” CIA Director John Brennan said on Monday that the U.S. has strategic warnings about the ISIS attack on Paris, France Friday night, adding he believed ISIS had more attacks in the pipeline. “It’s not a surprise this attack was carried out, [Read More…]

ISIS threatens to attack Washington, D.C. in new video

The terrorist organization threatens the United States and Europe in a new video. The Islamic State issued a video Monday morning that celebrated last Friday’s attacks in Paris and went as far as to threaten Washington, D.C. According to NBC, an Algerian member of the terrorist group threatened the United States saying, “”like France we [Read More…]

Is Bernie Sanders right to connect climate change and terrorism?

Senator Sanders says climate change has a direct impact on the rise of global terrorism. In Saturday night’s Democratic debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders remarked that climate change is still the number one foreign policy facing the nation, and when asked about terrorism he said the two are very well connected. “Climate change is directly related [Read More…]

ISIS is forcing ‘pregnant Yazidi women to have abortions’

According to a report by CNN, ISIS forced captured sex slaves to have abortions. Three girls who escaped their captures told CNN that already pregnant slaves were forced to have abortions before being used for sex. [Read more…]

Jeb Bush blames Obama and Clinton for ISIS and forgets that George W. Bush waged war on Iraq for God

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush may have a short memory, or perhaps a selective memory when it comes to massive mistakes by his own brother.

Bush said in a statement that Hillary Clinton and President Obama were to blame for the rise of ISIS in Iraq because he pulled out too early. [Read more…]

U.N. official says the Islamic State burned a woman alive for not engaging in an ‘extreme’ sex act

According to a shocking report by the Washington Post, the self-proclaim Islamic State has been capturing and selling women and girls into sex slavery and according to an eyewitness, even burned a women alive who refused to engage in extreme sexual acts.
Zainab Bangura, the U.N.’s special representative on sexual violence in conflict, took a tour of refugee camps in Syria and Iraq, two parts of the world where the Islamic State has most control, and reported: [Read more…]