Bill Nyes says there is nothing in the ‘bible that informs modern science’

Bill Nye answered a reader question about bridging the gap between science and religion. [Read more…]

Kentucky newspaper complains that the Ark Encounter doesn’t provide what’s advertised

In the Where to Go, section of the, journalist Carly Garcia pays a visit to the Ark Encounter and notes five things she learned while there. Most aren’t worth revisiting, but a few key points did stand out. [Read more…]

Why Ken Ham is the big bad ogre and why he doesn’t deserve respect

When it comes to the Ark Encounter specifically, maybe it’s not a battle of “good guys vs. bad guys,” but outside of the Ark, in other real world battles, it seems to be, and Ken Ham is not just a “good guy” with different beliefs. [Read more…]

American Atheists sue Kansas City over $65,000 handout to Baptist Convention

American Atheists, along with two Kansas City residents, filed a complaint in federal court asking for a temporary and permanent injunction to prevent the City of Kansas City from giving $65,000 to Modest Miles Ministries, Inc. for the National Baptist Convention. [Read more…]

Ken Ham tries to get cool with the kids and suggest they play Pokemon Go at the Creation Museum

Ken Ham is resorting to cheap tricks to lure kids into his Creation Museum [Read more…]

Company apologizes for refusing to deliver porta-potties to Ark Encounter protest

A welcome apology for wrongful discrimination [Read more…]

Bill Nye on the Ark Encounter: ‘ every single science exhibit is absolutely wrong’

He said the entire park asks visitors to trust faith over science and that by doing so, it stifles their critical thinking ability. [Read more…]

Artists paint anti-Ark Encounter mural at Kentucky festival

Branden McClain, one of five local artists commission to take part in the creation of a large mural at the Forecastle Festival in Kentucky, used the opportunity to send a message. The message is the Ark Encounter is a waste of money. [Read more…]

Ken Ham publicly invites all public schools to visit the Ark Encounter at a discounted rate

In spite of the legality, Ken Ham posted on his blog today that he would make the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum available to all public schools at a cost of $1 per student. [Read more…]

Ken Ham says atheist group is “bullying schools” by warning them against Ark Encounter field trips

Ham called the letter from FFRF “bullying” and said Americans need to stand against this kind of bullying. [Read more…]