Ken Ham: Majority consensus is always wrong and God will ‘Make America Great Again’

If the entire scientific community accepts something as true, says Ken Ham, then it is obviously false because they didn’t accept it before. [Read more…]

Ken Ham: ‘secularists often misuse the word science’

Ken Ham is ending the year with yet another wonderful post about the word science, and how he believes secularist misuse it. [Read more…]

New Ark Encounter ad asks visitors to ‘Think Bigger’ and donate $3.5 million illegally

In a new ad campaign, the Ark Encounter is touting the size of their structure and encouraging visitors to the struggling park to make an illegal donation. [Read more…]

Ken Ham is ‘taking back the rainbow’ from the LGBTQ community by lighting the Ark Encounter

Kentucky’s resident bigot Ken Ham is Taking the Rainbow Back from the LGBTQ community, according to a blog post, Tuesday morning. [Read more…]

New documentary explores the Ark Encounter and America’s obsession with creationism

Why are Americans so obsessed with creationism, Noah’s Ark and making everyone else believe in it too? [Read more…]

Ken Ham: LGBTQ activists ‘aggressively try to impose their view on others’

The creationist believes that those who support same-sex marriage are intolerant of those who don’t. [Read more…]

Ken Ham only likes science when it can be used to bully and harass the LGBTQ community

Ken Ham hates science. He claims he loves it, but rejects most of it unless, of course, it agrees with him and his bible. [Read more…]

I am coming to San Francisco and Berkeley to discuss secular activism!

Bay Area! I am coming to speak in San Francisco and Berkeley on November 19 and 20. [Read more…]

Ken Ham: Trump victory is proof God is in control

Leave it to a horrible bigot like Ken Ham to celebrate the election of another horrible bigot. Just like Jesus always wanted. [Read more…]

Ken Ham’s Journey to the Center of the Earth movie trailer

A new movie featuring the one and only Ken Ham? [Read more…]