MLK, Facts, and Values

To mark Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I thought it was important to note how the civil rights leader felt about the conflict between science and religion. In short, he felt that there was not one to speak of.In his book Strength to Love, King discusses how "Science deals mainly with facts; religion deals mainly with values." King saw religion as more of a social/cultural feature; it was the ability to understand our fellow man and how to treat each other. And, while he felt they were two … [Read more...]

Charlie Hebdo has a right to offend you and it is not a double standard

Charlie Hebdo

Writing for the Huffington Post UK, Mehdi Hasan has decided that free-speech has its limits and he also believes that Muslims are being held to a hypocritical double standard.Are they? Is there truth to Hasan's claims?The answer here is simple. No! There is no double standard here and Hasan is doing nothing but excusing the terrorists actions (even though he claims he is not) by claiming that Charlie Hedbo went too far and violated free speech rights.Hasan writes, Let's be clear: I … [Read more...]

My journey to understand Islamic extremism in a maze of ideological battles

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A few months ago I wrote a blog called, My evolving views on Islam, terrorism, and the Middle East in which I discussed how my views on Islam had shifted over time from “blame religion” to “blame politics” but I never fully jumped over to the Glenn Greenwald and Reza Aslan camp of letting Islam off the hook. Though many accused me of doing just that.I invite you to read the original post linked above, and below is partly that same piece but now modified even further to reflect the ever ev … [Read more...]

“Global Disrespect of Religious Traditions”

In a recent interview regarding the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, a Buddhist Teacher, by the name of … [Read more...]

Jerry Coyne explains multiculturalism to Reza Aslan

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In a recent video on Real Clear Politics, Reza Aslan, one of the loudest voices defending Islam and seemingly defending violence against Charlie Hebdo by blaming France and Europe and well, anything but Islam for the terrorist attacks has put his foot in his mouth once again.Saying, Europe is facing nothing short of an identity crisis. Look, the fact of the matter is there have been these seismic changes on the continent, culturally, racially, religiously, politically. And that’s resulted in … [Read more...]

Victim Blaming and Charlie Hebdo

In the aftermath of the shooting at Charlie Hebdo, there’s been grief, outrage, an outpouring of new art about the event, and replication after replication of old pieces from the magazine itself. If the goal of the terrorists was to silence the magazine, it is pretty obvious by now that they’ve instead canonized it. No matter what the content of the material, the more vehemently it is censored, the more it will get around.Intermingled with outrage and grief I’ve read criticism of the magaz … [Read more...]

Both Salon and The Blaze would rather attack Richard Dawkins than discuss Islam

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Cowards. That is the best word I have right now to describe both Salon and The Blaze who both published pieces today about the terrible terrorist attack in Paris, France at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in which twelve people were murdered over cartoons depicting Mohammad, that did nothing to mention the atrocities, but instead attacked Richard Dawkins for daring to blame Islam for the actions of Islamic extremists.I have never been shy of blaming US and other country's foreign policy for … [Read more...]

Christian terrorist plotted to attack Islamic sites

Well this is going to hurt the Christian Right's narrative a lot.It seems American Adam Livix was arrested in Israel after authorities discovered his plot to blow up Islamic holy sites.According to AlterNet:Livix is a 30 year-old evangelical from Texas who left the United States last year when he was sought for drug-related charges. He has resided in Israel since March 2013, apparently overstaying his tourist visa (his charges include being an undocumented resident). Livix first li … [Read more...]

The Nation absolutely destroys Reza Aslan


I am just going to leave this right here for your enjoyment: He’s a mainstream figure for those lacking critical thinking and represents mindless indulgence that seemingly validates biased views. His exceedingly hypocritical and contradictory narrative on religion is enough to make his scholarly attribute go from gold to copper—cheap and irrelevant. Ultimately—that is the result of anyone who cater to tribalism. What else do you expect when pride gets politicized? And you can read the entire po … [Read more...]

Islamophobia is real and this is what it looks like

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While apologists like Reza Aslan are busy telling you that Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins are racist Islamophobes, real, hateful and deadly Islamophobia is taking place in the United States.A 15-year-old boy was struck and killed when a man rammed his car after seeing the boy and a friend exit the Somali Center in Kansas City. “It became pretty clear that this was not an accidental crash, there is a considerable amount of evidence that leads us to believe it was intentional,” said Sergeant B … [Read more...]