Secular Coalition condemns Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

More groups continue to speak out against Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration into the United States. [Read more…]

Danthropology Podcast: Combating Post-Truth Politics with Gleb Tsipursky

How do we combat post-truth politics when dealing with a political group that is not swayed by facts or evidence? What strategies can we use? [Read more…]

Jordanian writer murdered for ‘insulting Islam’ after sharing cartoon

Jordanian writer Nahed┬áHattar was shot to death outside of an Amman courtroom, according to multiple sources. Hattar had been charged with the crime of insulting Islam after sharing a cartoon that depicted Allah talking to a jihadist. Hattar told the court he had no intention of insulting Islam and that he wanted “the cartoon to [Read More…]

Obama calls Gingrich’s anti-muslim comments ‘repugnant’

In the wake of the recent terrorist attack in Nice, France, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich called for the U.S. government to question and or deport all U.S. Muslims. [Read more…]

Terror strikes in France leaving more than 80 dead and dozens wounded

Terrorism has struck once again in France as a terrorist drove a truck into a crowded street Thursday evening, killing more than 80 people, including children and injuring dozens more. [Read more…]

Neil deGrasse Tyson pays tribute to Orlando on Twitter using science

As only Neil deGrasse Tyson can, the astrophysicist took to Twitter to pay tribute to the LGBTQ community and the lives lost in the recent attack in Orlando, Florida [Read more…]

Wife of Orlando shooter knew about the attack and didn’t tell the police

Orlando gunman Omar Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, had prior knowledge of her husband’s planned attack. [Read more…]

Singer Morrissey responds to Orlando attack and encourages America to vote ‘no confidence’

British singer Morrissey, best known for his days in the 80’s rock group The Smiths, released a statement through his fan-run site True To You in which he questioned the Orlando nightclub shooters self-obsession. [Read more…]

Florida governor refuses to acknowledge LGBTQ community was the target of Orlando shooting

During an interview with CNN, Florida governor Rick Scott refused to mention the LGBTQ community as the target of Sunday morning’s attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. [Read more…]

Orlando shooter was on U.S. radar; father says he was triggered by seeing two men kissing

The father of the Orlando, Florida shooter says his son was set off after seeing two men kissing on the street several months ago. [Read more…]