Arizona school teacher resigns after tweeting that immigrants should be killed

This is Trump’s American now [Read more…]

White nationalists call Star Wars a sinister Jewish plot promoting diversity. Call for boycott

Fragile white men are threatened by a movie starring a female and people of color [Read more…]

Leaked emails show DNC was going to ‘out’ Sanders as an atheist to ruin his chances of winning the nomination

It appears the DNC was willing to get dirty to stop Sanders from clinching the Democratic nomination [Read more…]

Freethought Equality Fund clarifies the endorsement of Jamie Raskin

Speckhardt said he has sat down with Raskin, and assured me that Raskin gave his word he is “most definitely a humanist as defined by the American Humanist Association.” [Read more…]

Freethought Equality Fund donated $10,000 to a religious candidate after telling donors he was a nontheist

A humanist and atheist political PAC donated a great deal of money to someone whose values don’t exactly line up with theirs. [Read more…]

Sarah Silverman told she should be put in the oven after mocking Jesus

Comedian Sarah Silverman sent out a social media post on Christmas day that sent conservatives on an anti-Semitic rampage because they are the utmost of moral people on this planet. If, of course, the moral thing to do is to threaten a Jewish person with the “oven.”

Christian conservatives believe they are at the top of the moral ladder, but their moral ladder comes crumbling down when someone dares poke fun at their favorite myth: Jesus Christ. [Read more…]

Bernie Sanders says his spirituality is ‘we are all in this together,’ avoids the God question

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night and would not answer directly whether or not he believed in God. [Read more…]

Jewish terrorists murder a Palestinian baby in its sleep

In what can be described as nothing but a horrific terrorist attack, a one-and-a-half-year-old Palestinian baby was burned to death and three were seriously wounded late Thursday night after a house was set on fire by Jewish extremists in the village of Douma, near Nablus.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed the toddler was burned to death and said they Jewish extremists are behind the attack. [Read more…]

6 people were stabbed by an ultra-Orthodox Jew at a Jerusalem gay pride parade

Police in Jerusalem arrested a man at a gay pride parade after he stabbed 6 people Thursday.

A spokesperson for the police department said that Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox Jew, was only released from prison three weeks ago for a 12-year sentence he had served after stabbing three people at a 2005 pride parade. [Read more…]

Atheists are no longer the least appealing presidential candidates, but they are not far behind

A new Gallup Poll released today highlights what kind of candidate American voters are willing to vote for, and while the results are not all that surprising, some shifts in the thoughts of the electorate are.

Republicans are clearly the most discriminatory voting block the US has, as they are the only group when compared to Democrats and Independents who have multiple voting groups under 50% (Independents did have one). [Read more…]