Ken Ham climbs into bed with white supremacist group

Is Ken Ham in bed with white supremacists?According to a blog posted on Americans United’s blog, he seems to be: We don’t know how Ken Ham feels about white supremacists, but he clearly has no problem partnering with one. If the company you keep says a lot about you, what does Ham’s relationship with Michael Peroutka say about him? Michael Peroutka is the founder of the Institute of the Constitution, a Christian nationalist group that supports white supremacists, and Peroutka is a current m … [Read more...]

Ken Ham wants to sell you a book he hasn’t bothered to write yet


Ken Ham knows a cash cow when he sees it, and that is one major reason I was against the Bill Nye debate as much as I was.Ham has announced that he has a new book available for pre-order. Being hailed as the “tell-all” book about the debate Ham says: Popular AiG speaker and author Bodie Hodge (my son-in-law) and I have written what we believe is a unique and powerful book about the debate — not just dealing with the content of the debaters, but detailing behind the scenes and personal inform … [Read more...]

I wonder how this battleship sized dinosaur fit on the ark?

Photo: The Guardian

One of the most massive beasts of all time has been discovered. Named Dreadnoughtus schrani, after a battleship of the same name. This should alert you to the size of this dinosaur.The Guardian has created this image to help illustrate its size:I wonder how Noah fit two of these on the ark? I will anxiously await Ken Ham’s reply.Check out this great video to learn more about the discovery: … [Read more...]

Ken Ham is still lying to the public about The Ark Encounter discrimination

Ken Ham is still lying about the Ark Encounter.Ham continues to push the lie that the genocidal theme park is not hiring, when this blog has shown countless times that they are in fact hiring for a full time position for the project and are discriminating against potential employees in doing so.The images below show the position in question, again, showing that employees must sign a statement of faith and that the job is also a ministry to spread the word of God.Ham is a recent … [Read more...]

Ken Ham believes gender identity laws attack religious freedom

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis is ranting on his blog today about “gender identity” and it’s imaginary threat to religious freedom.Saying: Now, the issues of gender identity and sexual orientation are tied directly to one’s view of biblical authority. The Baptist Press report explains, “‘Sexual orientation’ normally encompasses homosexuality and bisexuality, while ‘gender identity,’ or transgender status, includes transsexuals and cross-dressers.So now religious groups contracting with th … [Read more...]

Ken Ham thinks he thinks he has found 10 evolutionary myths and he is wrong


Answers in Genesis are an endless provider of material for this blog it seems, as they have recently posted their Top Ten: Myths about Evolution, and as you can imagine it is a beautiful fabrication of straw men and make believe.They lack even the most fundamental understanding of not only science and the scientific method, but for people whom claim to study this stuff everyday, they have less than a middle school understanding of evolution.The danger this causes is that they sell others … [Read more...]

Bill Nye discusses debating Ken Ham at TAM! 2014 (Video)

Photo: YouTube screen capture

This video is from Bill Nye's speech at The Amazing Meeting! (TAM!) 2014.In his talk, he spent most of the time discussing his now famous debate with Ken Ham, a debate I spoke out strongly against before it took place.Watch what Nye has to say about the debate: … [Read more...]

Americans United sends Kentucky governor a letter condemning Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter discrimination


In a story that broke right here on Danthropology, the discovery that Ken Ham's Ark Encounter was hiring for positions to work for the for-profit theme park was being done by the non-profit Answers in Genesis in an act to hold employees to a religious test.The Ark Encounter has applied for an $18 million tax incentive for the project, but is in clear violation of the law, disqualifying them from such an incentive.Federal and state laws prohibit for-profit business from discriminating … [Read more...]

Ken Ham’s 10 facts that prove creationism – Debunked

Ken Ham

As an ongoing theme for this site, I will be addressing claims against evolution, this is one of the reasons I call the blog Danthropology, not only is it the greatest pun you have ever heard, but I am an anthropology major, more importantly, evolutionary anthropology.So I take great interest when creationists like those at Answers in Genesis present their “facts” for creationism, and like the gift horse they are, they keep on giving.Earlier this week they told us about the common myths a … [Read more...]

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Cosmos, creationism and science education

Photo: Jamie Bernstein

In what was an absolute dream come true I was able to interview Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson earlier this week and I turned that interview into a new article that is now live on AlterNet.In the interview we discuss creationism, Ken Ham, Cosmos and of course his role as a science educator.Have a read over at AlterNet! … [Read more...]